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    jstock got a reaction from xander in PSU v tOSU   
    I was screaming at TV when I saw Cael sending out Cassar instead of Rasheed.
    I was wrong.
    Maybe it just didn’t matter, both Rasheed and Cassar can beat Moore.
    What a dual
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    jstock reacted to Billyhoyle in Post match interviews (PSU / tOSU) ?????   
    This video exemplifies how the majority of PSU fans are perfectly respectful and reasonable people, but your attention always gets drawn to the few that have no class. The same was true for Iowa years ago, and it will be true for whoever becomes the dominant team in the future.  
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    jstock reacted to BigTenFanboy in Post match interviews (PSU / tOSU) ?????   
    Agreed. That PSU fan in the background taunting Snyder is trash. I hope he got a parking ticket or a flat tire on the way home.
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    jstock reacted to TheOhioState in Snyder   
    Yeah, you have too much respect.
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    jstock reacted to Billyhoyle in PSU v tOSU   
    Fans are entitled to an opinion, even when it turns out they are wrong.  I also thought he should have sent out Rasheed, but I was wrong.  
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    jstock reacted to repechange in Spencer Lee   
    PSU owes Iowa a thank you. If Lee has the goods it knocks NaTo even further
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    jstock reacted to tabenn in Anthony Cassar   
    the biggest problem with RU is that it is in JERSEY!
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    jstock reacted to madcat11 in Penn State @ Rutgers..2pm..BTN   
    Lets all hope for a sprain.
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    jstock reacted to Erminio8 in Remaining Undefeated Wrestlers (as of Jan. 19, 2018)   
    9 I think...Cruz, Pletcher, Zacherl, Zain, Nolf, Kemerer, Hidlay, Joseph, Renda
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    jstock reacted to GoNotQuietly in The most robbery match in wrestling history ever   
    How about when you win, but you lose instead, because of counting?

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    jstock reacted to de4856 in The most robbery match in wrestling history ever   
    Well I think the Franklin Gomez, Ikhityor Navurov match in Rio was pretty ridiculous.
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    jstock reacted to Coach_J in The most robbery match in wrestling history ever   
    Lebedev vs. Bonne of Cuba was BS as well.  Funny how "Mr. Alrosa" is involved in so many robberies.  
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    jstock reacted to TBar1977 in Walsh - Marsteller match   
    Chance is a better wrestler than Walsh, so no shock he beat him.
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    jstock reacted to Mpchillin in Braking Downey News   
    Iowa didn’t invest anything.
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    jstock reacted to TobusRex in FloWrestling   
    Husker, since you are a FLO team member I have some questions.
    1) What events does FLO cover? I was shocked to see OSU/IOWA this year wasn't covered by FLO. I figured FLO might not be able to show it live because of BTN legal ramifications, but can't you guys post the match videos AFTER the fact? I still haven't seen that dual and it annoys me mightily (since I paid up front for the next year). Last years OSU/IOWA match WAS covered...what gives?
    2) Why isn't there a comment section for the videos? Would be cool if we could comment on stuff that happened in the match on FLO's site.
    3) There are a lot of things you guys can do to improve the site, conveniences that you seem to have left out. Is FLO still working on improving the site/interface, or is what we see all we're likely to get?
    4) How many "teams" of wrestling commentators/cameramen, etc does FLO have? I can see how you can't cover every match, how many can you cover at a time?
    Hope I didn't come off as angry, that's not the case. I'm disappointed, obviously, and I'm very curious about some things.
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    jstock reacted to gimpeltf in FloWrestling   
    Sound travels more slowly than light.
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    jstock reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Flo Jack vs Heil video   
    the live feed's camera didn't catch the the final TD, but we had another angle, and so Bader took both vids and spliced them together so we could get that final takedown in the archived video. Im guessing anyone trying to access the video while we were swapping the out got the busy signal. video works good now and Bader was successful in his editing, at least for me. 
    link below, please enjoy! 
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    jstock reacted to LHN94 in I really enjoyed the "141 is Heil's to lose" era...   
    Have Heil and Tsirtsis ever wrestled? That would be a real barn burner!
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    jstock reacted to gimpeltf in DATON FIX MEDICAL FORFEIT??   
    Your picture wasn't showing when I first quoted it
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    jstock reacted to ionel in DATON FIX MEDICAL FORFEIT??   
    perhaps he and Joe both had the fish?

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    jstock reacted to lightweight in The “why did Lee MFF?â€� thread   
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    jstock reacted to LemonPie in Rules questions from the Lee and Yianni losses   
    Bresser was just in the middle of an unconventional tilt!!
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    jstock reacted to ThatLogSchuteWasCarrying in Midlands just got a lot more interesting..Pat Downey in   
    Anybody know why?
    Other than the haters holding him back, that part is assumed.
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    jstock reacted to TBar1977 in Midlands Round 1 and 2   
    Tsirtsis vs Illinois was maybe the most boring 3OT match in the history of wrestling. 
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    jstock reacted to Flying-Tiger in Hitler Reacts to Iowa Lineup Changes   
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