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  1. I felt for Geno watching the medal ceremony...you could tell the guy was absolutely heartbroken. With that being said, I still cannot believe how that match ended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Smith kinda reminds me of Tony Romo, who I think is fantastic. Unorthodox but finds a way to make it work most of the time.
  3. I noticed that too with Geno. The quick turn between the gold medal match and the ceremony doesn't give much time to let the emotions subside, especially in as dramatic of a match as that one. He was fighting back tears but being a good sport as the heavyweights were shuffled around the arena for one photo after another.
  4. If that was his last match, I feel fortunate we got to see him wrestle. A generational talent in our sport with as exciting of a finish to a gold medal match as we will ever see...GABLE DAN STEVESON!!!!
  5. How confident are we feeling about Gable's chances in this one? Any doubt at all he doesn't get it done? Really thought we were going to have a Gable - Zare final after the first period of that semi, but credit to Geno for wearing Zare down and finishing those singles. Cannot wait for this match!
  6. Agree. Zare looking good and really pushes the pace. Let’s see if he can gas Geno. Gable is going to smoke the Mongolian.
  7. Taylor on other side of bracket from Yazdani and Nafinov. Gilman draws Uguev in his first match and will have his work cut out.
  8. Definitely not. It would be a case of the 2nd best wrestler in the bracket upsetting the best wrestler due to an unfortunate draw. And yes LJB, we know the Olympics are hard.
  9. The worst possible draw for Mensah. Still expect her to win, but also think a case can be made that Dosho is the 2nd best wrestler in that bracket.
  10. Sorry if this has been asked, but if Lopez and Riza wrestle in the semis, is there a TV channel that will be carrying the match live? Reason I ask is it looks like CNBC or Olympic Channel don’t have live wrestling coverage at that time.
  11. Odds show her first match being against the easiest opponent in the bracket. It gets a little tricky in the quarters and semis, where she will likely face Adar from Turkey and then Vorobieva from Russia in the semis. Both are quality opponents who have a chance to push Adeline.
  12. Gable has moved from +500 to +300 to win. Momentum beginning to pick up.
  13. What outlet are these odds from? Curious what Zare is listed at. Would guess +800.
  14. Being on the west coast, the 7pm starts for the round of 16 and quarters will be great. The 2:15am start on the other hand for the semis and finals is about as rough as it gets.
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