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    jstock reacted to justafan in Todrank   
    I was at the dual all the fans around me thought Todrank wrestled hard and went after Nolf.They said everyone who wrestles Nolf balls up and does nothing.Todrank earned tons of respect from the Penn St fans by letting it fly and having balls of steel.And no he never told his teammates watch what I'm gonna do he just went out and competed and had fun with it.How many 141 in the country when they were told your going 157 against Nolf would've S**T themselves instantly not Todrank kids a gamer regardless of his record.
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    jstock reacted to JasonBryant in Updated: NCAA's Prediction - Mid-February 2019   
    I just couldn't figure out whether or not you were calling it now ... 
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    jstock reacted to HurricaneWrestling2 in Penn State @ Ohio State   
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    jstock got a reaction from skikayaker in Most like Cael   
    Cael beat Vering by PinFall at 1:58  in the NCAA Semi's that year
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    jstock got a reaction from krippler in D1 vs D3   
    I hear that Carlton Haselrig was pretty good 
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    jstock reacted to TobusRex in D1 vs D3   
    Pffft. I beat him multiple times. 
    You were talking about checkers, right?
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    jstock reacted to tbert in Dave Schultz/Royce Alger Story   
    We are much more feminine now.  We were not as big of pussies back then.
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    jstock reacted to KTG119 in NCAA Champs who never won their conference   
    Won Big8 first two years. Funny that Monday beat him twice in Big8 but lost to him in NCAA finals; Monday then lost in Big8 finals his last year before finally getting his NCAA title. 
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    jstock reacted to Fletcher in Steveson workout video   
    I hope Steveson doesn't accidentally drink out of Brock's water bottle.
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    jstock reacted to headshuck in Separated at birth?   
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    jstock reacted to Hotkarl712 in How does this make you feel?   
    He's just telling the crowd it's two more until Sunday Italian dinner with some chicken cutlets for an appetizer
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    jstock got a reaction from TheOhioState in NC State vs Ohio State 1/6/19 6:00 EST on ESPN2   
    It kind of pains me to say this as a PA homer and a natural non fan of duh OSU but, Myles Martin might be the most improved from last year to this year. He is wrestling with more confidence and is wrestling very clean and crisp. I think he is only getting started and has more potential than he is showing which will come out as his confidence grows. The real improvmnt isn’t in skill,he has always had it.  The improvement is in his confidence so he is opening up more and showing greater skill and potential. He could be a future star on the international scene if he can maintain at this rate. He seems like a nice guy and has carried himself with class his whole career thus far. 
    With that said, I hope Rasheed can win at least 1 of their matchups this year.
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    jstock reacted to buckshot1969 in Teasdale entered in Scuffle Attached   
    There is so much drama surrounding the kid that you have to think it's a matter of time before he's dating a Kardashian.
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    jstock got a reaction from BigTenFanboy in Barstool Sports Vincenzo Joseph Interview   
    It cracks me up when some people say that Cael is only winning because he is a great recruiter. Cael seems to get quite a lot out of his blue chippers. Turns out the guy can coach pretty well too.  It was good to hear Ben Askren also make positive comments on Cael’s coaching abilities. 
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    jstock reacted to Jimmy Cinnabon in Great for Suriano   
    Even though I wish he were still at PSU, I root for him except against PSU.  So yes, it would be sad for him to never be a NCAA champ.
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    jstock reacted to MadMardigain in Flowrestling question   
    While we’re are brainstorming possible future App tweeks:
    A split screen semi’s option would be nice for Roku.   But I’d also like to see a Flo-Zone option for some for some of the other rounds of all the main multi-mat events.  Currently it feels like I’m spending a lot of time and doing work on multiple devices to find the “must see” match.  Obviously, that would take an extra staff member to try to keep up on the matches as switch cameras.  Don’t need the play-by-play just someone keeping up with the matches most people would want to view. Honestly I and many other people likely skip viewing all the early round action or even feel the entire products not as financially worth it because it’s so tedious to move through the feed to catch most of the events main matches. If the extra man power isn’t there to switch cameras at least set up the FloZone feed with a list of current matches.  Basically First Initial, last name and school abbreviation for each would likely be enough. Similar to what’s already on the Internet floarena up now link.   I’m guessing a computer program could do automatically if set up right.  Then as the tournament thins out in later rounds the on-deck mat assignments could be shown too.   Showing that persons seed (or even ranking) would be an added bonus.  That way we can flip over to the list on Roku and change to the mat we want on time. Currently I have to keep looking through my phone for the matchups and then click through the Roku feeds to get to the match.  Having the mat assignment list right on the tv as a FloZone feed would free up my phone and makes it a easier viewing experience more people would like to have.
    My only other suggestion for a future Roku app updates would be to set it up so when on a mat feed you can just click the remotes directional arrow right or left and it connects you to the next mat.  The current process of having to back out all the way to the main event menu (a couple steps) and then click back into the next mat (a couple steps steps) seems more tedious than it needs to be.  It’s a small annoyance but again I end up spending almost as much time going from mat feed to mat feed as I do just watching the action. 
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    jstock reacted to TBar1977 in Comparing Easton, PA to Stillwater, OK   
    Great Interview. Jordan Oliver is pretty funny here. My only disagreement is Jordan doesn't seem to know any of the hundreds of dirt roads we have in PA!
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    jstock reacted to KTG119 in Schultz/Koll '95 World Team Trials Matches   
    I stumbled across this last night on youtube, speaking of Dave and his brutality
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    jstock reacted to Coach_J in Schultz/Koll '95 World Team Trials Matches   
    Back in 1981, the World Cup was held in Toledo and there were sessions local chumps like me could attend and roll around with team members.  Talk about a thrill.  That year, Schultz was cutting to make 68 kilos and Metzger was cutting to 62; they weren't in good moods.  I was in a group with Metzger and three other locals and he was nursing a sore knee but wanted to go live to sweat off some pounds.  The one guy in our group made the mistake of attacking Andre's bad wheel.  Schultz was just sitting observing things and this pissed him off.  He jumped into the group and the next couple guys got choked out.  My momma didn't raise no fool; I waited until Dave got it out of his system before I rejoined the group!
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    jstock got a reaction from TLS62pa in PA needs an Olympic Gold Medalist   
    There are a few reasons why PA has not shown up in force in Fargo and the Cadet and Junior duals. Many of the prominant and established clubs in PA do not participate in FS and GR in the summer because the PAWF has alienated them, The PAWF is run as a personal for profit business. 
    The coaches basically decide where the kids will wrestle. The coaches either put PAWF FS and GR on the schedule or they choose to wrestle folk. The kids will follow the coaches lead and advice. You can search the forum and see how club teams like Angry Fish lead by Moore and Brinzer had great runs in FS. There are plenty of coaches in PA that are well versed in teaching FS and GR, that's not the issue at all. 
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    jstock reacted to Erminio8 in Iowa Lineup   
    I can't see Kemerer at 74. Wouldn't it make more sense if he went 65 and Marinelli went 74?
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    jstock reacted to CoachWrestling in Change at WVU- No Bull   
    I honestly doubt this is what happened. He was probably confrontational with the administration and more of a pain in the ass then they felt was worth it. I hope you're right though.
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    jstock reacted to Lurker in Anybody think Quint Kessenich got a bit obtrusive during the Finals?   
    1)He's told by his producers/directors/superiors when to do interviews. Crapping on him is barking up the wrong tree.
    2). It's true reporters don't interview quarterbacks after a touchdown, or ball players just after a home run. Just as you don't see him running up to interview the wrestling athletes after the first takedown. What you do see however, is reporters running on the field/court, chasing down the quarterback/ball player, etc AS SOON AS THE COMPETITION IS OVER and sticking a mic in their face. Happens in every single sport.
    Yet us wrestling folk who want more coverage also want to find ways to bitch about the current coverage. All the big time sports had to learn to cope with and manage the media coverage for the betterment of the sport. But we shouldn't have to. Give us more, and make it exactly how we want it to be. Or we'll cry some more. Amazes me.
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    jstock reacted to wrestlingnerd in Nickal came off as a world class tool   
    That was before the interview. I heard they aren’t on speaking terms now.
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