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  1. Ya, he doesn't know what the hell he's doing...
  2. A buddy of mine has 2 remaining spots left in his suite. It's a Club Level Suite, section 221, row GA. $1000 per ticket, all sessions. A great group of Hawk fans will be joining you. http://www.scottradecenter.com/premium-seating/suites/suite-map Text or call 563-212-8088 for more information. Ryan
  3. I have to drive 2 hours each morning, Iron. I'd like to know, SPECIFICALLY, what the schedule is each day, like I mentioned in my first post. It wasn't a dig at USA Wrestling, I want to know in case I may be late one morning. I've seen you link 'for months'. Thanks for attempting to make me feel like an idiot though. Ryan
  4. Thanks, for some reason I thought the winner of the US Open got to in some cases.
  5. Found a bit more Fan Fest info: http://downtowniowacity.com/pages/events/fanfest-2016-olympic-wrestling-trials.php Odd though, not much out there. Has anyone seen a specific schedule for each day? Curious as to when each will go (MFS, WFS, Greco).
  6. All I know is that Marstellar was an embarrassment to the sport yesterday, and the refs should have shown him the door out of Kinnick...but he still won. A testament to him, I guess. Ryan
  7. I spent some time at Johnny ' s, 1860's, and McGurks. All good in their own way. Listen to any music in the evening? Many great live music venues in the soulard too, I didn't make it there in the evening this year though.
  8. Where did you stay in the Soulard? Our group enjoys that area between sessions most every day. Great area.
  9. So many questions that we won't know the answer to until matches are wrestled, many matches. We need to be able to evaluate changes of this magnitude prior to fully implementing them (assuming the NCAA is listening). As MSU158 mentioned, the NCAA will not allow its sanctioned events to participate in an event or events with modified rules (I'm thinking Midlands and/or Scuffle). I wonder if Flo would? They already do it now in their own leage. It would be a marketing home run for them, they have the draw to bring in talent even if it was high schoolers, and they have the experience. I would imagine they, along with the participants would love to be on the for front of any changes in folkstyle wrestling. Would the NCAA work with them to set up the rules and closely evaluate the results? Ryan
  10. Therein lies the problem, the refs have proved year after year that they won't consistently and effectively make the call. I want folkstyle to remain folkstyle as mush as the next guy, but not in its current form. Why couldn't the Midlands, Southern Scuffle, Reno TOC, or any DII or DIII tourney run modified rules like the NWCA does for the All-Star? We could then all see some of these ideas implemented and not just 10-12 matches, but 1000 or so. It would definitely draw interest (wrestlers, spectators, and media). I know, records would be a problem...but there has to be a solution for that. Ryan
  11. Same here. Please send them to cedarheights@mchsi.com Thanks!
  12. BTW, who on Zalesky's staff handled almost all of the recruiting while he was at the U of I? (hint: he left for a job at some school in Virginia)
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