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  1. I know people like to focus on concussions, but CTE doesn't require concussion level impacts. Repeated low level trauma to the brain, simply bumping up against the inside of the cranium is enough. It's not about two or three concussion level events. It's one of the reasons why linemen in football are very much on the front line of CTE. Not many concussion level impacts, but dozens upon dozens of lower level impacts over years of practice and games.
  2. I can't figure out how they're still in business, given how pathetic their product is. Not to mention their customer service. I haven't subscribed in years, after having all sorts of issues with feeds freezing, log in issues, billing issues, etc. I'm so glad that I follow a B1G school that's usually either on BTN2Go, or facebook livestream. As for international coverage, there are tons of better options for free. I'd be willing to pay if I was sure that I'd actually get what I was paying for, but that's never been the case for Flo. Over a decade of existence, and the same issues over and over again. As such, they won't see a penny from me.
  3. Does Berman ever shut up? Wow
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    I will give Gilman credit for one thing I've seen so many guys fail to do at the end of a tough loss. He stood there with Cruz, after the review was confirmed, and gave him a full man's hand shake. Nobody likes losing but when it happens, be a man, look the guy in the eye and shake his hand.
  5. Agreed. They are a reflection of their coach. They do their talking on the mat, through their performance. I'd much rather have a bunch of guys who are always looking to score, improve their position and pin guys, and not have much to say. As opposed to those guys who sure have a lot to say before the matches start, but can't seem to get it done, when it counts. I'm old school though. I love the way Nolf conducts himself on the mat. No "look at me" exhibitions after he pins a guy. He just gets up and walks back to the center. He's been there before and he expects to be there again. We all saw it, no need to make a display.
  6. I don't think Moore picks bottom if he gets out to what has become his usual first period of a few takedowns. The coaches had him choosing down during the season to help him learn in that position. In the post season, I've seen him take neutral more. Especially against the better riders. As for him versus Cox, I've been a buckeye my whole life, I just can't see it happening. I hope it does, but Cox is just so solid, it'll be tough for Moore to score. The previous match was fun, and it brought attention to Moore, but Cox will definitely have a bigger gas tank, this time.
  7. I don't get that either. By NCAA's my freshman year, I was still a month shy of turning 19. edit: I guess it make sense, if he was one of those kids who's birthday is early in the school year. Most kids turn 20 at some point in their second year of college, so being held back one year, would put him at 20.
  8. Good to see I'm not the only one thinking Meredith from Wyoming. The dude is dangerous, especially in a tournament format.
  9. Ohio State missed out on a few potential bonus points in the last round. Multiple matches where they were up by 6 or 7 with time left, and no real urgency shown to get the margin to 8+. It's only 1/2 point, but as you say, every point counts and bonus points win tournaments.
  10. It's Cornell's feed, Trackwrestling is just carrying it. Free feeds from Flo are just as bad, if not worse.
  11. Jordan started diving for shots with no set up, way too early and kept getting stuffed. Nice job by Realbuto hanging on at the end.
  12. Okay, back to the quality matchups
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