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  1. Jackwebster -I agree 100% about Akerly. He was feared in youth wrestling, HS and college. I don’t think he was picking on you, that is just how he wrestles. He was a weight or 2 above me in HS and he is about the only person I feared. He was the most brutal leg rider I have ever seen. He is right up there with Pifer. (Not spelled right) Jimmy is now one of the best club coaches in the WPIAL and is the best coach for instruction for riding legs.
  2. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6267550-zahid-is-10-1-all-time-against-mark-hall
  3. I would bet that RBY and Fix have practiced together quite a bit since they spent lots of time on our national teams.
  4. I credit the official. Great non call in the most anticipated match when the score was 0-0. The official talked to them and got them under control and the rest of the match was clean. I think everyone gets too caught up in trying to predict every match. Just enjoy the wrestling. I am a PSU fan but fully understand that this match doesn’t mean much. Ziahd is a great wrestler and this match will not have an effect on his confidence. Z still leads the lifetime series vs Hall and is capable of winning again in March. Didn’t Z ride Mark “like a mule” also. As a fan I am looking forward to their next great match. Also, the turning point was that Hall hip pop to both get Z out of scoring position and set up his re-attack. Reminded me of Nate Carr’s hip pop, difference being Nate’s was significantly more powerful and would throw opponent back on their heels. RBY is better than I thought and seems to be improving with each match. Excited to see him against the top 4 in the weight class, especially vs Micic and Fix because all 3 are fast and have quite a broad range of slick attacks. And, we are all fortunate to watch Nolf. Credit to his smart opponent who knew exactly when to bail out or score would have been much worse. Might be new trend for Nolf opponents, I hope not though. Nolf doesn’t look strong but he must be crazy strong.
  5. Money isn’t everything, look at what Tim Flynn did at Edinboro all those years.
  6. I also watch on ROKU and wish they would put the live events sorted by date. Also wish they would use multi screen view. Like, show both mats on 1 Roku screen for semi finals and 4 mat view for quarters, would be a good choice for FloZone. They have the ability but choose not to do it for some,reason.
  7. I enjoyed the event and would gladly pay again. I look at it this way. I enjoyed watching this event way more than going to see a movie and this cost me less. I sometimes times go out to a bar to watch UFC fights (the bar owner was a DII AA btw) and I spent much more at he bar. I hope we see more events. Does anyone know the attendance numbers?
  8. I disagree JB. I thought Dake’s throw was higher amplitude and cleaner. JO’s throw was nice and certainly worth 4 but not 5. Doesn’t matter though. Very entertaining match. I appreciate both wrestlers but give edge to JO because he has always been my favorite to watch with his vast arsenal, creativity, strength, speed and smarts. I hate watching him put on the skates or get conservative against top guys. Looking forward to future matchups, will certainly be entertaining.
  9. Snyder vs Gadisov In Vegas. Friend and I talking, I hoped Snyder would at least keep match close, respectable after a great run to finals. So happy I was dead wrong.
  10. There are a few reasons why PA has not shown up in force in Fargo and the Cadet and Junior duals. Many of the prominant and established clubs in PA do not participate in FS and GR in the summer because the PAWF has alienated them, The PAWF is run as a personal for profit business. The coaches basically decide where the kids will wrestle. The coaches either put PAWF FS and GR on the schedule or they choose to wrestle folk. The kids will follow the coaches lead and advice. You can search the forum and see how club teams like Angry Fish lead by Moore and Brinzer had great runs in FS. There are plenty of coaches in PA that are well versed in teaching FS and GR, that's not the issue at all.
  11. Fix - Showed smarts and ability to adapt vs Ramos. Broad range of attacks, he will figure out a way in 3 matches. Complete - 100% toss up. 2 cats in a clothes dryer. Will be entertaining, I hope they go 3 matches Steiber Green Burroughs (JB will school the young buck much like Dake did vs IMar) Dake (I was shocked/impressed by Valencia running through Ringer. I was not a Dake fan during his college years, I was in the Taylor camp. I won't bet against Dake, he is a smart manipulative white ape) Taylor Cox (Big fan of the person but not his lack of offenseive point potential) Snyder Gwiz (not confident, Coon's size but Gwiz has learned how to pull out big wins against big guys)
  12. I could see Gilman losing to Lee in WTT, vent his frustration in press conference and then move to NC State to train going forward.
  13. Assume Flynn brings Cliff and Port
  14. Better facilities, more money and more scholarship money I would guess.
  15. What weight will Fix go next year ? Can he challenge Lee at 125 or do you think Lee win win easily ?
  16. I foresee McKenna and Hayes wrestling off for the 149 spot this year now that Zain is gone. Loser of wrestle off goes goes 141 with Yianni D.
  17. Gavin was a good hire, he seems to be doing a fine job so far.
  18. Question - What is 7th place ? Answer - What is the highest place Perry placed in the PA state tournament
  19. Send feedback to ESPN https://support.espn.com/hc/en-us/requests
  20. I am getting an error that I have too many streams open.
  21. WTF- where is it Maybe the option will come up when it starts
  22. ESPNU- they have 4 mat view. On bottom of screen you will see 4 mat view(?) Click in video block then select the mat you want in that block from list of mats shown on the right side of screen. Once you have 4 mats set you can expand the video to only show 4 mats on entire screen. I have 2 laptops and 2 big screen TV’s. Via 2 HDMI cords. Mats 1-4 on one and 5-8 on other.
  23. I love watching DeSanto and would love the PA kid to win against top competition but I don't think he is at Brock's level yet. He needs another year under his belt to compete with the top 4 or 5. I hope he can get on the podium. I predict that DeSanto's enthusiasm will spoil the hopes of a higher ranked upperclassman who is ready for season and/or career to end.
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