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  1. And champs from 2 schools that no longer have teams. Sad
  2. Yes, upon graduation at the academies there is a 5 year commitment, but upon completion, if one opts for a civilian job research has shown that USNA grads have the highest salaries of all institutions of higher education. After 10 years, only Harvey Mudd is ahead by a small margin for highest wages from a particular school/grad.
  3. Also unusual to have 2 elite academic institutions represented at the same time.
  4. True, Bob was actually the better athlete; I don't think he ever did the broadcasting role.
  5. I believe Jackson beat Bob Golic, N.D., in the semis that year; Golic was in on a high crotch, but Jimmy's weight provided the necessary counter to stop any scoring by Golic. Bob went on to have a great career in the NFL.
  6. Yes, Lee Kemp (78, 79, 82 World Champ) vs Dave Shultz 1983 World Champ in the 84 US Olympic Trials
  7. Young people, in particular, student athletes, are paying the price for a virus that would affect fewer of them than the flu, yet the fear mandate has duped a lot of people. More than twice as many flu deaths have been attributed to persons under the age of 20, as have Covid cases. Blame it on the fear mongers. IMHO
  8. So when the mask comes/tears off or slides down the face (unmasking), does the referee immediately stop the match. This could get crazy very quickly; if it occurs during a potential scoring sequence does the ref allow the action to be completed, or does he immediately stop it? If the latter, look for intentional unmasking to prevent scoring by the opponent. Don't kid yourself it will happen.
  9. If the New York Post story was highlighted on here, this topic would have been pulled long ago, but...
  10. Michigan's governor is a real doozy, sounds like decree made by Cal gov Newsome when he required masks on between bites.
  11. Sitting along the VIP table in view behind the wrestlers were Mamashivilli (sp)(mafia? Putin's man?), Fadzaev (with huge bags under his eyes, looks like he's aged a lot), and Beloglazov (not sure which one). They all love Sadulaev, Fadzaev videoed his whole match.
  12. Looking at the crowd, maybe 1 in 30 had on a mask sitting side by side.
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