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  1. Yes it was a caution and honestly well deserved. You could see the judge hold up the caution and 1 but with the camera stationed where it is you couldn't see the chair. Surprised the chair confirmed it but happy they did. That is exactly when that call should be made. North Korea did nothing but backpedal for 30 seconds straight without even a hint at a counter, tie-up, etc. to make it look like you weren't stalling. We all know that people will protect a lead late in a match but you need to make some attempt to wrestle so that the other person has a remote chance to score. North Korea did not and the officials for once got it right. They will get it wrong more often than they get it right but this time it was a correct call. North Korea would't have needed to do much to avoid that call but didn't do anything. Honestly I wish the call would be made more often in Greco and sooner so as to encourage more action but that isn't how the Greco rules are currently set-up and it is much tougher to discern when someone is blocking or backing up in Greco and therefore much tougher to apply.
  2. back up and running on BTN2Go website now.
  3. Just indicating why I will likely never subscribe for the BTN+ if they can't get this right.
  4. Yup I keep hoping that refreshing will work but to no avail so far.
  5. Same here tirapell.... getting frustrated as I was all set-up to watch this one on the big screen. Anyone else getting it to work?
  6. anyone else getting a connection error when trying to load the BTN2Go website? I can get logged in fine but when clicking on the link for the dual it loads an add and then gives a connection error in bottom right hand corner of menu at bottom.
  7. I have seen it called more than once and I will give you two examples. 1) Top wrestler has a body scissors with opponent's back exposed for near-fall criteria. Top wrestler is laying away from body (perpendicular to the bottom wrestler) and solely squeezing his legs together against the bottom man's ribs. No attempt to work for a fall is being made by the top man when he could adjust and do so. 2) Top man has double leg ride and a power half in. Bottom man is flattened out with hips isolated from the mat. Top man continues to crank power half without making any attempt to get out to side and work for the fall. Top man stays centered on bottom man and continues to crank the shoulder. Move is broken for potentially dangerous once. Top man reapplies without making attempt to turn. Official warns top man verbally to work to score... no change so official gives first stalling warning. Same situation again and official calls top man for stalling awarding a point. Upon the next application of the same ride the official hit top man for illegal hold because he was attempting to punish bottom man and not turn him. Interesting to note that in both of these situations the top wrestler was clearly the dominant wrestler between the two but the bottom man had battled him hard and wasn't giving him anything easy.
  8. Pretty sure that CPyles doesn't rank true freshmen.
  9. I think the important thing to consider here is whether you are trying to measure their success against other US wrestlers or against the international fields. If you want to measure success against the US field then by all means include winning US Nationals or being the World / Olympic rep. If you are going to include those but still wish to weight it more heavily towards success at the international level then you should increase the points for international medals accordingly. One analogy to think about when comparing international wrestling success to NCAA success... making the US World team is a lot like earning the starting spot on your NCAA team or at best qualifying for the NCAA championships. Making the US World team is what gets you to compete in the tournament that most everyone paying attention ot wrestling at that level cares about.
  10. Really nice win for him over Vlasov... want to go back and see the match he lost since i haven't seen it yet. I think it was 0-1 so would imagine it was a match where his opponent didn't do a whole lot... not m favorite thing to see in Greco.
  11. I don't think you could have called that any better...
  12. This.... more than anything else I continue to learn about wrestling... this! Hard to believe how varied and well executed the techniques the Russians use are. We would say all the time that you can't hit a fireman's or carry at the upper levels. I think we say this because we never see it at the NCAA's... I am beginning to think that this is just a self-creating prophecy. We don't spend time teching / practicing the techniques because we don't think they will work... and what do you know, they don't! I have just watched yet another Russian execute a carry for 4 points in the finals at 65 kilo's. Gosh they are so entertaining to watch and they beat folks with things we would traditionally say they shouldn't be able to do against wrestlers at that level.
  13. For those that might still need it here is the Youtube link for today's medal matches...
  14. Fullnelson, Will do if it comes up and is working again for the medal matches tomorrow. I consider it dumb luck that they got it working since i think the main stream was being pushed through to ESPN3 (which I don't have access to as a DIrecTV subscriber). Were you have to see the feeds last night / this morning through LiveStream?
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