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    Most exciting thing about tomorrow:

    American University will host the 47th annual All-Star Classic on November 3, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. The classic will be held in Bender Arena on the campus of American University in Washington D.C.
  2. jstock

    Most exciting thing about tomorrow:

    Holy crap - I almost missed the match, I thought it was Sunday I am buying the flocast or technique wave, the video better be good !
  3. jstock

    Wisconsin Intersquad Matches

    Lots of lopsided wins
  4. jstock

    Penn State Intersquad Matchups

    Did J. Guilibon wrestle ?
  5. jstock

    Iowa this year

    Curious about Dziewa, any word on if he is healthy and how he is doing in the room ?
  6. jstock

    Iowa this year

    How does Iowa handle determining the line up or when does Iowa have wrestleoffs ?
  7. Try this link http://www.vipboxsports.eu/ or this http://www.stopstream.tv/
  8. jstock

    UNC Wrestling fans

    I know Rocco is not wrestlling now, are any of these guys wrestling somewhere else ?
  9. Lost track - What is the best method to watch live online ? Anyone have a definitive answer/details ? I have no problem paying alittle if needed.
  10. jstock

    Ian Paddock and Ohio State Wrestle-offs

    Flying Tiger wrote"I predict you will be disappointed :)" Was that referring to Courts vs Ruth ? I am a fan of both so my only disappointment will be that a PA guy will loose. I predict the match(s) will be crazy great this year and even better as Courts gains college experience in the next couple years. They both have similar yet contrasting gifts which will make the matches very interesting
  11. jstock

    Ian Paddock and Ohio State Wrestle-offs

    May be a bit premature but I am really looking forward to a potential Ruth vs Courts match. I predict that could be one of the best matches of the year and may happen a few times during the season. I hope Courts stays healthy.
  12. jstock

    Field is set for Gold Midlands!

    Is there a site that has the 50 year comprehensive Midlands results or most years ? If not, may be a good project to celebrate the 50 year anniversary. Would love to see video of Jimmy Carr winning tournament ( OW ) as a HS student.
  13. jstock

    Marty's Miserably Failed Predections.

    Marty - Lets hear your prediction on the Dake vs Taylor match. What will be final score ?
  14. jstock

    Dake to 165 for the season-Per Flo

    I am curious to read what the potential forum perception of Dake will be in the event he looses to Taylor and decides to go back down for the post season. Will he be perceived as running from Taylor or just playing smart odds to get his 4th title ? I think the NWCA and ESPN should use this all star match as marketing test for the eventual NCAA National duels championship.
  15. jstock

    Any JUCO transfers to watch for this year?

    Cagnina is here - http://www.ictritons.com/wrestling/roster.asp
  16. jstock

    The Injury Excuse

    The "injury excuse" can be legit. Some examples are 100% legit and should not be referred to as excuses. Troy Letters neck injury obviously effected his performance in his senior year NCAA . Randy Lewis dislocated elbow played a major role in his 7th (?) place finish. Troy Nickerson had shoulder problems which obviously hampered his performance. Some injuries are legit, some are just bumps and bruises. When you are forced to change your style or have to think about weather you should do a move because you may aggrivate or re-injure instead of just seeing an opening and reacting...then the injury definitely would be an excuse.
  17. jstock

    Could PSU wrestling become more popular?

    Did the sanctions at SMU have an impact on other sports at SMU ?
  18. jstock


    Would be hilarious if Mudflap was actually Dan Gable !
  19. jstock

    Ed Ruth's ascendence

    Silva typically is relaxed but I thought he was not very relaxed last night.
  20. jstock

    Ed Ruth's ascendence

    MatEater - Not sure I agree with your last sentence. Not all successful guys have to get all amped up and nurvous etc. to compete at a high level. You can not assume that because he is relaxed enough to goof around and sleep etc... before a match that he has not prepared properly. Brinzer was not an outwardly intense dude and he did OK. I think Ed's approach is ideal. Less anxiety, less stress, less energy wasted. I was the opposite. I envy guys like Ed.
  21. Throws that require timing, set up and feel. I didn't trust the set-up, I would have to see it work, the delay made the set-up moot. I learned lots of throws but most were timing and feel. I really wished I could do a foot sweep. While in HS, I was launched high, literally head over heels with one. The same kid hit Sean O'Day (NCAA Champ) with one in finals. It was really cool but i couldnt get the timing down to throw so high.
  22. jstock


    Doubtful, unfortunately not too many throws in FS wrestling anymore under the current rules which allow you to block and back up.... But instead of throws and action we have the push out and ball grab
  23. jstock

    Everything PSU Blog

    memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=2311 KR1963- Interesting read, valid points.This whole situation sucks. I have always been a PSU/Paterno fan. I was not a fan of the wrestling team under the former coach because they underachieved, different topic. Unfortunately - I just realized that Joe IS to blame, as well as any others that were aware. Anyone who knew are very wrong. Here is why...10 or so years - that is why. I can see the merit of everything you wrote about the there is a precedence of human nature regarding how a person would react to a crime committed by a family member, idol or superior. I get it. My problem is the 10 years. Joe et.al. go to work the following week, nothing done about Sandusky, ok - be patient investigations take time. Month goes by, ok - be patient investigations take time. Six months...1 year...2 years ok - be patient investigations take time. At some point you have to wonder why these guys didn't follow up over time. How could any of these guys in power or in the know even interact with Sandusky, knowing what he did/does ? Maybe JoPa was told that Sandusky may have touched a child inappropriately, he did not know the extent of the violation. How the F*ck does that intern guy look over the field and see Sandusky with young kids 1 year, 2 years, 10 years later and not KNOW that there is a chance that one would be raped ? Now - lets say they are loyal to the guy for personal and political reasons so they make him retire or whatever. OK - Don't let him back on campus....ever. Those in the know gambled and lost. 10 plus years ago they didn't follow up because it would disgrace PSU if the story got out. Well, the crime came out and now Joe PA et. al. are now fired..... Maybe 10 years ago the disgrace was the story about 1 kid molested, they ignored the situation, let Sandusky keep the keys to the shower room for 10 more years.