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  1. Can't Lie. Totally excited about the ten weight classes. My predictions for the 2018 team 55: Thomas Gilman 60: Logan Stieber 65: Zain 70: James Green 75: Jordan Burroughs 80: Alex Dieringer (beats out Kyle dake for the spot) 85: David Taylor 90: J'Den Cox 100: Kyle Snyder 130: Gwiz
  2. *rolling laughing emoji* *rolling laughing emoji* You're kidding right?
  3. I know this was done earlier, but I think it could be really fun with a few parameters. Here are the rules: 2 Offensive moves (burroughs double, John Smith Low Single, etc) 1 Counter-offense (Kolat rubber knee, Askren Funky fresh, etc.) 1 Bottom (Nico Sit-out, Kyle snyder baby stand up, etc) 1 Top (Robles Tilt, Ruth cradle, etc) 1 Tangible/Intangible (Metcalf gas tank, Dake "ability to win," etc.) My picks: Offense Isaac Jordan - Head inside Single, Alex Dieringer - lefty near arm-far leg Counter Offense: Burroughs - Head Block to Single Bottom: Isaiah Martinez - Cartwheel Top: David Taylor - Tilts Tangible/Intangible: Cael Sanderson - Pace
  4. What? You have no way to quantifiably or even anecdotally say that stalling will increase in neutral. AT ALL. If even anything it will decrease stalling on the feet. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but kids are trying to score points. And I'll give the officials a little credit here, but stalling is being called more forcibly since the 80s. Not as forcibly as I would prefer, but still much better. Plus, with a 3 point takedown, and the four point nearfall, you will see the comebacks we all love. Coupled with the increase in stalling calls, and you have a better product. Since the four point nearfall, we've seen an EXPONENTIAL increase in scoring on top. The evidence points that wrestling will increase when you increase the point value, not vice versa.
  5. J'Den is a different breed. Talks a lot about not wanting his legacy to only be about wrestling. He's serious about the 2020 Olympics, but 2017 Worlds? I don't think he cares. He had to be convinced to even wrestle at the Trials. He definitely wants a *break* and a different challenge. He'll NEVER have the opportunity to play football again, a sport which he loves. Wrestling? It's clear he'll have that for as long as he wants to compete.
  6. Said it at his Olympic reception party and repeated it again in multiple news outlets. J'Den is not the BSer type, so I would say him saying it publicly on two different occasions and the Mizzou football coach confirming his having a conversation with J'Den, would indicate his mind is set. He could, as my wife has told me repeatedly, "I reserve the right to change my mind."
  7. You SHOULD expect Taylor to make the team. With no Dake and J'Den, he's the man to beat. J'Den will be playing spring football.
  8. Ugh... Referring to "professional" wrestlers. God I hate giving them that moniker.
  9. I'd say my (two) sources are pretty good, yes!
  10. Zahid is going 174 this year. So he may go up in 2017. Anthony is a 165.
  11. 2017-2018 125 - Milhof 133 - Naser 141 - Villareal/Pagdilao 149 - Tsirtsis 157 - Shields/Pierce 165 - A. Valencia 174 - Z. Valencia 184 - 197 - 285 - Tanner Hall 4 potential finalists. That's a tough lineup.
  12. No. It doesn't. I was specifically talking about STATE-sponsored doping. There will always be cheaters. But like you and I have both intimated, as a country, WE HATE CHEATERS!
  13. Abdullahgadzhi, Understand, there is cultural difference between the two nations. While state-sponsored doping and match-fixing are a staple of Russian sports (see: Tsargush vs. Saitiev). That doesn't exist here in America. So much so, that we go after our own heroes (ask Lance Armstrong) Instead of throwing up a picture of cartoon stick figure, why don't you give us a little perspective from your side of the ocean?
  14. No. It's not that simple and is not only the fault of the officers. The numbers support a conspiracy in which the head knew and directed certain officials to certain matches. What we saw at the Olympics, the obvious corruption, the officers being 'banned' - only one person assigned them to those matches. Heads need to roll here. But, alas, it is FILA, and they do not care.
  15. The All-Star COULD be one of the biggest events of the year. I know it's hard with wrestlers not always being able to commit, but here's what I would like to see. 125: Gilman vs. Dance Dance always shows well in the early-season. 133: Clark vs. Tomasello Fireworks baby! 141: Heil vs. Meredith Both earned it. 149: Sorenson v. Mayes You'll see 157: Retherford v. Nolf Don't know if the rules allow this, but if so, man would we all love to see this. Cael has always seemed like a forward thinker. It'd be unique and deserved to be honest. 165: Martinez v. Isaac Jordan Isaac is stronger than he looks. 174: BoJo vs. BoNick NCAA finals preview 184: Gabe Dean vs. Mark Martin We'll get to see where Martin stands 197: Pfarr vs. Downey Downey could end up in the finals. Always a throw away. 285: J'Den Cox vs. Kyle Snyder Cox is NOT going to be holding his weight down this season. He's already stated he'll be playing football in the spring. Snyder isn't the biggest Heavy out there anyway.
  16. Nothing corrupt. It was a perfect storm of events. Because one guy got hurt, his replacement got in a car accident, and the host country, if I remember correctly, didn't have anyone prepared. There is a classic interview on Flo, where Zadick GOES OFF on Martin Floreani after the Trials for a question that asked how he felt about winning, but not being able to go to the Olympics. "Are you American?!" - Gold level terseness.
  17. I'll take a little credit here. I was the first person to post that Mike Zadick would be receiving a wildcard entry at the 2008 Games. Well, the mods were having none of this and deleted my post. It turned into quite a conspiracy because plenty of people had seen the post, and if I remember correctly, one of the mods actually came on and defended deleting the post. So, the boards had a field day - He Who Shall Not Be Named was born. Then Zadick lost anyway, so, it was like, well? What was the point of the secrecy? Apparently USA Wrestling was afraid that mere mention of Zadick being awarded the wildcard would send the Chinese into a tizzy. Someone remind me. The person who gave up the spot, didn't his replacement get into a car accident?
  18. Here's the thing. Iowa and Okie State HAVE the AAs on the roster. They have more depth than Penn State currently. When it comes to unproven, its Penn State that is actually on the clock this year. Suriano - True Frosh. Is used to being the strongest wrestler on the mat Cortez - No important Folkstyle wins Gulibon - history says its really hard to go from non-AA to big jump as a senior Joseph - No of-note Folkstyle wins 174/184 - Whoever is not Nickal also has no AA. Can McCutch stay healthy 197 - Cassar can't keep his shoulder on, had no of-note Folkstyle wins. Stout? 285 - Can he stay healthy? I think it's amazing how much credit we give Cael and Co., and he really deserves it. But Okie State and Iowa are the favorites on paper. With a LOT LESS questions than Penn State. Going to be an interesting year for sure, and I'm picking the field. Makes you realize how good of a coach we think Cael is, that with this many ? in the lineup, we consider them a better pick than the field.
  19. Ummm... Then you'd be wrong, and really bad at counting. If PSU only has 4 AAs, with, as you stated above - only 3 possible finalists, yeah, they're not in the top 4.
  20. That's the whole point. OF COURSE he is much better. Dean gets plenty of respect. I would be surprised if he got knocked off, I just said "why not" - because there isn't anything else to go off of that would indicate Nickal could beat him. But this is the NCAAs - strange things happen. I just didn't want my picks to all be so easy. I'm the one person picking Dean to lose. And "why not?" This is a message board thread guy.
  21. Don't forget VT (especially if they have two finalists like you listed) 125: Gilman over Suriano (man 125 sure clears out) 133: NATO over Clark (my heart tells me Brock will be in the finals) 141: McKenna over Heil (Could see Jack in the finals) 149: Retherford over Sorenson (Micah is going to make a run, as long as he's not on Retherford side) 157: Nolf over JoJo 165: IMar over Isaac Jordan (Massa could be in over Isaac) 174: BoJo over Crutchmer ( if Nickal is here, he's in finals, loses to BoJo) 184: Nickal over Dean (why not) 197: Cox over Kollin Moore (weight class isn't that formidable, Pfarr could be in) 285: Snyder over Tanner Hall (Hall is last american to beat Snyder in FS, other than Snyder) Top 4: 1. Ohio State 2. Penn State 3. Oklahoma State 4. Iowa I'm thinking that top 4 could all be within 10 pts of each other. Ohio State - 4 finalists, 2 other AAs (Hayes, Micah) Penn State - 4 finalists, 2 other AAs (Joseph, McCutch) Oklahoma State - 3 finalists, 5 other AAs (Picc, Brock, Collica, Rogers, Boyd) Iowa - 3 finalists, 5 other AAs (KemDawg, Bull, Meyer, Brooks, Stoll)
  22. Eh. Not really. I doubt it lasts long. Those coaches embarrassed a sport that is *still* on the chopping block.
  23. The two are GREAT friends. Take a look at what Robie has done at VT. I'm not sure how good of a recruiter Lou will be, but Robie can sell.
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