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  1. Nick and brother Joe Lee have both verballed to PSU. http://www.courierpress.com/sports/high-school/nick-and-joe-lee-are-a-package-deal-commit-to-wrestle-at-penn-state_18568995
  2. Is it just me or is there a "Kentucky Mudflap" vibe to this post?
  3. if he does take a beatdown, let none of forget to call it a closely contested loss...
  4. You guys are probably right. I tend to forget that our society has become soft and we have to protect our children from the truth. You'll have to accept my apology.I'll do my best to refrain from commenting on anything but close matches. God forbid one of our babied athletes find out his 14-4 match wasnt a close as we all want to lead them to believe. Afterall, it's not like they will be treated fairly and honestly in the real world when they grow up.
  5. No,lying about or calling it it any other way would be the immature thing to do. I'd be willing to bet Fredy himself would call it a beatdown as well considering that he seems to be a stand up kid. Anyway, it seems the problems started when an Iowa guy (I assume hes from Iowa anyway) took offense that somebody was trying to throw out an indictment against his state because Joseph beat their guy. If you ask me, he actually did a better job of doing that himself by saying Josephs win against the Iowa state champ was expected and not really all that impressive. Really? Winning a state title in Iowa doesn't mean your a pretty darn good wrestler? Guess all these arguments alot of Iowa guys make about how good Iowa hs wrestling is was just a bunch of crap.
  6. Simply amazes me the adults here that act like children. Even more surprised that most don't even have a care in the world that they look like idiots while doing so. Amazing... Simply amazing...
  7. Come on.. Beating a state champ from any state including Iowa in the manner that he did was impressive. I will admit though, it wasnt nearly as impressive as the beatdown he gave to that other Iowa wrestler. I think his name is Stroker but I could be mistake...
  8. Ok...confirmed now. Nick is at UPJ and will begin wrestling for them next season. He also has a broken hand and is waiting for that heal before hitting the mat again.
  9. Great read..thanks for posting. Was interested to know where you saw Garrett and Lee working out together. Was it a Young Guns thing or some other club or camp?
  10. You don't need to explain yourself. Its a legitimate question. Unbelievable that other fans feel the need to be a prick to someone interested in the sport and trying to be informed a/o gain insight. Really hope folks who are thinking about becoming fans of the sport don't run into some of these jagoffs. Would be a real shame...
  11. Yeah..I live 10 minutes from UPJ and about 15 minutes from where Nick went to h.s. Haven't heard anything of late about where he's at. Last I heard it was Pitt. Anyway, I actually predicted on one of our local forums at the beginning of last season that he would end up at UPJ when all was said and done. I took alot of shots for that one. I agreed that he's a quality D1 wrestler but just sometimes D2 is a better fit for some. Not saying that's the case here...just something I felt in my gut.
  12. please...if someone knows anything about the Roberts situation,I would greatly appreciate the info.
  13. Thanks for posting Shane. Also gives me a chance to thank you for the work you do on BTN. Love the intensity you bring during your interviews. No doubt anyone can see the passion you have for the sport. Ok...man crush over now. Lol
  14. With Dance,Carter and Epperly, Christiansburg HS put out some damn fine wrestlers.
  15. This is terrible. Why does it always seem wrestling fans get shortchanged while trying to follow the sport we love? I don't know...maybe it's just me...
  16. Patrick beats Piccininni? Am I hearing that right?
  17. I'm really behind on who went where. Why was I thinking Ryan Deihl was at Maryland?
  18. I wish people would just stop with all of the political correctness already. Has our society become that soft that you have to worry about everything you say out of fear of hurting feelings? Come on, I suffer from ptsd and found nothing wrong with it being used here. Why? Because I'm not a whiny little *****. I'm also native American, have no problem with the Washington Redskins and their use of the name. Why is that? Again..because I'm not some whiny little *****..
  19. Thought it was pretty cool that 19 year old Sage Karam from Nazareth PA finished 9th as a rookie in the Indianapolis 500. A big story that got little attention from the wrestling community. Great job Sage!
  20. Kids already legendary... Right NJWC? :D
  21. Let's try not to talk about these things boys. I mean... I kinda like NJWC. I don't really want to drive him crazy with this... :D
  22. We already know you feel Pennsylvania wrestling is overated... Do we really have to go through all this yet again?
  23. Quit being stupid. The WPIAL team had a combined 9 WPIAL championships between them. I'm talking LEAGUE championships...not State titles. Oklahoma had a combined 22 State titles between them. And you actually think that's a fair way to judge PA's depth? Really? You're talking one league versus an entire states best and you're surprised at the outcome? You need your head examined my friend...
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