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  1. I thought MAC seeded 8. Then the rest were drawn in? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  2. Roku, phone app and website all not working Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  3. Austin Trotman - Appalachian State I remember his double leg. It was great. Also 2x USAW Beach Wrestling Champion... Not much mat wrestling there.
  4. Trevor Tinker also qualified for State in Missouri as a Sophomore and went 0-2.
  5. Gantry, I am going to Extreme Noise and Electric Fetus and doing some shopping. I am pissed Shellac is playing this weekend there and not the Saturday of. Nationals... Oh well. I am also hitting up Paisley Park.
  6. If I won the lottery, I would allot 60 Million available for 4 programs in the SEC first come first serve. 15 Mill a piece. Or donate the full amount to fund one RTC.
  7. They don't have Mike Macchiavello listed. They also don't have have Tariq or Hayden listed but they are still going so understandable.
  8. Here is a preview of the Lindenwood Open Teams: Division I: Arkansas-Little Rock, #20 Illinois, #2 Iowa, #9 Iowa State, Indiana, #21 Missouri (Most of their Starters), #4 NC State, Northern Illinois, #14 Northwestern, #10 Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Purdue, SIU-Edwardsville (Most of their Starters) Division II: #13 Central Oklahoma, Davenport, Drury, Kentucky Wesleyan, #6 Lindenwood, #10 Maryville. #3 McKendree, #7 Minnesota State-Mankota, #24 Newman DIV III- MacMurry, Westminsiter, NAIA- Hannibal-LaGrange, Lindenwood-Belleville, #4 Lindsey Wilson, #3 Marian, #10 Missouri Valley, #19 Williams Baptist NJCAA- #5 Ellsworth CC, Joilet JC, Labette, #6Northeast Oklahoma, Spartanburg NWCA: Liberty Gold Division (Open) 212 Entries 125- Dack Punke, Missouri (NQ) Chris Cannon, Northwestern (#91 overall Recruit 2019) Cevion Severado, Missouri (2018 World Jr Greco Silver Metalist) Noah Surtin, Missouri (#13 @ 120 Overall 2019) Corey Cabanban, Iowa State DIV II #1 Carlos Jacques, Lindenwood (DII Champ) #4 Marcus Povlik, McKendree (DII AA) #5 Tyler Kretih, Maryville (DII AA) NAIA- #8 Christopher Sharp, Marian Predicted Champion: Carlos Jacquez, Lindenwood 133- Colin Valdiviez, Northwestern (DI NQ) Connor Brown, Missouri (DI NQ) Allen Hart, Missouri Lucas Byrd, Illinois (#18 Overall Recruit 2019) DIV II #10 Tanner Hitchcock, Lindenwood (DII NQ) #14 Charles McNeal, McKendree Predicted Champion: Connor Brown, Missouri 141- Brevin Balmeceda, Oklahoma State (#25 Overall recruit 2019) Aaron Meyer, Iowa Justin Stickley, Iowa Alex Butler, Missouri Alex McKenna, Northwestern Conner Wilson, Oklahoma State Joseph Bianchi, Arkansas-Little Rock Saul Ervin, SIU-Edwardsville DII - #6 Nate Kiem, Central Oklahoma (DII NQ) NAIA #6 Trent Johnson, Lindsey Wilson #7 Brandon James, Marian #12 Casper Sherrow, Missouri Baptist #17 Jaitlan Pitts, Williams Baptist Predicted Champion: Alex Meyer, Iowa 149- Vince Turk, Iowa (DI NQ) Tyshawn Williams, SIU-Edwarsville (DI NQ) Jeren Glosser, Iowa Trevor Chumbley, Northwestern (#74 Overall Recruit 2019) DIV II #4 Kameron Frame, Newman (DII AA) #6 Kyle Rathman, Minnesota State Mankato Zach Moore, Central Oklahoma (WV transfer) NAIA #2 Latrell Davis, Lindsey Wilson (NAIA AA) #3 Richard Pocock, Missouri Valley Predicted Champion: Jeren Glosser, Iowa 157- #14 Jarrett Jacques, Missouri (DI NQ) #22 Justin Ruffin, SIU-Edwardsville (DI NQ) DIV II #12 Ty Lucas, Central Oklahoma Kevin Kissane, Newman (DII NQ) NAIA- #6 Derrick Smallwood, Lindsey Wilson (NAIA AA) Predicted Champion: Jarrett Jacques, Missouri 165- Peyton Mocco, Missouri Luke Fortuna, Missouri Nick South, Indiana (#17 Overall Recruit @ 170 lbs 2019) Logan Schumacher, Iowa State DIV II #3 Tyler Harrington, Maryville (DII AA) #9 Logan Saltou, Minnesota St-Mankato (DII NQ) #13 Austin Stofer, Lindenwood NAIA- #5 Brett Johnson, Marian #10 Gage Maxwell, Hannibal-LaGrange (NQ) Predicted Champion: Peyton Mocco, Missouri 174- #21 Connor Flynn, Missouri DJ Shannon, Illinois (2nd at Michigan State Open) Troy Fisher, Northwestern (#53 Overall Recruit 2019) Jeremiah Kent, Missouri Donnell Washington, Indiana (#19 Overall @ 160 lbs. 2019) DIV II #7 Matt Pratt, Maryville (DII NQ) #8 Zach Johnston, Minnesota St-Mankato #10 Gage McBride, Central Oklahoma Predicted Champion: Connor Flynn, Missouri 184- Canten Marriott, Missouri (DI NQ) Abe Assad, Iowa (#29 Overall Recruit 2019) Roger Smith-Bergsrud, Unattached (DI NQ) Julian Broderson, Iowa State (#7 Overall @ 195 lbs. 2019) DIV II #3 Heath Gray, Central Oklahoma (DII AA) #9 Bailey Kelly, Maryville (DII NQ) Predicted Champion: Abe Assad, Iowa 197 lbs. Christian Brunner, Purdue (R12 DI NQ) #21 Wyatt Koelling, Missouri Jake McKiernan, SIU-Edwardsville Francis Duggan, Iowa State Sam Cook, Iowa Cade Brownlee, Iowa DIV II #3 Ryan Vasbinder, McKendree (DII AA) Predicted Champion: Christian Brunner, Purdue 285- Zach Elam, Missouri (R12 DI NQ) #17 Colton McKiernan, SIU-Edwardsville (DI NQ) Austin Myers, Missouri (D1 NQ) Aaron Costello, Iowa Josh Heindselman, Oklahoma (#11 Overall @ 285 lbs. 2019) DIV II #4 Caleb Gossett, McKendree #6 Logan Radick, Maryville (DII NQ) NAIA- #1 Brandon Reed, Lindsey Wilson (NAIA Champ) Predicted Champion: Zach Elam, Missouri Black Division (FR/SO) Notables. 364 Entries Top 100 from 2019 125- Adam Reeves, Iowa State (#20 Overall Recruit 2019) 133- Kai Orine, NC State (#49 Overall Recruit 2019) 149- Daniel Manibog, Oklahoma State (#47 Overall Recruit 2019) 174- Sean Harman, Missouri (#83 Overall Recruit 2019) 197- Zach Glazier, Iowa (#83 Overall Recruit 2019) Weight Class Ranks from 2019 Asa Garcia, Indiana (#16 Overall @ 132 lbs. 2019) 182- Talon Barror, Oklahoma (#19 Overall @ 182 lbs. 2019) 197- Steve Elwell, Arkansas-Little Rock (#11 Overall @ 195 lbs. 2019) 197- Carson Berryhill, Oklahoma (#17 Overall @ 195 lbs. 2019) DIV III- 149- #9 Sean Sax, Westminister NAIA- 165- #10 Elias Viafo, Missouri Valley Predicted Champions 125: Adam Reeves, Iowa State 133: Kai Orine, NC State 141: Asa Garcia, Indiana 149: Daniel Mainbog, Oklahoma State 157: Chance McLane, Oklahoma State 165: Matt Ortiz, Indiana 174: Cade Lindsey, Oklahoma State 184: Carson Berryhill, Oklahoma 197: Zach Glazier, Iowa 285: Eli Pokorney, Purdue
  9. Hopefully Ben takes over his alma mater once Brian Smith retires. I think Ben would be great for fundraising and recruiting. Also, I would love to see his press conferences as a coach.
  10. The Braunagel Vs. Mocco match was a lot closer than the final score indicates. It was nip and tuck. They gave Mocco 2 + 2 on the initial takedown and then took the nearfall away. Mocco did somethings you just don't see very often. It was 7-5 with 20 seconds left. Once he develops a good set up for his shots. He is going to be a handful. I think both wrestlers are future multiple time all-americans. The bigger Braunagel is a hammer and is going to be a problem. He might be the best chance for an AA for the Illini. Illini next year from 165-184 will be a force. the Jacques Vs. Barone match was 1-1 with a minute left. Jacques hit a great takedown and got the turn. Then tried to cut him to get the major.
  11. I actually thinks it might help the team in the long run. While it will hurt next year to watch him somewhere else. I think it creates some opportunities. Allen Hart will move up to 141 lbs. next year possibly. Which is more of his natural weight. Connor Brown will be the 133 lbs. and you get two years out of them. If Leeth returns he can 149 and redshirt Mauller. Mizzou's best team was probably going to be after Eierman graduated as well with Brown, Hart, Mauller, Jacques, Mocco, O'Toole, and both Elams That being said I just trying to look on the positive cause he was my favorite wrestler to watch. Depending on the singlet... I may not be cheering.
  12. 125- Lee 133- Gross 141- Leeth 149- Sasso 157- Carr 165- McFadden 174- Hall 184- Valencia 197- Moore 285- Steveson
  13. Mizzou's happened Saturday 184 - Jeremiah Kent over Canten Marriott with a last second take down 184- Dylan Wisman over Cordell Durhart 125- Dack Punke Major Over Cameron Valdiviez 133- Allen Hart Major over Weston DiBlasi 141- Alex Butler over Sam Ritchie 149- Brock Mauller over Mitchell Bohlken 157- Jarrett Jacques over Phil DeLoach 165- Peyton Mocco over Luke Fortuna 174- Connor Flynn Tech over Martell Boone 197- Wyatt Koelling 8-0 over Jack Flynn 184- Wisman 9-0 over Kent Didn't have scores on all.. But had the results
  14. Thank you andegre, I understand completely what you were saying. It is a completely different strategy over just taking the highest ranked guy. I like it. I would just like the post season included so I can lord it over my friends when I beat them in regular season and NCAA's.
  15. Why are you cutting off the season at Feb 23rd... It would be interesting to keep the teams through NCAA's for the final run.
  16. OK Mizzou's Current verbals from #5 Keegan O'Toole -157/165 #13 Rocky Elam - 197 #46 Colton Hawks -184 #69 Josh Edmonds - 141/149 #76 Trey Crawford - 133/141 If I had to Rank the Recruiting Classes 1. Oklahoma State (#2, #11, #20, #28, #78) 2. Virginia Tech (#15, #19, #23, #24, #75) 3. Cornell (#8, #14, #33, #44, #77, #120) 4. Missouri (#5, #13, #46, #71, #74) I also think that between 2-4 is not much difference.
  17. Here is a question as well. Does Dylan Wisman go for a medical redshirt after this year. His redshirt sophomore year (2017-2018 season) He only wrestled 6 matches at the end of the season and missed over 3 months?
  18. He wrestled 7 duals last year. So I guess he is redshirting this year?
  19. Mizzou so far in this recruiting class has the following #5 O'Toole #13 Elam #46 Hawks #71 Edmond That is four in the Top 75. Only other teams that can make that claim are Oklahoma State (2, 11, 20, 28, plus 78), Cornell (8, 14, 33, 44, Plus 77), Nebraska (9, 17, 26 and 57), Va Tech (15, 23, 24 and 75) Hopefully they can get #74 Ranked (son of past Mizzou AA) Trey Crawford to join the class.
  20. I was wondering about Connor Brown, he left at semester from Wisconsin. If he enrolled at Mizzou for 2019 spring semester. Can he wrestle the 2020 spring semester? Being that would be a year. Seriously, I don't know how the ruling on this. If he can not.. Would this be considered his redshirt year (Since he hasn't taken one)?
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