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  1. Russia wanted someone to take Monday out (similar to the Russians having Asheraliev (sp) drop in 72 to take Gable out). At the 89 Worlds, weigh-ins occurred the day before; Monday weighed at least 180 when he stepped on the mat. On both days of weigh-ins, Fadzaev waited until everyone weighed in, then he stepped on the scales weighing in at 158 both days. This match shows the reason why we have weight classes. Kenny stopped Arsen's patented cutback position with power for the 2 pt exposure, revealing the enormous weight/strength advantage that Kenny had.
  2. Why aren't brackets available for viewing; Flo Arena doesn't even have the tournament listed.
  3. He might have even been pinned; look in the rule book at the illustration of the back exposure area. Definitely backs points here.
  4. He never even put his feet in the mat to bridge.
  5. no interest; same reason I don't watch Middle School wrestling; has only to do with quality of wrestling.
  6. Both at wrong, started by smart-mouthed disrespectful jawing. The leniency practiced today in schools is the cause of so much disrespect. This official lacked self-control; I assume he will quit officiating because few are siding with him. and he isn't gonna take crap off a snotty kid. He looked too old to change his ways, and honestly, I might have done the same thing too. We are just too soft today on all kids, not just wrestlers (they're probably one the most respectful). Admittedly, I'm a baby-boomer, from the age of discipline.
  7. Intellect may help some, but clearly, shear athleticism trumps it all. Charlie Heard was the toughest wrestler in the world for 2 min ; he teched K Darkus 10-0, Silver medalist to S. Beloglazov in 86, in the first pd at Pensacola Trials in 88 (when TDs were worth 1 pt); was beating Barry Davis 6-0 till he gassed (same tournament); was beating Sergia Beloglazov 4-0 at Tiblisi till he gassed. Charlie is not a Mensa member.
  8. Are there avenues available to actually protest a match, especially when the top brass are the ones making the matside review decisions?
  9. An explanation was given in the Flo post meet comments, that they went back 45-50 seconds to where the sequence began and continued for so long.
  10. Women's wrestling has been around longer than MMA. MMA has grown in leaps and bounds technically; there is no reason to ever compare women to men in wrestling; it's true in all sports, but especially physical sports.
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