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  1. Heflin is a Nutrition Major. I would think he would be sqeeky clean
  2. Superstitious? NO Delusional? Definitely
  3. Loved the Romos stroll taunting the wisky fans. I was in row 4 in front of mat 2. I thought the Wisky fans were going to jump the rail. Classic.
  4. I see Perry has been suspended for violating sportsmanship policy. Anybody know what he did?
  5. Perry was just suspended for violation of the Sportsmanship Policy. Anybody know what he did?
  6. I think it could happen. close duals during the year and it would not take much to get an extra win or point out of any of them. I'm confident and I hope like hell that damn flu bug is gone from the wrestling room. IOwa will be the team to take down. Get a win from Nick and we are there. We were missing Thorn, Ness and Storley in our first dual with OKST. it will be different with a full healthy lineup. Should be a fun one
  7. Yeah...Stick a fork in em, they are toast. Send all your Nationals tickets my way folks
  8. Ness will not be back for the weekend bouts. Look for Lange to step in again.
  9. 195 currently 197LBS 1960 George Goodner (OK) and 1979 Eric Wais (ok St.)
  10. Could the workload of classes at a D1 school be keeping him away? Great wrestler but..............
  11. Hotels within 20 minutes will not be the problem. There are plenty. Tickets on the other hand will be in short supply and expensive. The arena is way too small for this event and we all get to pay the price. If your expecting a St. Louis type ticket exchange out front of the arena, you willl be very dissappointed. Remember Detriot?
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