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  1. Agree 100%. The IOC will probably cut bait on wrestling at the next chance and we want to change over to those rules? I like both styles but I think folk is the way to go at youth and collegiate levels for now while incorporating a few modern rule changes. Granted I don't get to watch much free outside of Olympic cycles these days but the rule changes and figure skating like judging at times I don't know. I'm well versed in wrestling and I was struggling watching the trials at times this past weekend with the rules and calls being made.
  2. Glad I held back on buying a subscription from past issues I had friends tell me about. I see very little has changed and until they do I will not give them a penny or tell any friends to do the same. Sorry for those that put up with these continued issues.
  3. Ethan lost to Pletcher and Parker twice and Klump in the 3rd place match. Never faced Lee in season.
  4. Can't help Becahi that their 106 and 113 lb state champs would be sizable underdogs
  5. Just watched the Curry-Sheehan match on demand replay and man Sheehan is a BEAST on top. Just toyed with Curry. Sheehan must like the stage the Giant Center offers haha. Still surprised Sevi got cradled up like that, real nice slick TD in the first, been wrestling great all postseason, thought it would be him and Zavatsky.
  6. As a AAA fan I'm all for keeping them in AA ;)
  7. So jelly of that WPIAL action. NE Regionals was pretty bland compared to recent years imo. Not much drama as compared to recent years. Also a down year for the region, was surprised at lack of quality of some of the semi's/3rd place matches. Nice to see Northampton push 5 through to states and that program appears to be gaining some traction, Liberty did really well today and that's with the shocker that DXI Tournament OW KJ Fenstermacher loses in semi's and his consi semi final match to miss states. Nazareth had a strong tournament and has a few kids that can make noise.
  8. In four years their closest match at AA duals has been 13 points, and the gap has gotten bigger every year, and BECA is a pretty young team...the train ain't stopping anytime soon. I barely watch their duals anymore at states, just don't get any enjoyment out of it. Really loved a lot of the other matches though between the rest of AA, lot of tight and close matches with excitement.
  9. Ok maybe an exaggeration, but far better than what it is now.
  10. The occasional post like this is fine but every time I come back to this board this is just the norm. No wonder I rarely frequent this board anymore. Used to be so solid...sigh.
  11. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=what+does+a+mormon+do+on+a+mission
  12. That was one of the best two minutes of stall riding this tournament. Hope I make it to Dake-Taylor
  13. Steiber lives a charmed life in the finals, think it was 2 but wasn't a fall. Changed the complexion of the match for sure.
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