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  1. He's a terrific coach...his clinics are great. Good guy, too. CKWC is lucky to have him.
  2. One of the best coaches in the world. Huge hire!
  3. Betting on wrestling? Absolutely not. The payoffs and corruption would be massive.
  4. That is un-real hilarious!!! Cody, got ny of them french fried potaters?
  5. We agree....Kinda like North and South Korea. :) Great showing by Gable. When he hit that single on Coon, amazing. Then he realized it was like uprooting a sequoia. Well done!
  6. The best wrestler ever in the US? Seriously? Mocco was perhaps the most prized recruit ever. Internationally, he has light years to travel to surpass John Smith, Sanderson, Big Bruce, Kevin Jackson, JB and Snyder.
  7. You got me...I am unable to spot elite talent.
  8. This is true and thanks for the reminder.
  9. Putting words in my mouth again, CT? Who said anything about Gable not being talented? He's an incredible talent, but he's been wrestling with boys. Kind of like my point about AP never being punched by a grown man, and in his first fight, he was punched by a grown man and what happened?
  10. Again.....your guy didn't win. Close, but not quite.
  11. He's been wrestling BOYS. We've been down this road before with teen phenoms. Let's see what he does, then we talk.
  12. Here we go again...He is not the best athlete at HWT. Gwiz and Rey are man mountains and very athletic. Dom Bradley is a big time thrower and an athlete. Telford, I am not very familiar with, but a 17 yr old HWT, will have his hands very, very full.
  13. Ah, it's like in business if you were to hire someone from the company next door to you. It can be perceived as "not cool" I don't blame him for leaving.
  14. Things must be rough over at Edinboro for Flynn to leave.
  15. He"ll do great! Congratulations, Damion!
  16. This Badger wrestler gained All-American Status in the NCAA tournament after going; Loss - 3-4 Win - Med FFT Win - FFT Win 1-0 Loss 4-2
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