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  1. fullnelson

    Big 10s next year

  2. fullnelson

    45th NCAA in a row- annual post

    Dziedzic picked up his counter to Schalles's leg wrap counter to the single (while standing) from Muhammed Ghorbani (my asst coach and 71 World champ from Iran) that week (& he used it successfully in the 76 Trials against Wade). Clinicians were Shozo Sasahara, Dan Gable, Bobby Douglas, and Yuri Shakmuradov; Stan tried to get Yuri to show more than he did, but he only showed low % fancy stuff you never saw used.
  3. fullnelson

    45th NCAA in a row- annual post

    Fond memories of those first years-1975 at Princeton- Between sessions in the practice room was the best wrestling and exchange of ideas, techniques, etc. Greats of the past would show up and wrestle. Dan Gable would take on all comers as they lined up 40+ for the chance to go takedowns with him; he did that again at the 1975 World Coaches clinic in Mn, when Wade Shalles showed up in line. He hit a firemans on Dan, but Dan simply used the momentum of the shot to roll him thru, and Dan comes up holding 2 & 2, which is how freestyle would have scored it. Only time I've ever seen anyone do that technique. Anyway, I miss the early years of practice room exchange of ideas; learned a lot; I remember seeing Sergei Beloglazov playing with some of our best. Ask Chertow how it went.
  4. They are using the system, which calls for equal numbers of the sexes, to falsely present their daughters as athletes; yes there is a connection.
  5. It's interesting that the college admission scam exposed, the only athletes scamming the system are females; they could scam the system because necessary quotas have to be met to offset the number of males in the athletic dept. There isn't a male-only team's coach in the country who doesn't know what he's getting; girls don't need any experience to make some of these teams (in name only).
  6. fullnelson

    If all wrestlers are seeded?

    Wouldn't it make the 32 seed have a pigtail with the 33 seed? That is correct, with winner wrestling #1 next?
  7. fullnelson

    If all wrestlers are seeded?

    Does this mean that all #2 seeds have a pigtail match with #33?
  8. I know there are others, like Gimp, who is one ahead of me; my first was at Princeton 1975. And I know that Dan Gable must be approaching upper 50's in NCAA appearances. Who are others approaching these numbers, and how many will this be for you?
  9. fullnelson

    2X or better champs without Conference titles?

    Nate Carr; Kenny Monday beat him in the Big 8's and he'd win at the NCAAs.
  10. fullnelson

    2X or better champs without Conference titles?

    Bertin and Jaggers come to mind
  11. fullnelson

    Worst Calls, NCAA Finals

    split decision at that
  12. fullnelson

    Meanest on the mat / nicest off the mat

    John and Ben Peterson along with Gene Davis
  13. fullnelson

    What would this rule change do ......

    Dumb topic
  14. fullnelson

    Nebraska at Penn State

  15. fullnelson

    Phillippi screwed up

    Wins 3-1; anyone who was there, care to comment.