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    MikePorcelli reacted to JasonBryant in Why is Cael's 1st year ignored in Title wins?   
    Well, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M went from not having a team to winning the NJCAA championship in the program’s first year.

    So let’s throw Joe Renfro into the discussion!
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    MikePorcelli reacted to manatree in Why is Cael's 1st year ignored in Title wins?   
    In 08-09, Penn State was 8-12-2, and finished 7th and 17th in the B10 & NCAA tournaments.
    09-10, they were 13-6-1, and finished 5th and 9th in the tournaments.
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    MikePorcelli reacted to Cradle1 in Chamberlain to give Greco a go   
    The one guy who I think could make the team with a small amount of Greco training is Kyle Dake.  
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    MikePorcelli reacted to nhs67 in Chamberlain to give Greco a go   
    I'm going to speculate that was meant to mean at least half (5 or 6 of 10) on a worlds year, rather than Olympic.
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    MikePorcelli reacted to jon in Chamberlain to give Greco a go   
    Good look. Chamberlain making the team may well spur other guys to cross over.
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    MikePorcelli reacted to goheels1812 in UNC vs UMICH   
    They also just added Jordan Oliver as a volunteer assistant. Imagine being a lighter guy in a room training with Coleman Scott, Tony Ramos, and Jordan Oliver. I’m expecting big things from our light weight guys in the future. 
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    MikePorcelli reacted to hammerlockthree in Why did Tom Brands retire after 1996?   
    Casey Stengel, "Forget the other fellow, Walter Johnson. The Jewish kid is probably the best of them." 
    I am taking Stengel's word for it.
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    MikePorcelli reacted to scribe in Willie at Flo   
    They should hire LI Marty. 
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    MikePorcelli reacted to Billyhoyle in Kerkvliet has entered the transfer portal...   
    He was really great at the beat the streets events, i’ll give you that. Whether you like it or not, wrestlers are judged on how they do at the premier tournament of the year. If a wrestler wins midlands or the scuffle but goes 0-2 at NCAAs, he had an unsuccessful year. Thomas Gilman had a better freestyle career than Metcalf.
    And to further clarify I think Brands is an outstanding coach-one of the best in the country. Just not as good as Tom Ryan or Cael. 
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    MikePorcelli reacted to Housebuye in Muhamed McBryde   
    Bringing this back to the top. He is wrestling for U23 bronze 
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    MikePorcelli reacted to Erminio8 in Muhamed McBryde   
    Where in the world did he come from??? He graduated from Buffalo at age 18! Did he ever do anything while at Buffalo? This is an insane story.
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    MikePorcelli reacted to AHamilton in LEHIGH ENGINEERS   
    ... and their mascot is TIM the Beaver
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    MikePorcelli reacted to treep2000 in Is Snyder to NLWC really a "betrayal"?   
    As a Buckeye fan, I'm not happy that he's choosing to leave.  As a fan of Snyder, and as a fan of Team USA bringing the best it possibly could, his logic to maximize his own capabilities and to train with a new group of people makes ALL the sense in the world. 
    Betrayal only exists for those that do not understand the precious notion of individualism.  We must protect this notion at all costs.  Congrats Kyle on the move.  I hope it serves you well, and you take it to Sadulaev and Sharifov the next time you meet.
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    MikePorcelli reacted to 1032004 in Mergers and Acquisitions   
    One other that would make sense geographically (and where there are already 2 separate clubs) would be NC State/Wolfpack and UNC/Tar Heel.
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    MikePorcelli reacted to AnklePicker in Mergers and Acquisitions   
    And Penn & Drexel but they work because they are so close geographically.
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    MikePorcelli reacted to Billyhoyle in Mergers and Acquisitions   
    Great idea. It works already for Rutgers/Princeton. 
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    MikePorcelli reacted to Lurker in Snyder to NLWC.   
    Very smart move in my opinion.  As he stated, having an fresh set of eyes, ideas, philosophies.  Have to continue to do new and different things to continue to improve.
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    MikePorcelli reacted to IronChef in Zadick as new coach   
    Cant really speak to any of this, but getting fired by ISU seems to be a good path to getting hired by USA Wrestling these days.
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    MikePorcelli reacted to HokieHWT in Iowa State this year   
    ISU will be National Champs in no less than 5 years.
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    MikePorcelli reacted to Show_Me in Missouri Questions??   
    Crawford to Mizzou !
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    MikePorcelli reacted to wrestlingnerd in Goodale Signs 5-year, $1.25 million Contract   
    Good(ale) for him, but he should be making more given the cost of living in NJ and his success over the last few years. I hope there are some nice performance-based bonuses in there. 
    I wonder how Pritlaff feels about this. For Rutgers’s sake, he better be taken care of too. 
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    MikePorcelli reacted to wrestfan in World Championships Final day.   
    that secured the 3rd place for USA. Pat Downey finishing 9th helped team USA in this .
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    MikePorcelli reacted to buckeye97 in Predict the 2020 Olympic Team   
    57kg- Fix
    65kg- Oliver
    74kg- Burroughs
    86kg- Cox
    97kg- Snyder
    125kg- Steveson
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    MikePorcelli reacted to Billyhoyle in Freestyle Day Two discussion thread   
    I have never seen a wrestler with more heart/drive than Burroughs.  Not sure I ever will either.  Smith was probably the better overall wrestler, but over and over again Burroughs seems to find just a bit more to give in a match when nobody should have anything left.  
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    MikePorcelli reacted to spladle08 in (DAY 6) Mensah-Stock, Miracle and (men) Retherford, Fix   
    Second reference ive heard to that in as many days... its been gone for so long, just surprising.
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