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  1. I live in Michigan. My son is a 2nd grader. His birthday is in October. He did Developmental Kindergarten and regular K. He will be 18 his senior year in October. He has ADHD and needs another year of 2nd. So in MI he will still be able to play sports as a senior (at 19). He is by no means an elite athlete who is going to be redshirted. We have WAY more circumstances like this than the 8th grade redshirt. You just never hear about them. That is not a "disgrace".
  2. Poll places too much emphasis on returning starters. Ohio returns everyone. There is no way that for example Zach Horan should not be ranked. The overall depth of the conference is so much better with the additions now.
  3. Tough times are temporary, tough people are legendary
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    Zach Horan Central Michigan R of 12 in 2012
  5. That is true. I see Mattingly, Kelliher, Smith.
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