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  1. oh wow did that have something to do with this i recall dernlan getting arrested at ncaas one year too did they lose faith in his judgement
  2. I only see one guy ranked http://news.theopenmat.com/college-wrestling-news/ncaa-di-individual-college-wrestling-rankings-december-5-2017/65186 always got the impression dernlan got lucky to get where he was he said he recruited the penn state studs to get the clarion job and then he jumped ship after like 8 months on the job to get hired at Binghamton
  3. is pariano still there he would have taken over right
  4. if the ncwa rules prevent her from competing how did she win two nwca national titles sounds like the ncwa gave her a pretty big accolade while being able to compete http://michiganjournal.org/2017/03/23/back-to-back-goocher-wins-second-ncwa-national-championship/
  5. heard a rumor penn state got a formal reprimand from the big ten regarding suriano anyone have have info
  6. tough for psu or the big ten to block a kid from going home to their local state school to compete this makes penn state look petty if i was suriano i would go public with the lack of scholarship and everything if they knew he was paying big money and not getting a free ride like football players do and penn state was trying to control him public opinion would shift
  7. penn state said they gave bubba a full release and then it came out that he was restricted from the big ten and big 12 so that was a bunch of bs
  8. i think the pr is pretty clear penn state wrestling is not any fun so national title contender for the nittany lions wants out
  9. this is insane let the kid go where he wants cael it is like they are scared of rutgers
  10. year end meeting suriano - coach i think i had a great year can i get more money towards school cael - you scored no points at nationals
  11. why doesnt he just implement his ideas where he lives and get participation up stick it to the committee and actually show you know what you talk about action is better than keyboard warriors like pd2
  12. yeah but how many technical issues does mlb have you get what ya pay for right
  13. BRGuy


    luckily you havent had much reason to buy a subscription
  14. pico is a golden glove boxer they said http://www2.cdn.sherdog.com/_images/pictures/20170626102926_1DX_2372.JPG
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