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  1. 125 Spencer Lee 133 Tariq Wilson 141 Yianni 149 Lugo (long shot pick, but he is wrestling much better lately and weight seems wide open) 157 Nolf (Slam dunk) 165 Marinelli (Coin flip between him and Cenzo) 174 Hall 184 Mylers Martin 197 Nickal (best P4P wrestler in NCAA) 285 Gable Steveson
  2. I noticed that too. Perhaps he thought he was being humiliated further, instead of just appreciating it for the friendly gesture that it was by Bo.
  3. Bo Nickal definitely has to be up there with the nicest. He graciously helps wrestlers to their feet after pinning them (see Kollin Moore match as well as Bo's final home match yesterday against Buffalo).
  4. Just my observation with Cox at 92kg, I thought he looked to have lost some explosiveness that we saw at World's last year as well as in Rio 2016. May just be an adjustment, but I was surprised to see him drop two yesterday.
  5. Seeing Tariq Wilson come out of nowhere at NCAA's this year, I can't help but wonder how high the ceiling is for this kid. Seems like he can take down anyone with his length, and with some more fine tuning I am excited to see how well he can do in the future. Watching him take Gross down 5 times (I'm still disappointed he couldn't finish the 6th in OT) and then dominate Pletcher in the 3rd place match, the future is looking really bright for NC State with him and Hidlay in the fold for another 3 seasons.
  6. I have been to 2 NCAA's (2008 and 2009 in St. Louis). Saw Caldwell beat Metcalf, and Boise State had a team at the time. Now, my username is obsolete :(
  7. Has anyone seen or heard of any sites where betting lines for the tournament have come available?
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