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  1. Would be cool if Askren was offered the WI job but turns it down for a higher offer at Iowa
  2. I would have loved to see Micic vs Brock. Would be like watching 2 cats in a clothes dryer
  3. I have been lobbying for a Fretwell and Zeb Miller show for 2 years now. I think they would be great.
  4. Does anyone know when the NCAA Seeding and Bracket release show will be ? Time / date / link ?
  5. Ok B1GFanboy - I am anxious to watch again. It just looked like Coon didn’t make any attempts to score. Can a HWT like Coon drop his stance and arm down like Metcalf’s stance to prevent shots? I hope we see round 3.
  6. I thought Coon got body locks and did absolutely nothing with them. He locked and held instead of lock and push or bully Snyder like in the first match. Lock and bully using his size does 2 things. 1. Tires Kyle out for 3rd and OT opportunities. 2. Keeping Kyle in upper body ties means Kyle isn’t shooting at ankles.
  7. jstock


    What time are finals?
  8. A reminder: we’ll have a round of consolation matches on all four mats beginning at 6pm ET/5pm CT, and then semis tentatively will start feeding onto the mats around 7:30pm ET/6:30pm CT Semi’s will be on mats 1 & 2 #B1GWrestle
  9. I just bought BTN2Go, 4 screen on big screen tv is the way to go
  10. The 2 view mat option on Flo does not work on iPad. Both mats show on screen but only 1 at a time will play
  11. I ssent BTN That suggestion last year and have practically been begging Flo to incorporate 2 and/or 4 screen view. I saw Flo use in once, it was more of a flash on screen for only a few seconds then off, not to be seen again. I have a friend who does TV production work. He says that the hardware, software and operation is cheap and simple. Would be great if both BTN and Flo could do it.
  12. Tim Flynn belongs in the top echelon
  13. White Collar Willie will now become CEO Willie
  14. I hope Cenzo wins B1G and NCAA but IMar should be seeded 1st, then Alex or Cenzo 2nd and 3rd. Likely Iowa at 2 and Joseph at 3.
  15. Merr6267 et.al. - this is why I think the wrestling seasons for youth, HS and college should be split up a bit. We shouldn’t have such a direct overlap since we are a relatively limited audience and can’t be 2 places at once. I think college dual attendance would go up significantly if the youth and HS seasons did not conflict as much.
  16. Even non PSU fans should appreciate this pic showing new indoor attendance record.
  17. jstock


    I have lots of respect for Kyle Snyder but.... Team title comes down to Snyder over Coon to put duh Ohio State over PSU and Coon wins. Kyle can have his World and Olympic titles (with many more in future I hope) to be happy about. Every time I think of Heil winning a 3rd NCAA title I think of how his highlight reel and YouTube matches would be the least watched of any 3 time champ.
  18. I missed some news, why didn’t Lewis wrestle IMar?
  19. I think I have a new motive for Cael. Maybe Cael plans on wrestling Rasheed in post season but put Cassar out for 3 reasons. 1. Use Cassar to scout Moore and 2. Not let Moore get a feel for Rasheed. 3. I have no idea what I am writing and should just trust in Cael since he kinda seems to at least pretend to know what he is doing.
  20. Sorry if this will offend and I may be in the minority but I doubt I could ever give the Hodge to a HWT. Strength of competition just isn’t there. There is such a huge gap in the top 5 to 10 contenders and then there’s the rest with limited skill who wouldn’t be a potential threat on their best day. Additionally, about 1/2 of the wrestling positions will never be seen in 90% of the HWT matches. 1/2 of the offensive and defensive moves are simply a non factor. You will rarely see a no 20 ranked HWT beat a top 5 guy but if a top 5 lightweight has a bad day he will get beat by a top 20 guy. The top Hwts are great athletes and skilled wrestlers but the point is that the gap between those and the field is a cavernous hole.
  21. It’s funnynbecause I was just asking a friend about this about 2nhrs ago.
  22. I have listened to a few podcasts, watched white board wars on Flo and read some good prognosticators takes on predictions leading up to this dual. I have not seen or heard one person anticipate that Snyder would be fatigued from his travels before the match. It’s funny that after all the in-depth analysis leading up to the bout that no one guessed that Snyder would be too fatigued to major, tech or pin Nevills.
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