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  1. So, the bigger question is. What in the heck is going on at OU? Where's our resident OU insider at? Someone PLEASE tell me, how the state of Oklahoma has one of the deepest classes in the past three recruiting cycles, and they only get the Dixon brothers?
  2. I'm not sure it's worth the trouble anymore... For my guys, and this will be the first year, but we're not allowing HI-C's. The risk/reward just isn't there. It's easier to defend, and you get put in more compromising situations than you would a head-inside single. The guys who CAN hit it? Lately, they've been freaks and/or compact. Molinaro, Snyder, Tomasello, Even Metcalf, with his lefty HI-C has been put in some pretty compromising situations at the highest levels. Notice he changes off to a single A LOT more than he used to. In order to have a good HI-C, IF you are not a freak (i.e. getting to your feet is a "relatively" easy feat for you), your team had better be willing to spend a lot of time in the crack down position. It's no wonder the Okie State boys still count this in their repertoire.
  3. Uggghh.... Emotional platitudes without the context of facts. Hate to break it to you, but it is far more likely that the elite athletes are "older." Feel free to do some research before you shout from the mountaintop.
  4. The format is terrible... Pretty hard to read. Any way you could make it its own full page text?
  5. I know what you are referring to, and i'm saying it's asinine. This belief that he is setting a "bad precedent" by skipping the Sr US Open, is wrong. It's clear he has no plans on wrestling in the Senior WTT.
  6. Dear lord. AGAIN... Junior World championships is NOT inferior competition. NONE of you know who will be representing those countries at 65kg so we can't compare just yet. And it isn't a 'precedent.' That's just being asinine. At least what wrestlingnerd has to say is an opinion that others have. I do not agree with it, but it at least has merit. He's a Junior-aged athlete. He and his camp don't believe he will make the Senior World team. So he has an opportunity to get great foreign competition, all the while, continuing his preparation for his goal - a 2016 OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL. He has NEVER stated he wanted to be on the Senior 2015 World Team, and I would imagine, he's probably ahead of schedule, considering 2020 was his goal initially.
  7. Again, not true. He does not NEED to participate in the 2015 US Open. You are forgetting that the Junior World Championships can be and probably IS tougher than the US Open. If he is going to be on the US Olympic team he need ONLY win the Olympic Team Trials. THAT'S IT! And again, lets stop acting like he hasn't competed against Senior-level competition. He's won two Senior-level events! He's ranked 3rd on the Senior level for a reason. It's a weird conundrum, but this is a practice of aggressive patience. Right now, he doesn't win the US Open, and I think that's clear. BUT he does have a goal of winning a Junior World Championship, which is a BIG freaking deal. He also has a goal of making the 2016 Olympic team and winning gold. This ISN'T the 2016 Olympic Team Trials, so people need to stop acting like it!
  8. Here's where your opinion lacks... WHY is this the "most important possible preparation" for the Olympic trials. Again. The Junior World Championships is the BREEDING ground for future World/Olympic Medalists. He doesn't have a goal of just MAKING the Olympic team. He wants to win a gold medal when he gets there. Facing foreign competition when they are actually peaking is FAR more important than wrestling in the US Open. Especially when its clear he's not ready to beat Metcalf right now. That's not a slight, it's just smart, being prepared and taking the chance to progress in his wrestling. I still think he needs to work on his penetrations on his shots. And who are your qualified people that state the same. I'd be just as willing to tell them they are wrong. And USA Wrestling (Brandon Slay and company) would agree with me.
  9. Yup! Forgot about him! I wouldn't be surprised to see him take it either.
  10. ummm... no. No they couldn't. Hunter does not qualify for criteria #4. Tomasello has never medaled at Junior Worlds. He has never represented the US at Junior Worlds. Junior World Medalists that qualify: Thomas Gilman Gabe Dean Kyle Snyder Adam Coon Joey McKenna (wouldn't have to take an NCAA redshirt)
  11. Oh my! Please forgive me OH Omniscience One. Humbly forgive my impudence! I kneel beneath thee in utter embarrassment of my pontification! To date: Pico has beaten the reigning World Champion, and finished 2nd in Junior World. At this stage in his career he IS a Togrul Asgarov. I apologize that you have seen the future and know that Pico isn't making next year's Olympic team! Pico does nothing EXCEPT get "exposure to seniors" - he trains with them, has competed against them, and more importantly, seeks training opportunities with foreign "senior" opponents. He isn't 'going the Junior route." He is attempting to wrestle in the Junior World championships, which IS optimal, as it is the breeding ground for the Olympic and World medals. Feel free to look at the number of Junior World Champs who go on to represent their country in the Olympics/World Championships, the number MAY surprise you. This "american" concept of needing competition at the 'next' level is the biggest reason we don't do as well Internationally. Pico is getting far more out of training with the Senior level Americans and foreigners than he would competing in the US Open. It's ONE tournament. He isn't the favorite to win it, so I understand the 'patience' is coach is undertaking in this PROCESS that is preparing him for a run at an Olympic Medal.
  12. Tell that Togrul Asgarov... After winning a senior medal at 55 kg in 2010, he wrestled Juniors in 2011 in preparation for the Olympics. It's not unheard of, and some of you don't understand just how tough that Junior World tournament. I like Pico's coach. He's taking the time. It's not like he isn't training and competing against the Seniors. I would guess he has a goal of winning a Junior World goal. Patience is far more important than most Americans realize.
  13. Assuming these guys already know folkstyle takedowns... "Back to Center" - Lots of live goes near the out of bounds line Guts and Gut D Lace and Lace D Crotch Lift/Ankle Rolls - I'm not ok with my guys hitting this stuff, but you need to wrestle live here with guys attempting to score exposure off leg attacks Front Headlock D - Wrestle live here, partner trying to score exposure. You need to make guys 'aware' of the differences between folk and free as soon as possible. Teach the technique, then a TON of live goes in those positions, with partner making those attempts. Have to be able to feel the differences.
  14. How long/how often you do two-a-days is up to you. But in the beginning, trust me, it's a must. If you don't believe so, feel free to temper your expectations.
  15. You can do both. Take the time to have two sessions. AM and PM. Your AM session should be strength and conditioning, the afternoon session, wrestling. Early season should focus on technique (not that you should stop progressing the rest of the season). Heavy drilling. About a week out from your first competition, lots of live wrestling for that "wrestling conditioning." If you don't have the ability for two-a-days, you'll probably have to make your practices longer.
  16. I get your point, but the fact is, Wrestling isn't Football. You don't have the "time" to change tactics. It's not MMA, where you have MONTHS to prepare for ONE opponent. Wrestling is just different in that manner. Your job is to be YOUR best... be the best at YOUR attacks, have the ability to attack and have trained yourself to get to your best positions in a multitude of ways. Not sure what wrestling fans expect see when you say "change tactics." Do you want him to start moving/wrestling like Anthony Valencia? It doesn't work like that. You are correct on the Snyder observation. Not sure I would have went back to that HI-C. But what makes a wrestler great IS his stubbornness, to a certain extent. This is my best move, and its my opponents job to stop it. That confidence cannot be taken away in the middle of the match to "change tactics."
  17. I'd have to do some digging, but yeah, I'm sure TheMat.com has it somewhere.
  18. No. No he hasn't. The snatch he is hitting now is Aldatov's toe-tap misdirection. Subtle difference in his feet and hand movement. Asking a question is fine, but don't think that people can't read between the lines, or just read your post in general. Your quote was: "Also, Aaron's takedown arsenal has not shown to have progressed as much as i thought it might have up till this point. Kind of feel he would really benefit from time with Nittany Lion or OSU room." Now, the definition of criticize: indicate the faults of (someone or something) in a disapproving way. Dude, that's exactly what you did. No need to read between the lines. He hasn't progressed as much as you would have thought and feel like he should spend less time with his coach, and be in a completely different program. The one thing I love about this board, are the varied opinions, critiques and arguments we all post. Don't be afraid to post your thoughts, or "ask a question." Just realize that people are going to call you out if they believe you are wrong. Be prepared to defend your position, don't act like some petulant child whose been punished, but believes EVERYONE ELSE is wrong.
  19. An underhook, a seat belt, 2-on-1, those are mid-level setups - in general. Now, what i mean when I say world titles are won at the mid-level, every year, there is an analysis released (this started with Zeke) that counted the techniques used for EVERY point scored at the World Championships. Single leg was number 1 (by a large margin), and HI-C and Front Headlock/Go-Behind were 2-3, though I don't remember the order. Zeke differentiated from Low-level attacks, throws and the shrug "series" (slide-bys, throw-byes, etc.) And yes, every world champ has something that is dominant, its what makes them unique and confident in their ability to score points. Asgarov is an anomaly. His shrug is what makes him special. And you can't add Goigereev (and his arm drag) as dominating the last "few years;" he has one world championship to his name and no other yellow medals on the senior level. If you want a great example of how mid-level works and dominates more often than not - watch the Iranians. They work with few angles, take a lot of straight-on shots, but they are in great position when they take those shots. One thing they've been a great job is wrestling and dominating the underhook position. The overhook position is a Russian Staple, and its clear someone in that program made it a priority that all their athletes master that position.
  20. Definitely Gatsalov's lefty HI-C. What's funny is, and is indicative of the Russian system in general, Gatsalov will shoot just to create action. He'll literally shoot "just to shoot" and score from there. Now, how wise are the Russians/Gatsalov? He was pretty much a head-inside single attacker at 120kg. Shooting a HI-C against guys bigger than you just isn't that smart (see: Kyle Snyder v. Gergii Gogaev)
  21. Ay Yi Yi (there's some vernacular for you, bud) I SPECIFICALLY detailed a new move in Pico's arsenal: A misdirection/outside snatch single. Which, once again, tells me how little you actually watch and PAY ATTENTION to Pico's matches or wrestling in general. The fact is, you, like a LOT of uneducated wrestling people, want to put Pico in a box, and have him wrestle in a way that you LIKE. Pico is great at snaps, and what he is going to do is develop FROM THERE. If you said his low-level and outside defense is suspect I would have agreed with you. But you didn't, because again, you don't know as much as you think. Jordan Burroughs HAS gotten better/progressed each year, but he is the same facsimile of the wrestler he was when he won his first World Championship. Great Double, even better single. I'm not upset nor do I have "weak arguments." Listing one of the All-Time GREATS as a case example/evidence of progression is ignorant at best, and farcical at worst. My "general success" of the sport reads as such: every single world champion, EVER, had ONE thing that they do better than anyone else, and all of their offense spreads from there. That includes the greatest of all time - Saitiev (overhook/2-on-1), Smith (low single/HI-C). Your argument is that Pico needs to develop more "low-level" attacks is moot and not true. Because winning world titles is done at the mid-level. Your argument that Valencia has "progressed more than Pico" may hold some water, but Pico just won a Silver medal at a tournament Valencia did not medal at. And I can promise you that Valencia's "progress" had very little to do with what happened technique-wise, and more to do with one happened between his ears. Come on man! That is not what I said, and you are turning around your OWN ARGUMENT. Clearly, Smith, Sanderson and Burnett are "prepared to develop an athlete." I am simply refuting your beliefs that Valentin Kalika lacks the ability to do the same, which you have insinuated. You are free to disagree, but don't be so upset I provide you with facts that prove you wrong. also, another area Pico has progressed/developed/its new is in his scrambling. Might want to watch his 1st round match at Jr Worlds against the Japanese to see what i'm talking about.
  22. Yikes. Wrong, wrong and some more wrong. A) You need Low Level attacks to win at the senior level. No, you don't. You NEED a mid-level attack. Might want to look at the scoring breakdown of the World Championships and Olympics that can be found. It's single leg (specifically categorized is "low-level attacks" - low single, ankle pick, etc.) B) Aaron hasn't progressed in his takedowns. UMMM.... Yes. Yes, he has. He debuted a misdirection/outside snatch single at Jr. Worlds. C) "How many Olympic champs start out as an age group athlete all the way through." Ummm.... a MAJORITY of them. The Russian system is based SOLELY on the relationship of a coach staying with ONE ATHLETE his entire career, from youth up. D) I understand your bias towards what the NLWC is doing CURRENTLY, but it's all cyclical. There was a time here, just recently, I might add, that Oklahoma State was the place to train; a year ago which club had the most World Team Members? That would be the Ohio RTC! E) " I'm talking development. From 1 yr to the next I see him doing the same thing which obviously he is great at but it gives the opposition something to figure out." This tells me just how much wrestling you actually watch at the world level. The best wrestlers in the world do ONE THING great (offensively) and combine that with great defense. The second best wrestler in the world? Reza Yazdani. Has a step on your foot single that he has mastered. All of his offense starts from there. F) You might want to take a look at Burroughs FIRST World Championships. He scored more often, and initiated more attacks with his single than his double. This dude is an all-time great, RIGHT NOW. You can't use him as a comparison to what EVERYONE else should be doing. Pico is progressing and it's clear you are not seeing that. He won a Cadet World Title last year. Won a Junior Silver as a first year Junior... a tournament that can be as tough as the Senior tournament on occasion. And, I know that he is beating US Senior level athletes RIGHT NOW. He is progressing just fine. The point is, your claims that Pico will not reach his potential because of his coaching/training situation could not be further from the truth.
  23. This. Is what's wrong on so many levels. A) Valentin Kalika is not just a "fine coach." Feel free to read his bio some time. He has a Masters from Kiev University in professional coaching and sports education. What does that mean? It means he has studied under the most impressive sports program on this planet. The USSR/Russian of wrestling has produced more medals in Olympic History than in any other sport, ever. He knows what he's doing. B) Pico "needs time at the OTC." I'm sorry, but Bill Zadick, Brandon Slay and Bruce Burnett do not have a choke hold on the development of US Freestyle athletes. You might want to take a look around, but it is THAT PARTICULAR thinking that put us in the "dark ages" of World/Olympic medals. It is the Regional Training Centers, the trust and relationship that coaches have with their athletes and staying with their coach that has led to our recent success. C) Your implication that Pico has in some way, regressed, is short-sighted at best. He is beating Senior Level athletes (Silver at Grand Prix of Spain, beat Japanese World Team Member at Jr. Worlds) and just took a Silver Medal as a FIRST YEAR JUNIOR. Is he Sadulaev? Nope. But it is disingenuous to say that Pico has not "upped his level" in the past year. He's getting better, and other athletes are getting better at game planning for him.
  24. They HAVE a lightweight assistant coach. Lee Pritts. Very undervalued, and I promise he's a good fit for ASU and will be a great head coach when he gets his chance.
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