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  1. For that to happen in 2024 Mauller and Jacques would have to redshirt one of the next two years.
  2. I think he was projecting the 2024 lineup Hart will be gone.
  3. killdozer


    I agree. But they all 5 qualified for the tournament. Did they not.
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    https://rokfin.com/post/50595/Brian-Smith--Tiger-Style-Has-2-World-Champions?jwsource=cl Brian Smith talks about the RTC about the 1:20 mark. I know you need a subscription. But he said 6 are going to WTT. My guess would be. 65- Joshua Edmond (qualified by being Junior National Champ in 2020) 65/70- Brock Mauller (qualified by being U23 National Champ in 2020) 70- Jarrett Jacques (last chance Qualifier) 70- Keegan O'Toole (qualified by being Junior National Champ in 2020) 92- Rocky Elam (Placing at Senior Nationals in 2020 at 86) 120 - Dom Bradley
  5. With the name and likeness deals. He can still strike while the iron is hot and make money while in college. He could be on a wheaties box, Sign a shoe deal, do subway commercials, get sponsorships anywhere. So the money difference may not be that big. He may make just as much money going back to school than he would sign with the WWE. Cause it is not like he going straight to wrestlemania. Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar didn't debut until 2 years after they signed and my guess it wasn't a Million dollars to wrestling in Ohio Valley Wrestling. USA wrestling needs to make a deal with him to stick around one more cycle. Let's be honest Dake and Taylor are over 30 now. You want someone young to promote the sport. They kind of dropped the ball with Kyle after 2016. But I think Gable is more tailor made for the media now a days than Kyle was in 2016. (no offense to Kyle).
  6. From what I read Kesey was good. https://www.oklahoman.com/article/3207617/ken-keseys-family-fights-for-wrestling
  7. I think with the new NLI agreement and also Gable signing with an MMA agent. I think he might wrestle one more cycle and one more year of college (to get his degree). I'm probably wrong... But one can hope. I mean if he wrestles through one more cycle he will only be 24 which is still younger than 70% of the Iowa team next year.
  8. Ken Kesey - best wrestler to ever trip a lot of acid, write one of the most brilliant books of the late 20th century (one flew over the cuckoo's nest) all while traveling the west coast in a psychedelic painted bus. Oh and top 10 in all time win % at Oregon.
  9. https://siuecougars.com/sports/wrestling/schedule/2021-22
  10. It kind of bums me out cause I put a lot of history stuff I compiled on there for people to read and posted it on the threads. (College all americans from Missouri and Missouri Schools from DI to NJCAA since the 50's) and other historical stuff like every Mizzou class and accolades of the recruits since like 2006. So that sucks. It seems to be lost to time.
  11. It is offical https://www.si.com/college/georgia/news/texas-and-ou-announce-big12-departure The rumor is the SEC has reached out to Ohio State, Michigan, Florida State and Clemson to join with Oklahoma and Texas. The Big 10 then would offer Iowa State and Kansas to join. The other part of the rumor is that the PAC-12 would take on the rest of the BIG XII. (Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, TCU, Baylor, Kansas State) West Virginia would join probably join the ACC. I think it is time to do away with the Conference Qualifier for wrestling. Keep Conference champions obviously as this keeps the schools connected to a conference. But start having regionals.
  12. I personally think if Oklahoma and Texas join the SEC. Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Kansas & Kansas State (They could put TCU and Texas Tech instead) Will join the PAC-12 to bring that to 16 teams West Virginia will join the ACC The rest will try to the American Athletic Conference or lure SMU, Memphis, Houston, Tulsa, Central Florida, South Florida to the Big XII. If Oklahoma leaves and starts this domino. I think the wrestling conference qualifiers are obsolete. Something else would have to be done. More like baseball and regionals. Unless the combine the Big XII and PAC-12 conference tournament to a 19 team conference tournament.. or Oklahoma joins the MAC for 9 years and then comes back to the Big XII in wrestling. I actually have an idea for the regionals I think would be cool. Maybe share sometime.
  13. Oh yeah that event when Mizzou took 1.5 starters (Surtin wasn't the starter yet) and had more Champions than Oklahoma State... is that the one you are speaking of. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  14. Mizzou wrestling tweet Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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