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  1. Not to hijack, but more interesting may be brothers who wrestled for different schools at the same time....the Huntleys and Buraks come to mind. I remember that the Buraks even had the "chance" of meeting at the NCAA tournament, has it ever happened??? Thanks and take care.

  2. Yes, i do believe he will get his shot in the UFC, however I think his tenure will be very short-lived. I'm kinda surprised Bellator is so willing to let him just walk away, that should speak volumes about his market-value. As for this talk of Hendricks vs. Askren, I think Johny would knock Ben's chin back into place, Hendricks can match his wrestling and has proven his striking skills against some of the best out there, while Ben continues to slap no-names with a velocity that would hardly harm a fly. Thanks and take care.

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