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    jstock got a reaction from ScarletKnight in ESPN3 Multi Screen Gone?   
    I am getting an error that I have too many streams open.

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    jstock reacted to rcoates1 in Toughest path to a title?   
    I think desanto is pretty one dimensional at this point. Has struggles on bottom and doesn’t do much on top. He is relentless on his feet however. I love watching kaid make guys land on their face with that slide by, makes me laugh every time.
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    jstock reacted to ionel in Toughest path to a title?   
    still could happen, tournament has yet started, correct?
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    jstock reacted to Serial_Thriller in Iowa takes a hit before NCAA   
    A bus?!? After Big’s, they’re jogging over.......
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    jstock reacted to Eagle26 in Head scratching seeds   
    Marstellar beats Walsh earlier in the year and then loses in essentially a tie match with exactly 1:00 of riding time. Walsh gets #4 and Chance #9 at 40-2. I agree conference wins should be held higher, but that one second of riding time really cost Chance as he has a brutal draw now.
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    jstock reacted to scribe in Henson a joke?   
    Sometimes Koll will text me asking what to do.
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    jstock reacted to russelscout in Fretwell and Roper   
    False. Cliff Fretwell is the GOAT
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    jstock got a reaction from stp in Fretwell and Roper   
    I have been lobbying for a Fretwell and Zeb Miller show for 2 years now. I think they would be great.
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    jstock reacted to JasonBryant in Fretwell and Roper   
    Jarod Trice did not like that pick. 
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    jstock reacted to BigTenFanboy in Coon... Zero Shot Attempts   
    Actually Snyder dropped his weight and backed out of those body locks defending them beautifully. Had he forced a throw in those positions he would have given Snyder an opportunity to score a takedown.
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    jstock reacted to KingK0ng in B12G   
    6PM Central
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    jstock reacted to iGranby in Cael says Nolf is going, Nolf doesn't know if he is   
    Im a Buckeye fan...
    ...but this is the first time I will be attending the NCAA championships, and I want to see (who I think is) the most dynamic wrestler in the country.  
    I hate seeing anyone have their season taken away from them, especially due to injury. The title would mean so much less if he isn't in the field anyway. I think the majority of tOSU fans feel the same way. 
    I want Nolf 100% in Cleveland. 
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    jstock reacted to unbiased in Cael says Nolf is going, Nolf doesn't know if he is   
    Here is a pic from the PSU room. Apparently it's not just Nolf.
    It's not me holding the picture.
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    jstock got a reaction from KTG119 in Best coach   
    Tim Flynn belongs in the top echelon
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    jstock got a reaction from ScarletKnight in Best coach   
    Tim Flynn belongs in the top echelon
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    jstock got a reaction from rd149 in Best coach   
    Tim Flynn belongs in the top echelon
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    jstock got a reaction from denger in Michigan Attendance   
    Even non PSU fans should appreciate this pic showing new indoor attendance record.

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    jstock reacted to cem5202 in Was the PSU / tOSU dual the best one you've seen?   
    Old Marine wrestler mentioned Jake strayer... I was a freshman in high school when he was a senior. He whooped my ass all the time. When cael took over, I asked him what he thought of that and he said, " it's about four years too late." Jake graduated the year before cael took over. He is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. I think he could've been a top four type of guy under cael. Sorry for the irrelevant post but when I was a student at psu, I became a huge psu wrestling fan going to watch Jake.
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    jstock reacted to BigTenFanboy in Was the PSU / tOSU dual the best one you've seen?   
    Unfortunately every team has crappy fans.
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    jstock reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Flo Wrestling Immune or Allergic to feedback and criticism?   
    mods, please shut down this thread and then erase it from the database. thank you. 
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    jstock got a reaction from Cletus_Tucker in Hodge update   
    Sorry if this will offend and I may be in the minority but I doubt I could ever give the Hodge to a HWT. Strength of competition just isn’t there. There is such a huge gap in the top 5 to 10 contenders and then there’s the rest with limited skill who wouldn’t be a potential threat on their best day. Additionally, about 1/2 of the wrestling positions will never be seen in 90% of the HWT matches. 1/2 of the offensive and defensive moves are simply a non factor. You will rarely see a no 20 ranked HWT beat a top 5 guy but if a top 5 lightweight has a bad day he will get beat by a top 20 guy.
    The top Hwts are great athletes and skilled wrestlers but the point is that the gap between those and the field is a cavernous hole.
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    jstock reacted to ionel in PSU v tOSU   
    #1 or #2 might be true but #3 is the safe bet ;)
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    jstock got a reaction from TBar1977 in PSU v tOSU   
    I think I have a new motive for Cael. Maybe Cael plans on wrestling Rasheed in post season but put Cassar out for 3 reasons.
    1. Use Cassar to scout Moore and 2. Not let Moore get a feel for Rasheed.
    3. I have no idea what I am writing and should just trust in Cael since he kinda seems to at least pretend to know what he is doing.
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    jstock reacted to spartan in Spencer Lee Arm Bar   
    A question on the bar / chicken wing that Lee uses. See this a lot of college, not just from him. It has always been my understanding that the arm must be straight across the back. If the arm slides up, it is potentially dangerous. If the offensive wrestler puts it up, it is a penalty point. Never coached or wrestled at the college level. Is the rule different in college as compared to high school?
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    jstock got a reaction from OfficialObserver in Snyder   
    I would like to talk smack because I am not a duh Ohio State fan and Snyder was tweeting his tweets....but... I have too much respect for the champ so I just can’t do it.
    This was a great dual and I hope duhOhio State fans appreciated the competition, even with the loss. As T Ryan said, they will get 2 more shots.
    Great for the fans
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