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  1. Sitting along the VIP table in view behind the wrestlers were Mamashivilli (sp)(mafia? Putin's man?), Fadzaev (with huge bags under his eyes, looks like he's aged a lot), and Beloglazov (not sure which one). They all love Sadulaev, Fadzaev videoed his whole match.
  2. Looking at the crowd, maybe 1 in 30 had on a mask sitting side by side.
  3. I question the Brands story about going to bars for fights, since both don't drink. Like all of us who've been around, they have mellowed with age, and you won't find anyone more loyal than the Brands brothers.
  4. I could not believe the news of his passing; 68 isn't that old. He had his prostrate removed a few years ago, so I don't know if it is related to his death. Anyone who got to know Greg knows that he was a man of integrity. He certainly lived a full life; I remember his describing how thrilling a bungie jump was in New Zealand from a incredible height. People forget how tough he was; he rolled around with Bruce Baumgartner when Bruce was in his prime. I cherished our friendship, as I know many others did. I have peace knowing that he was a man on strong faith, and is now in a better place. RIP my friend.
  5. I, like Fadzaev, have too many stories to tell (45 NCAAs straight, multiple Big Tens, Midlands, 20 Worlds, 5 Olympics, etc), but one short one that was hilarious to witness occurred in Budapest in either 85 or 86 (Worlds were held there both years). The heavyweight match ended in controversy with the Iranian wrestler on the losing end; finally after arguing, the call was confirmed. The referee positioned the 2 wrestler's in the normal end-of-match placement, but before he could raise the winner's hand the Iranian grabbed the ref's hand and held it up. For his upstaging FILA in such a blatant act of disrespect, the Iranian was banished for 2 years from any competition. But it was too funny.
  6. I met Joe in 77 at the Pan Am training camp in Murfreesboro Tn. Through the years I found him to not only be a great technician, but maybe a greater communicator and listener. People trusted what Joe said; he was always positive (glass was always half full). Anyone who knew would agree. RIP Joe.
  7. Enkhee took silver representing Mongolia. Should have won; got beat in last seconds. Later suffers terrible accident that left him paralyzed. Watch him toss Gene Mills like a rag doll in the World Cup.
  8. Valentine Jordanov is the strongest wrestler pound for pound that I ever saw; ask anyone with experience/knowledge of his feats (particularly anyone who was working out at Foxcatcher when he was in the room)- wiry, sinewy, strength. B Satiev had similar strength as well as great flexibility (often highly underrated as an advantage/asset)
  9. FILA had a crazy bracket system that year, if you lost in any round other than the first round and you weren't a finalist, you were out. People looked at the bracket and many determined that they would just throw their first match in order for a chance to place. Americans don't do that, plus tournament was in Istanbul where officiating heavily favored the Turks (check team standings that year for them compared to other years). I believe they were only 5 minute matches (1 period). D Schultz always felt that Gable pushed too much Iowa into their freestyle practices (was good for some, but not others and I think Dan is suggesting that in the video)
  10. Right out of Gene Mill's approach. Now he was a confident wrestler, who maybe lacked the physical qualities many greats have or who also lacked an array of TD skills, but he did have an incredible gas tank and a never quit attitude.
  11. All those mentioned are certainly worthy candidates, but I'll add another who should/would have been the only wrestler in the world to have won 3 World titles in 3 different styles. In 1982 I witnessed Greg Gibson do 30 pull-ups AFTER an hour+ practice. Greg won World Championships in Greco and Sambo, and was royally screwed in 1981 World Freestyle Finals, when he gutted the East German 3x, only to have the mat judges rule 2&2 each time resulting in an 11-10 heartbreaking loss. He and Mark Schultz had the best gutwrenchs in US history imo.
  12. https://sports.jrank.org/pages/2435/Karelin-Alexander-terrifying-maneuver.html
  13. His only loss prior to Rulon's 2000 victory, was in the 80s to a fellow Russian while Karelin was still a teenager in a Russian tournament. Once he became 'The Man' for Russia he never lost until Sydney.
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