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  1. I don't see how this is good for DT at all; if this is an exhibition then I suspect that there will be no penalty to one who tries to hurt their opponent. Some guys when they are losing revert to "if I can't win then I'll make him pay".
  2. Chamizo just wants the match to measure Dake for next year; he wants a test run.
  3. You've gotta throw in Arsen Fadzaev (my favorite, because you could appreciate his position), and Khedartsev.
  4. Between Andiev and Gobedshivilli, it was Chamiskov (sp), also at that time was an up and coming Pole that stood about 7 ft tall (Sandursky) who lost in the finals to Chamiskov The next year they put in the 286 wt class which about emaciated the Pole, who before was weighing around 330. FILA almost dropped it to 275, until hearing that Karelin could have issues making weight. Being the draw for the sport that Karelin already generated, FILA quickly changed to 286.
  5. TJ Hill would have been a world champ; eliminating this weight also eliminated millions of potentially great wrestlers, Asians in particular.
  6. Hey FadZ, I saw the same 'Russian roll' at a USA vs USSR dual in Chattanooga in early 70's; it's kinda like a peek out off an opponent's chest lock, but you control the wrist opposite of the side you peek, and yes he is definitely on his back. (key point is that the hand catching his wrist a x-wrist; so if I'm peeking to my right side, I control his right wrist with my right hand)
  7. Two wrestlers that impressed me the most in the 76 Games were Tediashvilli and Takada. Teddy was at the end of his prime in Montreal; I saw him again in 78 when he went up to 100 kg. He got pinned, on the second bounce, from E Ger's Buttner on an inside leg laced over-under throw (classic Euro throw). At the medal ceremonies he stepped over the first place level, as if unworthy to touch it, for his placement to receive the silver. Takada was an absolute hammer, besting a very capable Ivanov from the USSR; but also in 78, he got pinned in an incredible move by Anatoly Beloglazov, cross ducking Takada's attempt to counter his Russian tie with a front headlock. Takada waited 12 years before reappearing in Tokyo in 1990, he was still very good (I believe he took 3rd at the same wt-57kg)
  8. yes, I would go in a heart beat if it was a good meet.
  9. Dave Shultz in 1982- 3rd at 82 kg; 1st the next year at 74kg Adam Satiev was at 68 kg in 97, goes up 2 wt classes (because of his brother) to win 2000 Olympics 82 kg
  10. Brandon Slay's gold medal has been under appreciated by many, but he really had a bum rap regarding the event, for many reasons. First he accomplished something that very few ever did, he defeated the great B Satiev, who was the heavy favorite, and I might add this was in the height of Satiev's career, unlike Karelin's controversial loss in the same year to Rulon. (and I say controversial only because of a rule that changed as a result of that match). Second, Leipold got most of his points because of improper clinching (totally subjective); Slay did lose a subsequent activity point only due to being put in a desperate position to score, because of the controversial interpretation of the clinch. Slay beat Satiev fair and square, but lost in the finals amid controversy, but people only remember that Slay 'got lucky' with the drug ruling (itself controversial) against Leipold. And finally, Slay was denied the moment that all Olympic champs dream of, standing at the podium, listening to the national anthem in front of the world on the grandest stage in all of sports. He earned the gold medal; his win over Satiev was one of the greatest upsets of all time.
  11. Joe Corso was the Olympian in 76 after climbing the ladder from his 6th seed position, beating another relative unknown in Jan Gitcho, 2 out of 3.
  12. I believe he was trailing Hahn in the 3rd pd in a match early in his career, then pulled it out for a one pt victory; maybe someone can find that match result details.
  13. Everyone knows that Cael was undefeated in his 4 yr college career, but how many losses did he have as a red shirt freshman? and to whom?
  14. Weakest resume I've ever seen; why would you put a 7th place finish in a Guatemalan tourney, or two 10th place finishes in the World's Veterans tournament. In all probability that tells me he was 2 and out in each competition.
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