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  1. Here is a question as well. Does Dylan Wisman go for a medical redshirt after this year. His redshirt sophomore year (2017-2018 season) He only wrestled 6 matches at the end of the season and missed over 3 months?
  2. He wrestled 7 duals last year. So I guess he is redshirting this year?
  3. Mizzou so far in this recruiting class has the following #5 O'Toole #13 Elam #46 Hawks #71 Edmond That is four in the Top 75. Only other teams that can make that claim are Oklahoma State (2, 11, 20, 28, plus 78), Cornell (8, 14, 33, 44, Plus 77), Nebraska (9, 17, 26 and 57), Va Tech (15, 23, 24 and 75) Hopefully they can get #74 Ranked (son of past Mizzou AA) Trey Crawford to join the class.
  4. I was wondering about Connor Brown, he left at semester from Wisconsin. If he enrolled at Mizzou for 2019 spring semester. Can he wrestle the 2020 spring semester? Being that would be a year. Seriously, I don't know how the ruling on this. If he can not.. Would this be considered his redshirt year (Since he hasn't taken one)?
  5. A) Bo was never even close to finishing that HI-C. B) Bo 10 lbs. heavier may not even have gotten that deep. It is Possible, Bo came in that light so he could feel and be a touch quicker. It may have been a calculated attempt on his part to sacrifice some girth(and possible strength) for a minute gain on quickness and why not... He has been able to out muscle 197 lbs. this year. But J'Den is an other beast. BTW, I believe 2017 J'Den Beat 2019 Bo in a folkstyle match. Bo always has a punchers chance. Bo was the better College wrestler? Why cause J'Den took 5th. Remember he didn't take a redshirt. There was rumors he was going to take one his Sophomore year. If he did I think he would have won in 2018. Loses? Bo: Nate Jackson, Myles Martin(2x: but he was like 9-2 vs. MM) (Redshirt year Bo lost to Matt Brown & Andy McCulley) J'Den: Phil Wellington (2x: 1st month of College career and by DQ his Jr Year), Kyven Gadsen, Kyle Snyder, Morgan McIntosh (He like 5-1 vs. MM) J'Den wasn't a pinner. Fair assessment. Also, Bo was also, one of the most exciting wrestlers since maybe Taylor or even Askren. But you have to remember J'Den while in college went down to a weight he hadn't seen since Freshman year of High School and beat Kyle Dake. Then turned around again the next year and beat David Taylor. Tell me how Bo beats him? Taking him down? Riding/Turning him? When did you ever see J'den rode let alone turned? Does, Bo get out from underneath J'Den? Now, I have heard rumors of J'Den going down to 86 KG next year. I wouldn't be surprised with the new weigh-in rule if J'Den lost to him there (remember James Green going down to 65 kg) . But at optimum. I think J'den wins 85-90% of the time. But, Bo is still awesome and really fun to watch.
  6. 32nd seed meet up with Marinelli in Round 1.
  7. Askren Cradle Ness High/Low Flyer Of course the Rick Saunders Spladle (or as I knew it back in the day the Saunders Cradle.)
  8. Missouri 125- Colby Smith, Mizzou/ Connor Brown, Wisconsin 133- John Erneste, Mizzou 141- Jaydin Eierman, Mizzou 149- Grant Leeth, Mizzou 157- Ke-Shawn Hayes, Ohio state/ Luke Weiland, Army 165- Connor Flynn, Mizzou 174- Daniel Lewis, Mizzou 184- Canten Marriott, Mizzou 197- Alex Hopkins, Army 285- Zach Elam, Mizzou/ Demetrius Thomas, Pitt Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  9. Well it looks like it may have to come down to Snyder and Sadulaev again. USA has to go 3-0 in medal matches to even have a chance. Even then if Gazi makes the finals it might be a moot point. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  10. Thomas, Didn't lose to backups at the scuffle he lost to Boykin (who beat Nevills the next round) and Previous NCAA Qualifier Goodhart. If you remember the HWt division was loaded at the scuffle last year. (Nevill, Kasper, Boykin, Haines, Wood, Butler to name a few) I think I remember 11 of the top 20 wrestlers at HWT were there.
  11. Grant Hart of Husker Du is the man when it comes to that. Also, Mikey Dolenz of the Monkees.
  12. NAIA Champ Demetrius Thomas (Williams Baptist) is transferring to Pitt.
  13. Final Three Candidates for the Arkansas- Little Rock job Ethan Kyle- Assistant Coach Wyoming Chris Chionuma -Assistant Coach Army Former Head Coach at Ouchita Baptist Neil Erisman - Assistsant Coach North Carolina Big Surprise All Oklahoma State Graduates. (Albeit Chionuma was a 2x NAIA Champ then came to Okie State)
  14. So you are the other wrestler that was a music writer as well. Glad to meet you. The Dijits (Freaking Auto Correct) were great. Did you ever see his band the Gaza Strippers? Of course my favorite Rick Sims band is the Lee Harvey Oswald Band... They were amazing. I saw UO quite a few times.. The best was them opening for Nirvana in Sept of 91. Cobain started a minor riot because bouncers were being a bit rough. Everyone came on stage and Cops were called. When they got there, Noveselic got everyone off stage and then played for 40 more minutes. The bouncers just protected the clubs stuff. So from July to Sept 1991 St. Louis was the place to have a show if you wanted to start a riot. Now I know we have been at the same shows.
  15. It was great. Last show I saw in Chicago was Redd Kross last year.
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