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  1. why is Russia need a bad coach like Beloglazov? He was fired in Belarus and Kazakhstan. Why is he in the Russian team? This is logical. Russian coaches won 11 world titles since 1992 in freestyle and 13 in greco. Beloglazov is amazing wrestler. I respect him and dont want say sh*t about his coach career. But...here people know him like coach who did not win in his career as a coach


    That was me agreeing with you abdullah.  

  2. What makes you say that? I don’t know the guy, but I would think that being one of the best wrestlers of all time he would have to have some good coaching insight? I know being a good wrestler doesn’t mean you will be a good coach but it can’t hurt.


    This is the problem with wrestling fans/administrators.  The guy has been coaching since about 1987 and has never produced a World Champion, or even a world medalist.  He's had sufficient time in his many stops, and every where he has gone he hasn't left in the best of circumstances.  He definitely has a bit of a Michael Jordan complex.  He was so good, he struggles coaching less-then-elite status.


    If I'm not mistaken, he's the one that really MADE Cejudo.  The inside trips, the level changes, low single, the vast repertoire we've never seen a Terry-coached guy have?  That's all Beloglazov.  


    So, to Abdullahgadzhi's point... why isn't he coaching in Russia if he's such a good coach?  I'd venture to say they create the world's best coaches, and it's not even close.  And never once has he been invited to coach a team/area.


    I think the CKWC could be a good fit, however, because of talent.  He's going to love working with a McHenry, Silva, Micic, Abounader, Massa, Coon, Storr, etc.  Those are all elite level talents.  


    We shouldn't just be enamored with his medals, he's proven himself to not be an elite "coach."  I put that in parentheses because coaching is more than just technique.  I think that's why Cejudo gives Terry as much credit as he does.  Structure, discipline, trust, mentality, all those things are more important than technique, simply because its harder to teach.


    ANYONE can coach technique.  Getting an athlete to buy in and see them excel BECAUSE of that buy in?  That's the hard part.

  3. If USA Wrestling isn’t paying for EVERY expense I will be appalled. This is 100% on them liability-wise. And more importantly, morally. The fact that there is a go fund me sickens me.


    USA Wrestling should have had a release stating all costs concerning this will be paid for. Travel, loss of salary, etc.


    I’d love to be wrong about this, but it sure doesn’t sound like USA Wrestling is owning up.

  4. Wow.  Are they gonna be D2 or what?


    I'd have gone after Pat Smith. He lives in Arkansas the last I heard.


    Too much liquid baggage.  Plus, he'll make more than twice as much in his current role as a club coach there.  Erisman will do a good job.  ADs are doing a better job of finding the best coaches, as opposed to the most credentialed athlete.  

  5. I respectfully disagree.  I think any live should be confined to situational positions and should be kept to a minimum.  


    It honestly depends on the level of your team.  Low to mid-level?  Yeah, the primary focus should be drilling to get that muscle memory.


    As they get better, and the competition gets better, they are going to need to live wrestle more.  Drilling cannot replace the feel of live, the chain wrestling that occurs, the feel that you need.  It would be nice if we could drill EVERYTHING, all the time, every week.  But it's impossible.  They need to learn how to actually wrestle as well.  Situational live goes are great, and allow you to build some muscle memory with a live feel.  But athletes have to wrestle to get better at it, and more importantly, they have to wrestle without 'instruction' - every athlete is different, and while there are general principles, without a good base of wrestling live, they will miss out on the endless possibilities our sport presents.


    I can always tell when a "good" guy comes from a relatively drill heavy team.  They just don't have a feel for what comes next.  I'm sure that sounds confusing, but the guys that are scrambling (and I don't mean roll to your back), the guys that are scoring late, the guys that are defending a leg attack for 40 seconds - those guys have a lot of live in their practice structure.


    And Martin had a lot things going for him.  His guys wrestled year round, they competed OFTEN (live wrestling) and he was such a meat grinder of a coach, that he created just tough dudes.  


    You have to have hours and days of live wrestling.  You have to wrestle matches often.  Hopefully you can get them understanding the concept of sparring.


    There is absolutely a medium and a balance you have to find.  Getting as close to 50/50 for high school teams is a big deal.  You really can't go just drill intensive, because they will miss out on the higher level stuff that can't be taught, and must be felt repeatedly.  And you can't just let them live wrestle to death and create bad habits.

  6. I'm a big David Taylor fan, but that tweet was beyond idiotic. He's a member of our senior national team and is publicly throwing shade at his own teammate. How petty and disrespectful is that? This is how people lose fan support and sponsors.


    Exact opposite actually.  He'll gain more fans and sponsors if he continues down this route of full heel.  I like it.  He only said what we were ALL thinking.

  7. It amazes me that we win a World Team title and shun the man that was *mostly* responsible for that.  Ivan Ivanov is the best greco coach in the country and he's busy doing level 1 certifications for his dummy bags.  

    They messed up a good thing by not giving him what he wanted at NMU.  And it looks like, unless someone has another explanation that USA Wrestling messed up their relationship with the WCAP.


    Mismanagement all around, but I do have faith in Lindland.  If you're interested in his thoughts head on over to fivepointmove.com.  The interviews with Lindland are amazing and enlightening.  He goes into rich detail on his thoughts and plans for the greco team.  We need younger guys and we need them immersing in the style year round.  It's not rocket science.

  8. Were they all at the OTC BEFORE they even made a world team? Obviously they were there for camp after they were on the team.


    Jesus. Yes. that's what I said.  They were at camps at the OTC BEFORE they made a world team.  Zeke did a REALLY good job of identifying world level talent and having them come to camp as soon as possible.


    excuse me.  Kollin Moore is the only exception.  But that dude is a freak.

  9. More truth to this that some would like to admit. Plus we have some freaky athletes. 

    Actually.  I wouldn't say that at all.


    We're winning these matches based on American - "Iowa Style" grinding.  I'm talking the old school Gable-coached, McIlravy, Ironside - you actually try to attack style wrestling.


    These 3 minute periods are excellent for us.  The biggest difference?  All of these kids have a much larger and better freestyle base.  Exposing them to senior level athletes and getting them international competition is giving them a feel for the Russians, Azeris, Iranians, et al.  


    Fix, took what?  ONE shot all day?  Gable is snapping these dudes into another dimension, Deakin just keeps coming and Zahid just keeps shooting.  


    Let's give credit where it's due.  This is American wrestling at its finest and we are absolutely out-pacing these Euros to death!

  10. Bringing back Cadet Worlds has made a huge difference. Our kids are getting elite coaching and competition at a younger age. That's not even our #1's, the guys right behind them are training to make world teams so they are getting better also. It's trickledown economics.


    Has a LITTLE to do with it.  I was going to write a separate post, and I may still.  But we all need to send a hearty thank you and congratulations to the vision of Zeke Jones.  The very first thing he did as head coach of the Freestyle team was getting the camps in order for the cadet and junior level kids to train alongside the Senior world teamers.  


    I thought it would be 2024 before we saw the true fruition of the work, but I might be one cycle off.  No matter what, the US is judged by its Olympic medal count.  Since I don't know what the weights will be - but we do know it will be only 6 weights - look at the depth


    57 ish - Fix, Lee, Gilman, Tomasello, Suriano

    64 ish - Deakin, Yianni, Zain, Nolf, Green, Mckee, Stieber

    75 ish - Burroughs, Dake, Dieringer, A. Valencia, Marsteller, Pico?

    84 ish - Hall, Nickal, Taylor, Cox, Zahid

    97 ish - Snyder, Snyder, Snyder, Moore, Snyder

    125 ish - Steveson, Bradley, Gwiz, 

  11. Interesting how they make a big deal about wrestler health & safety when talking about weight management, but forget about it when it comes to headgear.


    Ummm.... that's the whole point.  It's a myth that the headgear protects you from something.  Cauliflower ear is cosmetic.  

  12. LOL, if Brands fired his staff and hired the same guys ISU did you clowns would call Zadick another jumping monkey, say Metcalf is a burned out robot DSJ too quiet or whatever trendy insult you can come up with.


    Honestly, I don't think so.  First and foremost, the hiring of Brent Metcalf would be seen as a plus by everyone.  DSJ, while quiet, actually wrestled to score points and could scramble his tiny little white butt off.  Most people would see those two as upgrades, especially Hawk fans, who were none enamored with the hiring of Morningstall.  


    Dresser did a great job.  

  13. Everything you said about Zadick is said about Morningstar by those in the know. What's the biggest recruit Zadick brought to VT? Morningstar has Kemerer, Marinelli, Lee, and Warner to his name.


    Agreed.  What I meant to post was - while TNT are NOT the dogged-recruiter-types Dresser and Zadick ARE.  So no, while Zadick currently has no top-billing names he has recruited yet, I emphasize that "yet."


    Could I be wrong?  yep.  But I won't be if the Cyclone Wrestling Club becomes flush with money and athletes can train (read: get paid) there.

  14. Not gonna happen. Unless being top 10 with an occasional top 5 is considered contending. 


    You might want to hold off on making that statement.  Although I guess that's the point of message boards though!


    Here's what I can tell you, and makes me think Iowa could fall behind Iowa State with Brands at the helm


    re: Iowa

    With Brands at the helm they are losing some of their luster and they are not dogged-recruiters-type.  While Iowa will always have a certain appeal to in-state kids and a national brand that ISU does not, that can easily be overcome.  And recruiting in-state kids is not that big of a deal considering Iowa high schools are pretty low in depth of talent


    re: ISU

    Dresser is a proven CEO.  The administration is already flooding the school with funds - Dresser is a GREAT fundraiser.  I'm talking, 6-figure check in hand after a dinner great.


    Zadick IS the dogged-recruiter type.  And he's GREAT in the room.  Kids really do flock to him, he seems to genuinely care about his athletes and his athletes respond.  


    Metcalf is going to be a GREAT coach.  It sounds like as the volunteer assistant, he's going to be killing it in the realm of the Cyclone Wrestling Club.  This is a huge area of need that Iowa currently is lacking.  A consistent Senior-level club.  If Dresser can pull of an Ohio State type environment, with a club that is pushing tOSU and Nittany Lion, ISU will become the brand name school in the state of Iowa.  I don't mean that the Cyclone Wrestling Club needs to have multiple World representatives - but if Dresser can attract (read: pay) Senior level guys in a way the Hawks can't.... He's going to consistently beat the Hawks.

  15. I still think he lost a little bit on his speed (based on what I just watched) but I am not going to belabor it. He kicked butt. Looked really good. Lots of very technical wrestling. Damn he's flexible. And I am a huge fan   

    No you're 100 percent correct on the losing the speed.  But you saw that at the 2015 World Championships.  Basically, he hasn't been the same since his 2014 run after getting hurt to the same African he wrestled in the first round of the Olympics.


    BUT, in his matches following the 2015 Worlds, man did he become a better wrestler.  That's what I mean, when I say he didn't show it.

  16. Burroughs - Seems to adapting to his new reality. More technical. Better changes offs. More more sets ups. He just had a little bad luck at the Olympics because he lost the step basically over night and didn't have a chance to adapt.


    Nuh uh.  Pressure got to him.  You could see it after the fast start in his first match.  Go back and watch that match.  You can LITERALLY see the weight hit his shoulders when he noticeably slows down.  Looked like he wanted to preserve his energy.  He cared too much about winning.  


    He really didn't get to show the world how much of a better wrestler he had become since the last World Championships.

  17. How certain are we of these weights?  Until I hear something official from UWW or USAWrestling, I'm calling it fake news.  Plus fivepointmove.com is a greco site, and the current greco weights are different from freestyle, so I would expect them to continue to differ.


    Bro?  Really?  First of all its not fake news.  Mamiashvilli distributed to his contemporaries a week or two ago (albeit prior to ratification from UWW, but we all know who runs it anyway).  Whether or not the weights are different doesn't matter.  We're going to have ten weights.  So this is supposed to fun speculation on the US team.  Go piss in someone else's cereal.

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