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  1. One of the names mentioned as a possible Bono-replacement at South Dakota State is current Iowa assistant Ryan Morningstar....In my opinion, this would be a huge step backwards for a program seemingly on the rise, am I missing something here or would Morningstar be a suitable head coach for the Jackrabbits??


    Thanks and take care.

  2. Very interesting 2nd round matchup (of course Massa has to get there first, but will be heavy favorite in 1st round). This 165 bracket is tough bracket to call, but who you got, the Wolverine or Hawkeye??


    I'm taking the "new and improved" Massa in a close 5-4, 3-2 nail biter.


    Thanks and take care.

  3. One the biggest misnomers in all wrestling is cauliflower ears equals a tough wrestler, nothing could be further from the truth. I've known wrestlers with mangled, rawhide looking appendages hanging from the side of their head that couldn't wrestle their way out of a wet paper bag, while pretty boy with pristine looking ears could rip your arms off and beat you half to death.


    Just some general observations....Take care.

  4. The more damaging stigma attached to cauliflower ears to that all dudes with nasty looking ears must be one tough SOB, nothing can be further from the truth. I have known wrestlers who had ears resembling a gnarled piece of beef who couldn't wrestle themselves out of a wet paper sack and some who who had ears looking "fresh from the factory" who were "tear you limb from limb" maniacs. 

  5. Getting WAY ahead of myself here, but Kyle Snyder currently sits on a 6-0 record, lets say he runs the table at Nationals with 4 more wins, being a NCAA Champion at 10-0.


    What is the least amount of matches a wrestler has won a championship with?? With current conference qualifiers in place and the actual tournament itself, 10 seems a pretty low number. 



  6. The ONLY reason I attended Worlds this year WAS because of its location in Las Vegas. My wife "allowed" me to go, as she tagged along as well. We have easy access to a time-share near South Point, so I could go watch wrestling all day, while she did her spa/salon thing. Regardless to say, it was an easy sell on my part, convincing her to book a "resort" in Iowa City, may take a little more....

  7. Loved to look at this, always find these type of things very interesting...Especially will all the hype around the NFL Draft, looking at this confirms a simple fact......YOU NEVER KNOW!!!!!


    In fact, this really blew my mind....


    47) Andrew Alton-149 (Penn State)  10 points  #2

  8. I "had" to skip this year's tourney in St. Louis and will instead be heading to Vegas Friday night for a few nights. Was hoping the Sports Book had a 10 match parlay for the Finals. Anyone know if there is such a thing?? Will let you know how it turns out for me....Thanks and take care.

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