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  1. Those that are skeptical may consider signing up with a prepaid credit card. They can’t automatically charge your card and there will be no cancellation hassle
  2. I posted something similar in years past and didn’t get much or any traction but worth another try, especially now. I think it would be wise to send a letter to ESPN to request that they bring back the 4 mat view option, especially since there will be no fans this year and everyone will be streaming. Trying to stream 4 to 8 separate windows is a pain and you get error messages that you exceed the allowed number of streams and matches will shut off. I would be willing to purchase ESPN Plus for the event to get the 4 mat view. thoughts?
  3. I have had good luck with Flo on Roku for live events but replays of any other content buffers or the sound doesn’t match. Also wish Flo would have a standard volume output level.
  4. When is the Fix suspension up? Also - Zahid V
  5. The ONLY way I see Nolf not getting TF is if he gains a ton of strength/ mass and has to cut to make 74. Nolf won’t be able to get close to any offense if he can’t move Dake out of his strong defensive stance. That is why Nolf has struggled vs IMar. Will be interesting to see if Nolf got bigger since his last appearance at 74
  6. Will this be available on Roku and Apple TV?
  7. Agree 100% - Scott wasn’t just good, he was special.
  8. Good list but I would take Strittmatter out and replace with Jordan Oliver
  9. Tim Flynn has a pretty good coaching tree. Robie at Va Tech, Hill at Edinboro, Schopp at Perdue, Port at WVA. I think I am missing 1 or 2 more.
  10. NCAA wrestling championship tickets for sale Sec 311, row 6, seats 4a & 5a. Sec 314, row 6, seats 15a & 16a
  11. I would like to contact ESPN and ask them to reestablish the 4 mat view option for the NCAA tournament since I will be watching from home. The tournament is way easier to watch with 2 streams on 4 mats on w big screen TV’s than constantly switching mats or managing the “too many streams” error. I am curious if this option is important to other fans watching at home and would you pay for the option on ESPN+.
  12. Curious how a contributor pays taxes on their earned income paid in crypto currency?
  13. Great for Kyle. Can someone enter the projected 2020 weight classes for the guys below that will be in the NLWC room. Throw in Cael, Casey and Varner and you have some interesting rotating group or 4 live go’s. Kyle Taylor Bo Cassar Rasheed Conel(?) Gwiz (part time) others I missed
  14. Come on man, starts in a few hrs, had some adult beverages, need to get this sorted out. i signed up for free trial on UTube and subscribed to NBC Olympic channel
  15. I’m having a problem finding how to watch live and “place the shoes” to rewatch live or replay
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