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  1. Bubba should find a way to train with Burroughs.....
  2. That is a great list! I like the idea of Metcalf vs Brands too, would Brands lay a beat down?
  3. any videos out there of him wrestling?
  4. Oh puhlleeeeez. MMA has bigger health issues to be concerned about than excessive weight cutting. Wait for a couple of years till its former competitors are walking around half brain dead and it will suffer the same ignoble fate as boxing. I am not quite sure I see your logic? Compared to boxing, I would think MMA would have FAR, FAR less possible brain issues. When you take into consideration the number of rounds per fight and sumissions being another way to end of fight versus KO, TKO........ than is seems much safer to me. Not to mention referees can jump in and stop a fight when the fighter is no longer defending themselves. I know the gloves are far smaller in mma, but the number of punches the person takes over the course of a fight would seem far less than that of a boxer. We could debate about it all day, but guys who have been in wars in MMA, the thing that seems to get them is if they have been knocked out on several occasions is the glass jaw syndrome. They seem to get knocked out on just the touch of the chin, a la Chuck Liddell, Andre Arlovski even Wanderlei Silva. Until they start walking around half brain dead, I would continue to disagree. For example, if you speculate that Chuck Liddell is anything but highly intelligent, I encourage you to read his book. Of all the MMA biographies, his is one of the best and sheds some light on how intelligent he really is. I would say the biggest concern right now is the gloves with uncovered fingers which leads to potential eye poking and injury.
  5. This thread is a testiment to the fact that you can think of just about anything that is impossible, do a little research, start asking some questions and find out someone has done it :) The last post was what hard work and dedication are all about. Will Dclark145 ever win an NCAA title, good question. Will he ever win a college tournament, or even make the starting spot at his weight, or even make the team? All good questions, that have yet to be answered. However if he doesn't even attempt it, the answers are vividly clear. "Whether you think you can, or can't......you're probably right" :)
  6. I find it remarkable that various people's standards for who belongs in a DI room are much higher than Gable's. These two posts are the best of the thread.
  7. You may be telling your truth, or your opinion, but that might just be the most inspirational post this kid needs. Tell a wrestler they cannot do something and they will do everything humanly possible (if the are serious) to prove you wrong. Congrats on the full ride for Academics, as said, that is a MAJOR feat in itself. It has been said before "you only deserve what you earn." DClark145, go out an make it happen. Personally, I would love for you to repost if you follow your dreams and make this a reality, I am already a fan for having the nuts to come on here and lay it out on the line. I've seen plenty of state champs fold when the conditioning sets in, college wrestling is a whole different ball game. The best advice so far, be in the best shape of your life and give EVERYTHING you've got.
  8. "Whether you think you can or can't, you're probably right." a close second would be "Man who catch fly with chopstix accomplish ANYTHING!" I am not sure how to post on the top rank wrestling site, maybe I have to register
  9. Even that was an understatement. 6-0, 6-0 in :19 and :31 respectively.
  10. Interesting take because this is essentially what many NCAA teams wear for team practice gear.
  11. My son is 4 and thinks 2 of the coolest thing he owns are his singlet(s)
  12. Amazing the paths that are taken... and how it all turns out.......
  13. Thats kinda crazy, I had 5 years of college COMPLETED at 22 years of age.
  14. The official swipes once with each hand, that's two counts to me! Watch the video, I watched it several times to make certain there were 2 swipes. You cannot say they match would have certainly ended 7-6 even with the nearfall.....the match may have been wrestled differently from the time of the N2 forward.
  15. who are his four losses to?
  16. Kolat had crazy flexible rubber knees, look at how most observe him, AMONG some of the best ever....
  17. I thought the same thing when he was getting in deep on McD @ the BIG10s, makes it look effortless. I think if Mega can't keep him tied up, Delgado wins by at least 3-5
  18. Lower than J. Smith? :shock:
  19. I'm picking McMullan to pick up the W in the finals!
  20. Green, Alton, Dong, Moore, only 2 will AA, either Green or Alton no AA and that's just the top half of the consolation bracket :o
  21. Dieringer will AA, he has wrestled too good this year not to. Barring injury or other I could easily see him as a 4X AA. Oh, well then never mind. I didn't realize he had wrestled "too good" to not AA. That never happens to freshmen. Again, he lost to Welch in the Round of 12, who was upset by Alton in the quarterfinals, I hardly have him losing to a bum. Zilverberg, Napoli, Peppelman, Green all lose first round, If he wrestles his best Dieringer make the semi's the way the bracket sits as we speak.
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