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  1. Doublespeak for epic fail guy.
  2. Agree. Should've used a contraction.
  3. Hey, folks, I have my nomination for ironic post of the year! Note how **** Five Words writes message board as one word, and then calls me retard! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Iowa wins. Ha ha ha. :lol:
  4. It is a messageboard retard.
  5. WildTurkey44, my interest was in seeing what caused Watts to start throwing all those punches. When I noticed it was because of one thrown by DSJ, I captured the stills relating to that. Also, keep in mind that some were denying that DSJ did anything at all, while no one's denied that Watts threw multiple punches. I think I may have counted as many as six, although a couple may have glanced off or missed altogether (it's hard to connect when the refs are restaining you). As far as determining why DSJ apparently threw first, yes, I was interested in seeing if Watts did anything untoward right before that punch or earlier in the match. If he did, I wasn't able to pick up on it. But there were some quick flurries so it might be worthwhile for you or other interested parties to investigate further. While right now all the evidence points to DSJ as the instigator, new or previously overlooked facts could possibly prove otherwise. I'm certainly open to changing my position if such turns out to be the case. I'd have to disagree with you that no one wants to talk about what the MSU wrestler did. I've seen several posts that say that both were in the wrong; DSJ for sneaking a quick one in, and Watts for overreacting with multiple punches. But, as you say haters gonna hate. Someone's always trying to cause trouble, it seems. As a matter of fact, WildTurkey44, there's a guy over on the Hawk board named WildTurk who claims he's the one who started this thread just to stir the pot. Below's part of one of his posts and the link to the thread is here. I thought you'd like to know because it seems like someone may have stolen your identity. :lol: [highlight=#fff0b1]Originally posted by WildTurk:[/highlight] [highlight=#fff0b1]...I stirred the pot and got a lot of negative response. In the thread I started [/highlight][highlight=#fff0b1]I[/highlight] [highlight=#fff0b1]thought I sounded unbiased as to the guilty party's in the scuffle at the dual...[/highlight] Another impenetrable wall of text.
  6. Is Ness Minnesota's Joey Slaton?
  7. Really wise move there, champs_dad.
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