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  1. jstock

    Minnesota vs Iowa

    Why is Lee wrestling if he is not ready
  2. jstock

    Excape? WTF?

    eXcape and eXpecially - Ticks me off, really annoying. The Iowa Hawks commentator specifically deserves mention. Would be much worse if Iowa wrestlers scored TD’s in bunches instead of their go-to push a lot offense.
  3. jstock

    Coach Devin Carter

    Port vs Carter in Midland finals is one of my favorite all time
  4. It kind of pains me to say this as a PA homer and a natural non fan of duh OSU but, Myles Martin might be the most improved from last year to this year. He is wrestling with more confidence and is wrestling very clean and crisp. I think he is only getting started and has more potential than he is showing which will come out as his confidence grows. The real improvmnt isn’t in skill,he has always had it. The improvement is in his confidence so he is opening up more and showing greater skill and potential. He could be a future star on the international scene if he can maintain at this rate. He seems like a nice guy and has carried himself with class his whole career thus far. With that said, I hope Rasheed can win at least 1 of their matchups this year.
  5. jstock

    Fave non-favorite teams

    Favorite team PSU. After that I don’t prioritize by team, I follow PA wrestlers, then great wrestlers from any team, even the couple good ones on duh Ohio State
  6. jstock

    ASU vs. Michigan

    Via Twitter Bloodroundwrestling “Wow.....Josh Shields beat Logan Massa 7-3......wild”
  7. jstock

    ASU vs. Michigan

    Stream not working
  8. This thread reminds us of how amazing Cael's run was. Never seriously injured or sick (or good enough to win despite injury or sickness)
  9. jstock

    The Southern Scuffle Thread

    I am or was looking forward to listening to Cliff Fretwell on the mic. I think the commentators for Flo are fine, no problem with any of them, a few are exceptional but Cliff has a different flair that I look forward to. I would love to hear him on FloZone. Am I the only one? Any Fretwell fans on here? (this post is not an invitation to bash the guy if you do not like his style)
  10. jstock

    Sammy Sasso

    Seriously, what do the certs actually mean, it’s more administrative than actual. They just write in what they want. Pantaleo got certed and descended down to 149 pretty quickly don’t ya think?
  11. jstock

    Teasdale entered in Scuffle Attached

    This situation is really odd. Is Teasdale that big of a screw up or is Cael just manipulating and having fun with everyone? If it’s the former then that is truly unfortunate. I hate seeing these talented kids pick the wrong lane in thefork in the road. if it’s the latter, it’s frustrating but kind of funny. Cael and team isn’t open to media but he’s obviously doing something right.
  12. jstock

    Gavin Teasdale update

    See, there are reasons why I ask. i had a hunch that Cael was holding out on us.
  13. jstock

    Pantaleo to 149

    Pantaleo looked lean at 152. I’m curious about the cert process....what’s the point. This isn’t directed at Pantaleo specifically but the process in general.
  14. jstock

    Gavin Teasdale update

    Is Scuffle entry officially closed ?