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  1. The college wrestling world has lost a great one. Bill was extraordinary. http://www.ursinusathletics.com/general/2018-19/releases/20180921p1yrlk
  2. I hope some of that other-worldly technique rubs off on our guys, because he is certainly one of the all-time greats.
  3. Maybe not everything, but almost everything. Right?
  4. Well, after much thought and careful analysis, here is my stab at it: 125: Penn State 133: Penn State 141: Penn State 149: Penn State 157: Penn State 165: Penn State 174: Penn State 184: Penn State 197: Penn State 285: Penn State 1. Penn State 2. Penn State 3. Penn State 4. Penn State
  5. For those concerned this type of injury could happen to them during wrestling/drilling, the answer is "no". Wishing a full and speedy recovery for Rich. The wrestling community really stepped up to help out. Amazing support.
  6. That is so corny, it's actually good.
  7. I've never read so many bad puns in my life. Seriously, I hope the guy is OK.
  8. George Bard (175+) was probably bigger than average for that time. Below is a picture of him not long afterward in uniform. I had always heard the guy was beastly strong. He grew up working several farms as the only boy among 4 sisters. His mother was killed and his father left disabled in a trolley accident. My grandmother told me as a teenager he would routinely put a large feed sack on each shoulder and just walk to the next farm to drop them off. Another relative told me he would bend large nails with his hands for his friends to win bets at the local hardware store. At Cornell, O'Connell recruited him for wrestling. He graduated from Cornell as a veterinarian, went to WW1 in France, got gassed, and spent the remainder of his life in a veteran's hospital. For his effort and hardship, he deserved far better in life. But, he was an EIWA heavyweight champion at Cornell, and I am proud that my family's wrestling tradition spans 100 years, beginning with this hard-working farm boy from Lancaster, PA wrestling for O'Connell.
  9. Here is the Cornell team picture from 1917. Your great-grandfather (O'Connell) is back row, second from left. My great uncle is second row, first on right (Bard).
  10. My great uncle, a farm boy from rural Lancaster County, PA, who had no previous wrestling experience, won an EIWA title at Cornell under this guy.
  11. In spite of my bluster, I watched it. I always cave in to watching wrestling. The show was actually pretty good. The wrestling was great. I even enjoyed the chess matches. The only problem I had was panning to the crowd during some important action.
  12. Here is what I am getting at. If Customer A watches all three 'sessions' of Final X, it is still 1 customer. If Flo presents the above example as 3 customers to show 'market growth', it is misleading. I think this might very well be what is behind the split. They can say, "Look at our increased viewership", while in fact, the market is still the same (or maybe even worse). If the padded numbers are used as a basis for future programming, we might get more of this 'splitting' stuff, which I personally think is the wrong direction.
  13. With these types of events, I typically invite people over to watch and we have a wrestling party. Now that it is split up, I won't be doing that. In fact, I will probably not even watch at all and just pick up the results on Twitter. When the Flo watching numbers come out, I hope they don't inflate them by counting 1 viewer watching 3 events as 3 viewers. The measurement should be unique viewers.
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