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  1. Under the new seeding rule. No. But two I can think of Matt Lindland and Max Askren. Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
  2. And Wyatt Sheets who was the super at large/alternate
  3. I'm not comparing the MAC to the Big 10. I just said the 4th placer in the MAC beat someone that got 13th at the Big 10... Which is a fact. That 4th placer (a former qualifier and qualified the an allocation for the MAC) by theory is deserving. Lyon got it because he finished one below AQ (13th place, which he won by MFF) and beat a common opponent. I can get behind a 9th, 10th and even a 11th place guy in the big 10 qualifying. But 13th & 14th... I'm sorry there has to be some sort of cut off. The conference tournaments if you want them as qualifiers should count towards something. This is the epitome of everyone gets a participation trophy. It is rewarding mediocrity. Now if Washington or Lyon get AA's. I stand corrected. Do I think Washington and Lyon are one of the top 33 kids? Yes. My point is placing at your conference tournament should matter. Preforming at the qualifier should matter. I don't care if you got 14 returning AA's, taking last or next to last shouldn't be rewarded.
  4. Deandre Nassar beat Lyons and qualified the allocation for the MAC (2). But finished 3rd. Shouldn't he in theory have it over Lyons. But since he finished 4th in a 13 team conference and Lyons finished 13th in a 14 team conference (By MFF I might add) he deserves it over Nassar. I do realize The Big 10 was really tough this year at 184. But I feel like it is rewarding mediocrity.
  5. I know it is a tough deep weight at Big 10. But come on. All 14!!!! The committee just basically said "MFF...Pfft.. you can still get in when you take last in the qualifying tournament... Well if you are in the BIG 10. Not hating...just stating.
  6. I would add Treanor to the pool too. I was just coming up with a list off the top of my head past March and Phipps. I forgot Zarrcone as well. He has a win over Turner of Oregon State.
  7. 133 is really screwy. I think the pool of people are Lajoie, Hines, Burwick, Spann, Brown, Tagg, March, Serrano, Phipps
  8. Amos qualified already. I change it to Burwick and moved Spann out cause he lost to March who is also in the pool.
  9. My predictions for At Large 125 - (5) Noah Surtin - Missouri, Kysen Terukina - Iowa State, Caleb Smith - App State, Jake Ferri - Kent State, Gage Curry, Pittsburgh 133- (4) Dominic Lajoie - Cornell, Kyle Buwick - Wisconsin, Connor Brown- Missouri, Malyke Hines - Lehigh 141- (5) Dresden Simon- Central Michigan, Kizhan Clarke - North Carolina, Chad Red- Nebraska, Joseph Zargo- Wisconsin, Parker Filius- Purdue 149 - (4) Yahya Thomas - Northwestern, Jaden Abas - Stanford, Josh Edmond - Missouri, PJ Ogunsanya - Army 157- (5) Chase Saldante - Michigan State, Michael Petite -Buffalo, Hunter Richards - Cornell, Jordan Slivka - Ohio, Wyatt Sheets - Oklahoma State (I know he lost to Nick Delp but he has wins over Jacques, Turner, Wright that all are in) 165- (4) Anthony Valencia - Arizona State, Travis Wittlake - Oklahoma State, William Formato - Appalachian State, Brian Meyer - Lehigh (even though he lost to Edsell, He has wins over Valencia and Wentzel) 174- (4) Bailee O'Reilly - Minnesota, Chris Foca - Cornell, Sal Perrine - Ohio, Gerrit Nijenhuis - Purdue 184- (4) Tate Samuelson - Wyoming, Dakota Geer - Oklahoma State, Max Lyon - Purdue, Charles Small- Hofstra 197- (4) Jaron Smith - Maryland, Alan Clothier - Northern Colorado, Will Feldkamp - Clarion, Max Shaw - North Carolina 285- (5) Michael Wolfgram - West Virginia, Brandon Metz - North Dakota State, Zachary Knighton-Ward- Hofstra, Tyler Bagoly - Clarion, Michael Burchell - Appalachian State At Large by Conference ACC - 3 (42 total) Big XII - 11 (69 Total) Big 10 - 10 (98 Total) EIWA - 8 (49 Total) MAC - 7 (29 Total) PAC 12 - 2 (25 total) Socon - 3 (18 total)
  10. One you are forgetting and may (I stress may) get in is Connor Brown at 133 lbs. It all depends on Coaches rankings. Cause he beat two kids that qualified the weight allocations (Tagg 2x, March), He will have placed one off from an automatic bid. He has a losing record (6-8 @ 133lbs., 0-1 @ 144). But his loses were to all kids that qualified allocations for the weight (except one who got injured and was out the rest of the season and was ranked at the time). So depending on the Coaches rankings He would be ranked in the coaches rankings and 1 placement below auto qualifier. Plus he beat two kids that received initial allocations.
  11. There was a link in the MAC preview that went to flo. Flo also had it on his schedule for live until about an hour or two before. So yes, there are some complaints with that. I also have a problem with only showing one mat. The link on the mac tournament webpage went to Ohio U. Youtube channel and for the first thirty minutes of the tournament there was no feed coming through on any of the 4 mats. Also, whomever is running track for this tournament always seemed to have the wrong bout on the mat (for instance the 197 lbs. was showing on the mat while the 157/165 where clearly wrestling), thus no scoring for the match on Trackwrestling as well. This coupled with no scores showing on the screen (on the youtube feed and ESPN) makes the experience challenging at best. I know this is 1000X better than 10 years ago. But if the technology is there for people to enjoy it. Then you should use it. I mean recruits probably watch this. I'm not asking for Superbowl type coverage. But just the bare essentials... Good camera angles, the score (I don't even need the time) and things to run as they should. I don't even need announcers, just the sound would be fine. The conference or at least the schools should put their best foot forward.
  12. an hour later they still have the same people the mats. This is just so badly done.
  13. The MAC tournament experience this year (as always) is so subpar. NAIA does it better. First off it was advertised that it was going to be streamed on Flo... NOPE. Have to go to the MAC site and leads to Youtube channel for Ohiobobcat tv which wasn't streaming the first half of the first round. Then the camera angles are in the stands not mat side. The ESPN feed is one mat (at the most two). Then who ever is running trackwrestling has screwed it up so bad it is just atrocious. They don't have the right people on the right mats. (they had a HWT match sitting on Mat 3 for over an hour in round 1), Now track is not updating and has been stuck on the same matches for over 25 minutes. I have seen high school tournaments run better and more user friendly. This is freaking pathetic.
  14. Agreed [emoji817] because he posted his arm? Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
  15. I personally think Brands will go 165, Kennedy 174 and Assad 184 Sent from my SM-N986U using Tapatalk
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