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  1. That's an ugly sentence, Strunk.
  2. It's all in the journey.
  3. Pttttttttpppppptthhh! Pttttttttpppppptthhh! Pttttttttpppppptthhh! Pttttttttpppppptthhh! Balderdash!
  4. Anyone actually surprised Ban weaseled?
  5. Adding....well do ya, punk?
  6. From what I understand, Gable was not rolling on the mat with his wrestlers for many years prior to his retirement. Maybe someone else would be able to confirm. Confirmed. I am the mat.
  7. 'Vigorous writing is concise.' -Strunk
  8. Too concise, one becomes obscure.
  9. I was gonna click! Thanks!!!!!
  10. Are there mat assignments somewhere?
  11. My favorite Hall of Famer!
  12. And you'd eat your own.
  13. Delgado must be really pissed.
  14. With both wrestling, Ruth wins.
  15. Hurricane, why'd you delete this?
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