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  1. The difference from this one versus the one against Burak is the positioning of Camp's left leg. Against Kilgore it is outside or on the hamstring of Kilgore's right leg. Obviously at this angle, less pressure against the joint is generated. With the Burak match Camp's left leg stayed infront or on the quad of Burak. In both instances Camp goes low to the ankle, but in my opinion, the one against Burak had the potential to generate more force against the joint. It goes without saying that the ability of wrestlers to scramble in these situations create opportunities to be bent in manners which we are not suppose to bend. It is amazing to watch how deep wrestler A could be on a shot only to have wrestl,er B scramble out. In college wrestling, only about 5% of takedowns are uncontested. The other 95% is a scramble war.
  2. And the sad part is .... Wasn't Caldwell's injury initially from a fall off his Skateboard!!!! He was never the same.... BUM Shoulder. Wasn't it actually rollerblades?
  3. I was wondering the same thing, who was that?
  4. I've seen it before as a faternity thing, but I have never seen one that raised....
  5. The tape on headgear rule always seemed a bit pedantic and nitpicky, but I see the point now. Someone get McD a new one for xmas! (or would that be an NCAA violation??) :lol: Wouldnt be a violation if it was from Brands as part of team issued uniform :)
  6. It was actually 5 in :29 watch the video again for the time......
  7. As for the kid who quit to pursue a music career, you're not thinking of McIntire are you? I can't think of his first name but there was a McIntire that pinned Zach Esposito in a tournament and then quit before his freshman season was even over. I don't know what became of him, but I think he was into orchestra and symphony type music. When you hear, "gave up wrestling for music" some automatically think that he quit school to join up with some buddies to play at the local bars while living in his parents basement. The reality of the situation to my understanding is that he studied music at Indiana, and put all of his energy and focus into that. Matt McIntire: Asics All-American 1st team 2002 - Matt McIntire senior Lakota West HS, West Chester, OH
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