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    Pitt-Johnstown - 1 (3 DI and 3 DII)
  2. In theory, if a kid gets certified at a weight then he should be able to make it consistently and safely if he manages his weight properly. That theory would mean that McD and others who struggle just do not have the discipline to manage their weight properly. Most everyone with any common sense and experience knows that the cert process is being cheated, so why do we even bother paying for the cert process. People are making a boat load of money to manage an automated program that was all implemented “in the name of the children” kind of thing. High schools and colleges continue to pay for a service that is obviously not being followed…why. Fix the process or scrap it.
  3. 149 http://www.okstate.com/sports/m-wrestl/spec-rel/110512aaa.html On Chris Perry and Jordan Oliver "I just want to make sure that both of those guys take the team along with them. I want them to lead by example on the mat and off the mat. They're two good wrestlers. Jordan is going up two weight classes. He's going to start the season at 149. It's the first in my career that anyone has gone up two weight classes. We'll see how that works. I don't think we'll see him running through guys like we have in the past, but he's a tough kid who can do about anything. He wrestled at the trials this summer at 145, so he's wrestling big guys and had a lot of success. He'll handle the weight, and we still have that option to take him down."
  4. Tournament is filled with Med FFt's
  5. Do you have link to brackets ?
  6. I am a PSU/Taylor fan and predicted a different outcome. Congrats to Dake on the win. I am looking forward to their next match but hope there is more scoring. I would not have called stalling in that match. Dake didn't do much but was not backing up enough to warrant a stall call. I applaud Dake for winning his 3 titles which is obviously a fantastic accomplishment, he is a winner but at the same time, I do not like or appreciate his style. I appreciate wrestling technique, real wrestling moves and dominating when possible. Dake is a counter wrestler who wins on funk and balance more often than his record would indicate. I feel the same about Russell. The object is to win and Dake (kid dynamite) does just that so I agree that he is a great champion. I appreciate wrestlers who dominate with a varied offensive attack like JO does as an example. I am curious to see the names of other 2 or 3X champs that won by initiating limited offense?
  7. Would love if Caldwell beats 1 or both during the season to add to the excitement.
  8. i admit it - I thought Taylor would win by a bunch
  9. Nico , Schopp 2-1, maple, chamberlin - looked great, alton, Dake won 2-1 in 3rd OT Blanton vs Asper on Now
  10. Wheeled the PC out to the big screen in living room to watch the "Match of the Century" All-Star Classic, Dake vs Taylor, this feed looks awesome on the 46" HD. Have a little fire going and a little drink in hand. So far, so good...
  11. Would like to know what time Flo will start the show. I hope they don't wait until 7:30 to work potential bugs out of the broadcast.
  12. I think the FS match actually showed that Taylor will beat Dake in Folk. Taylor got a quick reversal of the Dake double under with back lock and Taylor should make adjustments so the TD to fall with broomstick would not happen again. Dake will get 1st TD. The key for Dake is to not give up a reversal. I don't think Dake can turn Taylor and I think Taylor will turn Dake when on top. Taylor wins 11-5 Dake with 1st TD 2-0 Taylor Escape 2-1 Taylor TD 2-3 Taylor NF 2-6 Taylor NF 2-8 Dake will choose N at some point and get TD 4-7 Taylor reverse 4-10 Dake esc 5-10 Match ends while Dake tries desperation throw Taylor gets 1 riding time and wins 11-5
  13. American University will host the 47th annual All-Star Classic on November 3, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. The classic will be held in Bender Arena on the campus of American University in Washington D.C.
  14. Holy crap - I almost missed the match, I thought it was Sunday I am buying the flocast or technique wave, the video better be good !
  15. Curious about Dziewa, any word on if he is healthy and how he is doing in the room ?
  16. How does Iowa handle determining the line up or when does Iowa have wrestleoffs ?
  17. Try this link http://www.vipboxsports.eu/ or this http://www.stopstream.tv/
  18. I know Rocco is not wrestlling now, are any of these guys wrestling somewhere else ?
  19. Lost track - What is the best method to watch live online ? Anyone have a definitive answer/details ? I have no problem paying alittle if needed.
  20. Flying Tiger wrote"I predict you will be disappointed :)" Was that referring to Courts vs Ruth ? I am a fan of both so my only disappointment will be that a PA guy will loose. I predict the match(s) will be crazy great this year and even better as Courts gains college experience in the next couple years. They both have similar yet contrasting gifts which will make the matches very interesting
  21. May be a bit premature but I am really looking forward to a potential Ruth vs Courts match. I predict that could be one of the best matches of the year and may happen a few times during the season. I hope Courts stays healthy.
  22. Is there a site that has the 50 year comprehensive Midlands results or most years ? If not, may be a good project to celebrate the 50 year anniversary. Would love to see video of Jimmy Carr winning tournament ( OW ) as a HS student.
  23. Marty - Lets hear your prediction on the Dake vs Taylor match. What will be final score ?
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