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  1. 5 years IS enough time to right the ship. That depends on a lot of things, and Rob Koll and Cornell is not the correct argument to make. When Koll got to Cornell they didn't have what they have now. The Friedman Center, the Cornell JUCO pipeline, the money, the AAs, the wins. NOTHING. He built that from the ground up. Oklahoma had, before Cody showed up - a budget, a room, AAs (history), tradition, alumni, facilities, full scholarship and more importantly (as it pertains to the Rob Koll analogy), easy admissions AND fertile recruiting ground. Now, from what I know about Mark Cody, he is a GREAT MAN. Just one of the best people you could ever meet, and he genuinely cares about his athletes and how they do when the leave his program (trust me, that can't be said for every D1 coach). Oklahoma, as a state had a resurgence in its recruiting classes. When you have top 100 recruits signing up to be 3RD TEAM at OSU instead of being a presumptive day 1 starter at OU, yeah, you're not doing a good job. And he couldn't pull a Cael-at-ISU get out of state top recruits, it's a recipe for a program not doing a lot of winning.
  2. Dear God, why do we have to keep rehashing this? He is not leaving tOSU until his eligibility is complete. He doesn't have to not take the money, and apparently he, AND EVERY OTHER NCAA/OLYMPIC MEDALIST, can spend the money as they please. Right now. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/rio-2016/2016/08/21/kyle-snyder-gold-medal-bonus-ncaa/89078436/ And yes, his parents have money. They are doctors. He's fine guys.
  3. Stop it. That's ridiculous. He lost. Not because of his mouth, but because of his performance. He was saying the same things in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. I will be interested to hear if something is/was wrong with him. Injury-wise. In his first match he just didn't look right after the first period. Either way, he didn't have the gas tank we are accustomed to seeing. and I don't mean that, Iowa-style. Iranian style gas tank. I mean the, rope-a-dope, here comes the scramble and 7 shots in a row gas tank. That he didn't fire off at the end of the 1st period says a lot. He was biding his time. He DEFINITELY got too strategic, and I don't know if he didn't FEEL like he could fire off in the first, or was just content that Geduev would be the one put on the clock in the second. When he had the intent of scoring, he was 1-for-2. He's always said he's fine with the missed opportunities because he has the gas tank to create another one. I am utterly depressed. Can't believe I saw that happen. Just my two cents, I hope he goes back to the lab. It's clear, that when he wants to score he can, but those flurries are taking more out of him than in his younger days. I hope he develops a score from a controlled tie. He's always been smart enough to evolve. I think he would be phenomenal with an "Iranian" underhook series. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  4. Taking a year off, in the past, has caused improvements for some of these young guys. You can't say some and then add that "from a general perspective" and THEN ADD "I would prefer they ascend their own lives." That's the whole point. It's not your life. It is also isn't your right to tell someone else how to live theirs. Certainly there is free speech, but you are entitled to your wrong opinion, and be ready to be categorically wrong. We are the only country in a RUSH, a rush to graduate high school, a rush to graduate college, a rush to start your career. It doesn't matter. It's not up for a discussion, because the facts prove you wrong. In the same way that you may dislike an athlete graduating at 19, guess what? The numbers are in his favor that he will be a more productive college student (graduation rate among males, 18 vs. 19) and athlete. That, sir, make your comment ignorant at best. And it sure is a good thing you are not a coach of any sort. There is a such thing as a TEAM, and its why NCAA athletes graduate at a higher rate and have more success than their peers after graduation. Sacrifice and humility. Doing what is best for the team, despite your own thoughts on the subject. You know, the things us old-timers say these millennials lack? To be fair, you don't know what you're talking about. "Very few care about the team" - Jesus. First, that's a ridiculous thing to say, as it spits in the eye of what athletics is all about. Second, you are, again, categorically, wrong about what most wrestlers want to do when they arrive on campus. Third, you have no facts, no statistics or even anecdotal evidence to provide that would make your claims true. A far MAJORITY of wrestlers who arrive on campus want to redshirt. And do you want to know why? You are correct, that it very usually has little to do with the team. Most of them can't get a takedown for the first semester. Most of them realize there is another level when they enter collegiate wrestling. And being that they CAN take a redshirt, and the rules allow them a free year to improve and better prepare them for 4 years of competition, they WANT to take it. I'm not sure how many high-level wrestlers you have been around, but the redshirt year is an honorable thing. Wrestlers want to be the best, and, in general, have a very patient way of dealing with this concept. If you can't get a takedown in your room, why would you want to wrestle a waste a year. As has been previously mentioned, there is no going pro in wrestling. Very few will be able to compete post-collegiate. Having as much success as you can with the four years available is very important. and what do you mean it sets his life back a year? Holy hell. You act like the life expectancy is 32! Graduating college as an athlete is nothing more than a leg up. Period. Feel free to ask a recruiter near you. The kid who graduates with a masters at 29, is he setting his life back a year? I mean, he could just jump into the work-force at 17, complete his online degree and have experience right? The point you seem to be forgetting is every NCAA athlete is a living embodiment of a Constitutional right - the right to the pursuit of happiness. That is a RIGHT. You are wrong both statistically and morally. Please do us all a favor and keep your wrong opinions to yourself.
  5. They're thinking about it. Personally, I think they should do it. It's going to be really hard for them to be able to have this great a mix of proven veterans and next level youth any time in the near future.
  6. NC State could redshirt the following and really make a run at the top 4 in 2017-2018. 125: Tommy Cox, Wade Cummings 133: Tariq Wilson 141: Kevin Jack 149: Chris Diaz/Hayden Hidlay 157: Hayden Hidlay/Bullard 165: Max Rohskopf 174: Nick Reenan 184: Pete Renda 197: Michael Boykin 285: Michael Rogers
  7. So I'm NOT crazy. I first thought for SK was Steve Knight as well. Quick search finds he is the Head Coach of Excel Wrestling
  8. Listened to the T-Row and Funky Show. Here are the initials of the 6 interviewees SK JH TB LR BZ KM Anyone care to take some guesses? TB - Terry Brands BZ- Bill Zadick KM - Kerry McCoy
  9. I believe this is the quote you are looking for - he was trying to be the best wrestler in the world in his "spare time" That is not the same as saying he was a "part time" wrestler. There are a lot of hours in the day, and while he was pressed for time and, more importantly, attention. He was a full-time athlete AND coach. He just realized he couldn't do it any more. It was just too much. He didn't take time AWAY from his training, he was just too drained to keep that pace and be the "best wrestler in the world." I just think you're a disrespectful ass-hat. Wrestlers are capable of much more than most people. Most people WOULD become "part time" with a schedule like his. Burroughs didn't do that.
  10. Hmm... Manning comes with a new plan everyday. (1:58) Tyler Berger wrestles with him every single day. (15:25) He wrestles with Bryan Snyder almost every day (15:40) James Green on same schedule. (15:49) So I'm guess James Green was a "part time" wrestler this year, too huh? He's in a financial situation where his wife doesn't have to work and can stay home with his newborn. (20:38) He ends the interview saying how he wants his son to "SEE" what success and hard work looks like. Damn. What a part time guy.
  11. So which is it? "He absolutely said that in a post finals match interview." OR You were "there" and "heard" him use the actual phrase "part time" ? Don't worry, I'll wait.
  12. He never said he was "part time." So please, do us all a favor, re-watch the interview, and points us to the EXACT TIME when he said he's a "part time" wrestler. Guess what? It doesn't exist. What does exist is his admission that his life got more hectic and he had MORE on plate, got less sleep, but still got all of his workouts in. What he found out, is that he cannot be a full-time Dad, Coach AND athlete and wrestle up to his standards. Here's the thing. I've actually talked to Snyder about Burroughs workouts. Want to guess how many he missed?
  13. NOT TRUE and cut this bull out. He never said he was "part time" It's impossible to succeed at the level he does being "part time." Did he have MORE responsibilities THIS year? No doubt (thank god he has stepped down). But to call him a "part time" wrestler is a misnomer at best, insulting at worst. But its fine Cletus. Keep denigrating one of the world's best athletes because you think it makes you look cool. P.S. It does not.
  14. Yup. and how does that seem to be working? Quanon, I know what an Iranian finish is. That's why I put it in quotes. I don't know what the Iranians call that finish, but it was developed specifically to beat the whizzer/whizzerkick/overhook of the Soviet bloc.
  15. BTW... I amend my pick at 86. It's Ed Ruth. If he's focused, he's the guy. and he medals. Can't believe I forgot about him
  16. http://www.dartfish.tv/Player.aspx?CR=p85865c98935m2205496 Check this match out from last year's Junior World Championships. Hits it three times in this match (1:29, 5:49, 6:31)
  17. Here's why I say 5. 57: Tony is right there with the World no. 2 65: Green already has a medal 74: The. Man 86: I really do think David will be big enough to compete. If he beats Herbet he CAN medal. 97: odds-on favorite 125: a healthy Dlagnev is a consistent top 5. I think we CAN win 5 out of 6. Is it likely? Course not.
  18. Guys, He's all good. He can keep the money. Can't touch it until graduation, but yes, it is placed in a trust. The LTD medal fund, not sure how they did it, but it is exempt from the "pay for play" rules of the NCAA. Athlete can't touch it until he graduates, but he does not have to give it up either.
  19. 57kg: Tony Ramos 65kg: James Green 74kg: Jordan Burroughs 86kg: David Taylor 97kg: Kyle Snyder 125kg: Nick Gwiazdowski 57kg: There isn't anyone that can beat him. His weight. Really wish he had opened up a bit more against Rahimi. Did not look into that Repechage match. 65kg: I love Metcalf. Hearing he was concussed after that first flurry with the Chinaman. His bad luck continues. Pico and Stieber are going to be tough outs. But Green's performance shows he's the man to beat. He's a tough match up internationally. 74kg: The. Man. It's clear that his assistant coaching duties are affecting his training. Hope that gets tailored a bit more. 86kg: For the love of GOD Herbert! Would it kill you to learn the "Iranian" finish from the seatbelt position? He's there ALL THE TIME. And for that matter, the rest of America needs to get with it as well. Saw Yanni hitting it at Cadet Worlds, gives me hope for the future of our technique. 97kg: I called it. This kid is so savvy. We, and the wrestling community could learn a lot, and make ourselves better by the simple task of watching video. Snyder is that guy. Heard a great story that he doesn't watch tv, and just wants to be the best QB/film watcher. My only question is, when he comes back to tOSU, what weight? that cut to 197 doesn't make a lot of sense for his international career. 125: Really only going out on a limb with Gwiz. He's 3rd behind Rey and Dlagnev. Not sure he can beat them, but his trajectory has been amazing. A healthy Dlagnev is still the best in America. Hope his surgery went well. Overall: Decent showing by America. We have so much work to do technically. Glad Bruce Burnett said it out loud. Our conditioning is fine, our "hearts" are fine. We do not execute. Look at Snyder's low single to win the match against Gadisov. Ask Humphrey how difficult it is to beat a chest lock. Snyder's execution was everything. He beat Gadisov to the finish. I do think we're getting there. I think there's a slow paradigm shift in our focus - and I mean this on the collegiate level as well. There's less and less over training, and that is trickling down/up to the Senior athletes. With that said. We could have a GREAT Olympic year. 5 medals is a real possibility.
  20. Wait, what???? What is your deal? What is wrong with Pico's "coaching" ? His goal is to be a 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist. How in the hell does that happen by the conventional route of wrestling a high school folkstyle season, wrestling high school counterparts, with conventional coaching? It's quite clear the path to medaling young in Wrestling requires the exact type of coaching he is receiving, and the type of environment he is in. Wrestling senior-level athletes and having ONE coach, focusing on ONE style. Please ask Henry Cejudo how that worked out for him. Now. Ask the Russians, the Azeris, Iranians, the Japanese, the North Koreans, the Georgians, the Turks, how that has worked for THEIR countries?! idiot.
  21. So if you're not named Cortez, Martinez, or Reyes and Perry doesn't pay attention to you... Why would 2 of the 3 leave.... (of course, if Guillermo is correct, then it makes sense)
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