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  1. Snyder will wbf in !st or 2nd period unless he practices on his push outs
  2. Virginia Tech the MOST OVER RATED team on this forum for last 6-8 years
  3. I think ODU has had enough time. I'm saying Arizona State even though i can't , and West Virginia. Both due to coaches.
  4. Couldn't have said it better lu_alum!!!!! Wait, hold on, have a phone call.....................it was Cody saying tell the Dumb##### to keep it the same.
  5. They just don't seem ready tournament time. Seems as though their National Champs are individuals with Type A personalities. Kind of do it yourself guys. I thought with Sammie there it would change. They had the talent to do it this year but fell far short of potential. I don't think you can blame the boys,you can't assume or say they should be ready.
  6. Realbuto only 22 matches, two of them being losses, 2 seed. Didn't penalize him. Smith and Knoll who learned to sell cars from Spates might have been on committee
  7. Is there a rule for that or a rule for no common sense. I wonder how many on seeding committee had evan knew of half of these wrestlers or have ever wrestled themselves?
  8. Eblen loses to Waters in MAC final. Waters with 1 loss and a previous AA 9 seed, Eblen 5 losses 4 seed, WTF
  9. Maybe he meant Dual Team Title not to be confused with NCAA title as defined at year end individual tournament. Why did it take you so long?
  10. Think they're talking Daniel Lewis
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