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  1. See replies above, Yes - semi finals are tonight
  2. I am hoping another option will work. I have Chromecast on iPad. (you can download for free on App Store) I hope to set up all 4 mats and use chromecast to send to my big screen tv
  3. How many mats for Semi finals?
  4. Chandler Rogers should be pissed. Does Smith have a big weight cut?
  5. Maryland did not have 1 single winnwe in the opening round. All 10 in consi bracket and most will go 0-2. Shameful
  6. Who can educate me on Roku/Apple TV stuff? I am not sure how all this stuff works but I am Not sure why Flo can’t have 2/4 mats from same event or even say semi finals from 4 events on Roku/AppleTV. It’s not logical. They show FRL with guys in Texas and Willie in PA on Roku. Do they stream the live FRL on Roku or just a replay? If it is live then they prove that they can have split screen from multiple locations streaming on Roku. I would assume that Flo sends the content to Roku and AppleTV so if they have the 4 mat content set up in Texas and send that to Roku as a selection under the event. Exaple Big Tens - Mat1, Mat2, Mat3, Mat4, 4 Mat View (as opposed to the user on laptop making selection) then it should work. Where is my logic fatally flawed?
  7. You’re welcome wrestling world. I have lobbied Flo at nauseum for about a year. I don’t see how to use split screen with an iPad I will be watching with laptop to big screen as suggested..... only I just realized I don’t have the right chord for laptop I have......scheit. I have that HDMI with offset on laptop I hope Flo figures out the way we can watch 2/4 mats from same tournament via Roku
  8. Really wish the refs would call stalling on Hwts with same criteria as all other weights. Watch the Cornell vs VaTech HWT match (can’t even call it that, neither of them did anything) and then watch Va vs VaTech stalling calls throughout match.
  9. The cardio gains you get from dodge ball and re-enacting football plays as a pre-match warm up is highly underrated.
  10. Are there any challenges at MD like limited scholarships, facilities, funding in general ? Who are the assistant coaches ? Also - Why is Deil at 157 ? How about this - Hire Helen Maroulis as new head coach
  11. Were there any post match interviews? If so, got link? I couldn’t find any. edit, I just found link https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/sports/m-wrestl/
  12. Cael beat Vering by PinFall at 1:58 in the NCAA Semi's that year
  13. How about this - Gable is a big kid and has some room to lean out. What if he did a reverse Dake and wins at 4 different weight classes, dropping down each year. I could see giving him the nod if he does that. He would not only have to wrestle more guys that posses the full compliment of wrestling skills, he would also experience a weight cut like most others.
  14. May not be a popular opinion but...I would have a tough time considering any Hwt 4X champ as the GOAT. The weight class as a whole is not as competitive as the others. The skill level of the No 10 to 15 HWT is not as close as say the No 10 to 15 guy at 133. A top 5 Hwt can be having a really bad day and still demolish a no 10 to 15 Hwt but a top 133 lb guy having a bad day could easily lose to a 10 to 15 tanked guy. There's just not the same depth Not sure how to phrase this but - what percent of wrestling positions and technique will a no 20 hwt never be in or experience in a season compared to the positions and technique that every 133 lb wrestler will experience many times in a week? The point is that Hwt's do not have to be as proficient in wrestling moves and situations compared to the skill level in the lower weights. Does a Hwt have to be aware of the defense for a Kolat flip or execute one ? I am not saying that they do not work hard or are not tough and I am sure they take a beating.
  15. jstock

    D1 vs D3

    I hear that Carlton Haselrig was pretty good
  16. Would be fitting if Iowa is tied for 3rd at NCAA's and DeSanto gets a team point deducted to move Iowa to 4th
  17. Berger and Red are quickly making a strong case to be included on the list
  18. jstock

    Flo again?

    I typically watch on Roku
  19. jstock

    Flo again?

    Would like to see Flo show 2 premier matches on a split screen. Today, Rutgers vs Princeton and duh Ohio State vs Northwestern and or Iowa vs Nebraska. It seems that have the ability to do it now. They have Willie on split screen from Easton when they do FRL so how tough is it to show 2 different matches on one split screen?
  20. Assuming that guys train together in the days prior to the tournament, other guys from his club were there, wouldn't you guess that they should be on the same flight?
  21. Brands said sitting Lee was part of the plan, as if they had Lee scheduled to miss this match for some time. Would like to know if Brands could share the plan, what other guys will sit against higher ranked opponents. And again, what would Iowa do if they had PSU on the schedule, send all their back-ups except 125 ?
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