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  1. jstock

    KJ Award for Coaches on the Hot Seat Watch List

    How long does Sammy have at WVU?
  2. jstock

    Flo new look

    Would love to see multi screen option, similar to how ESPN allows you to select and watch multiple mats in a quad screen. There are many dual meets on at the same time. I have talked to a friend of mine who produces video for a major TV network and he said the technology is not expensive or complicated.
  3. jstock

    MU vs ASU

    What was final score Massa vs Valencia please
  4. jstock

    MU vs ASU

    What was final score please?
  5. jstock

    PSU vs Army

    I watched via Roku. Video was fine.
  6. jstock

    Spencer Lee will (fill in the blank)

    I am just looking forward to an NCAA tournament that includes Lee, Suriano and Fix at same weight. I don't care who wins the tournament, just looking forward to watching these guys go at it. I would be happier if one of the 3 were at PSU but oh well. What are the chances we will see all 3 at same weight next season ?
  7. Some fans claim that this year was the best WTT in US history. Do we have any historians on here that can give an example of WTT in the past that can compare? There were denominator matches in past era but not sure if they were in the same year. Smith vs Lewis, Carr vs Metzgar, Schultz vs Monday etc...
  8. jstock

    Oliver out of WTTs

    JO just needs to contact Jon Jones legal team, they have lots of experience in these matters.
  9. jstock

    WTT Seeding

    LeValley should be banned, he is too dirty, his stuff injures people. Officials should be watching him closely.
  10. He should just go the MMA route, maybe train with Bones Jones
  11. I just rewatched the match. I think the match was called correctly. Dake does not try and score, he just tries to prevent JB from scoring. Dake did not hold the center as much as I first thought. They were even on holding center. Rob Koll talked a lot about Kyle holding center. JB was moving to try and score while Dake was holding position to prevent scoring. I hope the officials in future matches recognize this again. Dake was also complaining the whole time to the officials and basically begging for a caution point for anything he could get. Hands to face, finger lock and even at the beginning of the match when Burroughs got his fingers caught in singlet. I think Dake has just a good of a chance to win if he wrestles, it will still be close. I don't see Dake getting the benefit of the doubt with his squat and hold, wait for a cheap point game plan. Must be frustrating for JB to have so few guys attempt to wrestle him. I hope we see a shootout in Lincoln
  12. What is up with Manville ? He wrestled for WCAP, is he now in the Army ?
  13. Witherman - What price range are you talking to upgrade servers or whatever to allow Flo to run smoothly without a hitch ? $10K, $50K, $100? $1million ? What kind of investment is needed ?
  14. Cox will be tough to beat but not if he is not fully committed to wrestling full time. Look at Oliver and Ruth's results when they were spending time training for MMA while wrestling. I will go with Taylor if Cox is spending time training for football.
  15. I would like to hear from Martin again. What are they doing to fix the problem?
  16. ESPN may have already taken care of Quint for you. We may see commentators who no longer specialize in 1 or 2 sports at ESPN now. We may end up with some British cricket commentator like NBC used at a previous olympics.
  17. jstock

    US open

    Thanks Nerd. Does Dake use the 3pt stance vs other opponents ?
  18. jstock

    US open

    What is the rule regarding 3 pt stance in FS? I thought I heard Flo announcer say that JO was warned in a match for his 3 pt stance and JO didn't do it again. So, the question is simple, is it a rule or not? Should warnings have been issued or not? The whole match would have been different if 1. Wrestlers are warned for 3 pt stance 2. If the official made the call. 3. Would have created openings for JB to score. 4. Would then force Dake to score. We could have seen a very entertaining and high scoring match. I hope that the officials make the call at WTT so we can enjoy a great shoot out
  19. jstock

    No wonder no one wants the Pitt job

    Pitts room looks to be about 2x the size of Edinboro's room. The facilities at Pitt have very little to do with their lack of success.
  20. jstock

    Pitt coach

    Bono would be good if he brings Schopp with him. AJ would be an asset for recruiting in the WPIAL. Not sure if Bono would like the big city life though.
  21. jstock

    Pitt coach

    Worked out OK for Dresser
  22. jstock

    Pitt coach

    I believe Fletcher Carr was a player coach at Kentucky
  23. Rooting and cheering for Desanto does not mean you dislike Lee. I was a fan of Desanto for the past few years.
  24. jstock

    Iowa St coaching staff

    Hokiefan, can you post link to VT board?
  25. jstock

    Has Cael silenced Kentucky Mudflap?

    I want to know where Suzie Shagwell went