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  1. That elevator Gilbert hit early in the match was sick!
  2. I actually think Rumble is going to take this one, time will tell.
  3. "Easter it is, Happy you are!"
  4. I was 17 for my entire senior year, turned 18 at the end of July. If I could turn back time and do it differently I would have liked to have been started later and at least been 18 for my entire senior year. If I shared my junior prom picture on here, you would laugh, I barely look like a teenager.
  5. My wife watched the interview that ESPN did with him after the finals. She didn't know who he was or anything he had accomplished and I told her what all the fuss was about. Her comment was, "wow, what a humble kid." That in itself speaks volumes.
  6. McMullan's NCAA has been impressive as it gets when talking about best to never win a title. 4 years, 1 loss each year and 3 out of the 4 years ends on a win to take 3rd. What does he weigh? I ask this because as athletic as he is, I wonder if he wasn't a bit heavier he may have captured at least 1 title somewhere along the NCAA tournament journey.
  7. Funny stuff, what a great picture!
  8. By far one of the slickest moves I have seen in a long time. Kudos to Zeke for seeing the opportunity and scoring with something most of us had never seen before :)
  9. My wrestling coach from high school gave me something supposedly belonging to Dave Schultz. I have a nave blue wrestling warm up from the 1980 World Cup that Dave Schultz supposedly wore. I have no idea if in fact it was Dave's, but my coach said it was. It was the only thing my high school coach ever gave me that had any kind of value. I know this doesn't fit the thread with anything sold or purchased, but to me there is at least a little bit of a connection.
  10. It states on Flowrestling.org, that Mark Hall will be attempting to win his 5th state title. He is listed as a Junior. If he comes back next year and wins another that make 6, obvious math. Was he not a state runner up in Kentucky during his first high school season? My question is this, has wrestling ever seen a 7 time high school state finalist? Is it even possible under any other normal circumstances?
  11. This should be clarified, it was what Reiter did to Fleeger and it certainly was NOT the exact same thing.
  12. Please explain to me how on earth an official would call that slam on Waters and not Gillman?!?!?!?!?!
  13. Sure, why not? I would say it isn't likely, but it certainly isn't impossible.
  14. From the way he has been wrestling, I think IMar will finish the highest of all the freshman this year at the NCAAs.
  15. Good stuff, thanks for sharing!
  16. I fail to understand the logic in your statement of "idiotic math and numbers flying around," Numbers don't lie. I think those 3 questions you asked, you already have the answers to.
  17. I would agree, he was also 17-1 during his red shirt year, that gives him 5 losses in 107 times stepping on the mat at the NCAA level. I'd say he is proven thus far.
  18. I would pick Dieringer over BoJo by about 3-7 points.
  19. The only thing that matters is that he would be included in very elite company :)
  20. That is true, he would probably say Dake was more dominant and may even concede that he is better. In the grand scheme of things, it is pretty irrelevant.
  21. Here are two scenarios: Scenario A: wrestler A wins 4 NCAA titles finishes undefeated at 150-0. Has 80 pins, 30 techs, 30 majors and 10 decisions. Scenario B: wrestler B wins 4 NCAA titles finishes undefeated at 150-0. Has 150 decision wins by a single point. Either way you slice it, wrestler A, wrestler B are 4X national champions. Does is matter the fashion in which they win. Maybe to the forum posters, but certainly not as much to them. Just because wrestler B wins his first national title all via 1 point decisions, it is expected he comes back the following year and destroys the competition because if he was good enough to win it, he is good enough to dominate. He then comes back his sophomore year and continues his close winning ways and people bash him for it. In all honesty it doesn't matter. If an NCAA wrestler has loss upon loss during the regular season and comes in and delivers at NCAA tournament time, and wins the whole dang thing he is the champ. Dominance, lack of dominance, pins, decisions, techs, majors, it doesn't matter. When your hand is raised at the end, you are the winner. If, and a big if, T-shirts wins 4 titles and you ask him after his final win, "who is the better 4 timer, you or Dake." His likely response is, "it really doesn't matter."
  22. I understand that. I guess it sends a mixed message by sharing the same title. I have the movie on a flash drive waiting to watch it, I have had the time to do so. Yet, I haven't and I am not sure that I will.
  23. Here is what I don't understand. There isn't even a whiff of a mention of DuPont until about page 180, almost 2/3 of the way through the book. I know movies cut out parts, but it seems as if DuPont is mentioned right from the very beginning in the movie. After reading the book, there is a lot that happens pre DuPont years.
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