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  1. jstock

    Desanto to Iowa

    I could see Gilman losing to Lee in WTT, vent his frustration in press conference and then move to NC State to train going forward.
  2. jstock

    WVU hires Flynn

    Assume Flynn brings Cliff and Port
  3. jstock

    WVU hires Flynn

    Better facilities, more money and more scholarship money I would guess.
  4. jstock

    Change at WVU- No Bull

    I wonder if Tim Flynn will apply?
  5. jstock

    Ohio State next year

    What weight will Fix go next year ? Can he challenge Lee at 125 or do you think Lee win win easily ?
  6. jstock

    Ohio State next year

    I foresee McKenna and Hayes wrestling off for the 149 spot this year now that Zain is gone. Loser of wrestle off goes goes 141 with Yianni D.
  7. jstock

    Pitt Athletic Department woes

    Gavin was a good hire, he seems to be doing a fine job so far.
  8. jstock

    Session Two Thread

    Question - What is 7th place ? Answer - What is the highest place Perry placed in the PA state tournament
  9. jstock

    ESPN3 Multi Screen Gone?

    Send feedback to ESPN https://support.espn.com/hc/en-us/requests
  10. jstock

    ESPN3 Multi Screen Gone?

    I am getting an error that I have too many streams open.
  11. jstock

    ESPN3 Multi Screen Gone?

    WTF- where is it Maybe the option will come up when it starts
  12. jstock

    Link to watch the first round action online...

    ESPNU- they have 4 mat view. On bottom of screen you will see 4 mat view(?) Click in video block then select the mat you want in that block from list of mats shown on the right side of screen. Once you have 4 mats set you can expand the video to only show 4 mats on entire screen. I have 2 laptops and 2 big screen TV’s. Via 2 HDMI cords. Mats 1-4 on one and 5-8 on other.
  13. jstock

    Toughest path to a title?

    I love watching DeSanto and would love the PA kid to win against top competition but I don't think he is at Brock's level yet. He needs another year under his belt to compete with the top 4 or 5. I hope he can get on the podium. I predict that DeSanto's enthusiasm will spoil the hopes of a higher ranked upperclassman who is ready for season and/or career to end.
  14. jstock

    Iowa takes a hit before NCAA

    Would be cool if Askren was offered the WI job but turns it down for a higher offer at Iowa
  15. jstock

    Toughest path to a title?

    I would have loved to see Micic vs Brock. Would be like watching 2 cats in a clothes dryer
  16. jstock

    Fretwell and Roper

    I have been lobbying for a Fretwell and Zeb Miller show for 2 years now. I think they would be great.
  17. Does anyone know when the NCAA Seeding and Bracket release show will be ? Time / date / link ?
  18. jstock

    Coon... Zero Shot Attempts

    Ok B1GFanboy - I am anxious to watch again. It just looked like Coon didn’t make any attempts to score. Can a HWT like Coon drop his stance and arm down like Metcalf’s stance to prevent shots? I hope we see round 3.
  19. jstock

    Coon... Zero Shot Attempts

    I thought Coon got body locks and did absolutely nothing with them. He locked and held instead of lock and push or bully Snyder like in the first match. Lock and bully using his size does 2 things. 1. Tires Kyle out for 3rd and OT opportunities. 2. Keeping Kyle in upper body ties means Kyle isn’t shooting at ankles.
  20. jstock


    Thanks King
  21. jstock


    What time are finals?
  22. jstock

    Do big 10 semis start right away?

    A reminder: we’ll have a round of consolation matches on all four mats beginning at 6pm ET/5pm CT, and then semis tentatively will start feeding onto the mats around 7:30pm ET/6:30pm CT Semi’s will be on mats 1 & 2 #B1GWrestle
  23. jstock


    I just bought BTN2Go, 4 screen on big screen tv is the way to go
  24. jstock


    The 2 view mat option on Flo does not work on iPad. Both mats show on screen but only 1 at a time will play