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  1. What did you see in that Finals match which indicated that Howe would win 80% of their matches? They wrestled 3 times this year with Howe winning only 1 of the 3, by your estimation of Howe winning 8/10 matches, Howe would have to beat Perry 7 times in a row. Not impossible, but not probable. Perry's ride on top against Brown last year, Evans this year and how was incredible. Like it or not, how he did it, they didn't get out. All that being said, Perry was still pinned by Evans.
  2. Did Brands signal down from the corner to Evans or did Evans choose down himself. Or did both think he should choose down and that's the way it went. if it was as obvious to the onlookers to go neutral with a 2-1 lead, why didn't he do it then? From a spectators view 5 years in the IOWA room could be like 10 years in another......some love that atmosphere and produce at a high level...some are just happy to still be alive and kickin'
  3. Because the wrong guy won that match! I guarantee that Chris Perry and Coach Smith talked with the new UFC welterweight champ about that one!
  4. College wrestling has become a chess match of what you can do to neutralize an opponents ability to score points. Take Delgado for example. As soon as someone gets to one of his legs he is looking for a scramble situation for two reason, the first is he is likely to score because he is VERY effective in those situations. Second he is likely to create a stalemate if he does not score. So it is a win-win for him. What people get pissed about is when someone gets in so deep or has such a great shot that the have the takedown dead to rights and he finds a way out of it. The reality is the stalemate created in no different than a great sprawl, it ends in the same way usually, no points or a takedown for the wrestler countering the shot. If you cannot score, why wouldn't you want the stalemate, anyone in their right mind would. Wrestling is continually evolving and when the old school train of thought like singles, doubles, half-nelsons and escapes are the only thing you are willing to accept as solid wrestling your kids are going to get beat when it comes to high level competition. Guys like Dylan Ness who can pin you when you are in great position to score are a traditional wrestlers nightmare. You have to be willing to adapt and evolve. While many think the way to look at solving the puzzle to the elevator that Ness uses is to figure out how to defend against it. My opinion would be, why don't more wrestlers learn and use the move. It's obviously effective when everyone knows it's coming and nobody cane stop it. After his few early season losses I am sure he worked diligently to make sure he could hit that from anywhere, spending hours and hours in situations. He referred to it as "MAGIC." Just my $.02
  5. When I saw the legs go in and the head and arm locked up by Perry.......you could see the look on Evans face...it was damn near IDENTICAL to Brown's last year......sad.
  6. So before we enter the medal round and finals tomorrow night....who has put up the best performance of the 2014 NCAA tournament?


    Wouldn't look much different than the JH gif. I rewound the DVR and showed the scramble to my wife.....even she said he was stuck!
  8. Graf did it twice turned out to be 2 losses to Colon. Tonight he chooses neutral and wins.......it's all about putting yourself in YOUR best place to win......not about ego.
  9. Nothing is a sure bet in the 2014 NCAA wrestling season..... :twisted:
  10. How can you not love the fact this kid battles adversity and does the unthinkable after surgery for a detached hamstring on December 16th. I'll be rooting for him to win it all tomorrow night and become VT's first NCAA CHAMPION!
  11. To my knowledge the Morgan Gladiators were never "required" in Wisconsin. I will say they are very popular in Wi.....Whoever provided that information to you was incorrect.
  12. Cotton appears very intelligent and well-versed. Nice to see someone make something positive from their life after such a negative situation. He has 2 years left, will be fun to watch!
  13. 5 different weights is crazy, how many different weights in one year though?
  14. So what is he 5'5" or taller? shorter? look 2 kids over to the right in the back row, he looks to be about the same height, I assume he is a 195?.... We still don't know how tall he actually is.
  15. Exactly how tall is Chance, he looks to be about the same height as Matt Brown.
  16. Ask and yee shall receive :) We love these stories, keep them coming!
  17. Great one, actually made me laugh out loud!
  18. I know they are the popular brand right now, but I have to admit Under Armour sweats are among the most durable I have ever worn. Additionally, I am about 5'9" and I have double XL loose fit, they are a perfect size for me....I have a pair of double XL from college made by champion and they fit like a large :( No room in the legs....same goes for the pair of Double XL I have from USA wrestling.....made by Gildan :( USA wrestling should rethink their selection in the branding of their gear IMO
  19. Shoot I was really hoping to see Clark in action at 125. I have yet to see a college match of his. (anybody have any they can post?) I would think Flowrestling.org has some?
  20. That is why elastic would solve this problem. I like wearing baggy sweats and most no come with open bottoms. I took them to local sewing shop and had elastic put in the cuffs. The opening still stretches enough to take them off over shoes....
  21. agreed, another one about luck since that was mentioned in a post... "Luck...when preparation meets opportunity."
  22. Probably the best example ever, period. Wasn't Gerry Abas up by quite a few points when McIlravy reversed the favor and started racking up the takedowns?
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