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  1. Starocci at 165 ? Is that confirmed ? 165 Joseph (Starroci RS) - finalist
  2. jstock

    Most annoying commentator catchphrases?

  3. tightwaist - Yes - Centaurs !
  4. All in HS, blew out shoulder before Sr. year in HS Sean O'Day - NCAA Champ for Edinboro - Lost twice - pretty close matches Bubba Strauss - Ohio State champ, Went to Iowa. Lost in St. Ed's finals. Worst 6-0 ass whooping of my life. Link below to Spiral ride. Craig Olmstead - Match where I blew my shoulder out. Defending world (?) and National Greco champ and I was leading when I fell back and posted with arm. (Had to be leg foul btw) Paul Keysaw - NCAA Champ - Won, match not close Beat a few PA state champs in FS (Reed and Kennedy) and pinned NY state champ (Billups) in folkstyle and a bunch of PA placers. Never made it to PA states though. Headcase with confidence/pressure issues. Jimmy Carr was my coach in 7th and 8th grade, Nate would come practice at his alma matre to work with brothers Solo and Mike when on break from Iowa State. Those guys showed me what wrestling the next level felt like. Humiliating, demoralizing and baffling. Incredibly talented and were the nicest guys off the mat.
  5. jstock

    Way too early WTT picks

    I am tired of being held hostage by the corrupt IOC as the limit the weights in our sport while adding subjective leisure activities into Olympics. Therefore, I would be in favor of wrestling leaving the Olympics and just countinue with 2020 world championships with all weights. We could then go to full repacharge since we wouldn’t have to modify our results to meet IOC metrics on medal distribution.
  6. jstock

    ESPN3 Split Screen Option

    I am on 2 accounts plus IPad and I keep getting replay errors for having top many streams open
  7. jstock

    ESPN3 Split Screen Option

    Trackwrestling has dashboard
  8. jstock

    ESPN3 Split Screen Option

    I called ESPN, no longer an option. Lady said they haven’t had option in 2 years, I told her she is 100% wrong scheit
  9. jstock

    PDF Brackets

    Where can I watch DeSanto vs RBY ? I don’t see that match on Flo site
  10. jstock

    Selection Show

    I am on NCAA.com and can’t find anythink can someone post link?
  11. jstock

    Nolf vs. Rutherford

    I have heard that Nolf doesn’t go hard in practice in the standard sense. He is experimenting and creating more than full out competitive live go’s. By contrast, Zain has no chill and is full on like go all the time. I think there was a Mark Hall interview that indicated that.
  12. jstock

    Nick Suriano “I Don’t Back Down To Nobody”

    Not sure why people are so hard on this kid. He seemed honest and even humble. No w5estler gets to NCAA finals or even AA without confidence in themselves. Interviewers ask the question and the kid gets criticized for his honest answer. I was bummed when he left PSU but Rutgers is simply a better fit for him. Suriano was dissed pretty bad at dual by both Desanto and Iowa coaches. His actions after match were not as bad as how Desanto acted after dual.
  13. jstock

    Big Ten Session 2 Thread

    That’s Cliff Fretwell. I love listening to him.
  14. jstock

    Big Ten Session 2 Thread

    See replies above, Yes - semi finals are tonight
  15. jstock

    Best Way to Use FloWrestling this Weekend

    I averaged a refresh about every 5 to 15 min
  16. jstock

    Best Way to Use FloWrestling this Weekend

    I am hoping another option will work. I have Chromecast on iPad. (you can download for free on App Store) I hope to set up all 4 mats and use chromecast to send to my big screen tv
  17. jstock

    Big Ten Session 2 Thread

    How many mats for Semi finals?
  18. jstock

    Big Ten Session 2 Thread

    Semi finals are tonight?
  19. jstock

    Conference Tourny Upsets

    Chandler Rogers should be pissed. Does Smith have a big weight cut?
  20. jstock

    Big Ten Session 1 Thread

    Maryland did not have 1 single winnwe in the opening round. All 10 in consi bracket and most will go 0-2. Shameful
  21. jstock

    Best Way to Use FloWrestling this Weekend

    I have to refresh very often
  22. jstock

    Best Way to Use FloWrestling this Weekend

    Who can educate me on Roku/Apple TV stuff? I am not sure how all this stuff works but I am Not sure why Flo can’t have 2/4 mats from same event or even say semi finals from 4 events on Roku/AppleTV. It’s not logical. They show FRL with guys in Texas and Willie in PA on Roku. Do they stream the live FRL on Roku or just a replay? If it is live then they prove that they can have split screen from multiple locations streaming on Roku. I would assume that Flo sends the content to Roku and AppleTV so if they have the 4 mat content set up in Texas and send that to Roku as a selection under the event. Exaple Big Tens - Mat1, Mat2, Mat3, Mat4, 4 Mat View (as opposed to the user on laptop making selection) then it should work. Where is my logic fatally flawed?
  23. jstock

    Best Way to Use FloWrestling this Weekend

    You’re welcome wrestling world. I have lobbied Flo at nauseum for about a year. I don’t see how to use split screen with an iPad I will be watching with laptop to big screen as suggested..... only I just realized I don’t have the right chord for laptop I have......scheit. I have that HDMI with offset on laptop I hope Flo figures out the way we can watch 2/4 mats from same tournament via Roku
  24. jstock

    Va Tech vs Cornell

    Really wish the refs would call stalling on Hwts with same criteria as all other weights. Watch the Cornell vs VaTech HWT match (can’t even call it that, neither of them did anything) and then watch Va vs VaTech stalling calls throughout match.
  25. jstock

    PSU third period conditioning

    The cardio gains you get from dodge ball and re-enacting football plays as a pre-match warm up is highly underrated.