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    shopping reacted to ban_basketball in How Does Someone Have The Ability To Change My Signature?   
    To me, respect is a two way street, and the sig line is due to disrespect that I and others received.  I am a respectful guy, so you'd never find a sig line from me toward anyone that shows me and others respect.
    With that said, you then can choose to do what you think is needed to be done, but I'm comfortable in putting that sig line out there and leaving it as is.
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    shopping reacted to ban_basketball in Tutorial: Using the ignore feature on this board   
    Or, to even be so thin-skinned and touchy as to not listen to ideas that differ from our own.
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    shopping reacted to JasonBryant in Tutorial: Using the ignore feature on this board   
    For the record, I don't have people on ignore because I disagree with their ideas or that they "differ" from my own. I have them on ignore because they aren't worth reading based on their entire body of posting work. 
    If you ignore those who are only here to make trouble, you have a much easier viewing experience. The same can be said on any other board on any other topic that uses the function. Notice ban, you aren't on my ignore list. The list is about 8 people total (and that's in what, 15 years of forum discussion?)
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    shopping reacted to MSU158 in Marstellar will be at 157   
    Ness reminds me, in many ways, of J. Jaggers.  They never looked completely healthy during the regular season and often looked disinterested.  However, when March arrived they were both at their best.  Simply put, I wouldn't bet on either during the regular season, but I would put some big money down on them in the last tournament in March.
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    shopping reacted to headshuck in Who are you pals with?   
    Loneliness is a silent killer. Everyone needs pals, even if online.
    I have so many pals here.
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