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  1. To qualify for this post, Greats would be anyone with 3 or more World/Olympic titles and often include additional medals. Sadulaev has been mentioned by a poster as the best he's ever seen. First of all he hasn't seen many of the past Greats to even make that statement. Several people have commented on many Greats who would certainly receive more votes in a survey of informed persons. Actually I find Sadulaev, almost boring these days compared to style in 2014 & 2015, when he was constantly attacking. Did you see one offensive attack vs Snyder; he was only concerned about position. I have observed this trend with many of the Greats through the years; Lee Kemp, IMO the most under-rated US wrestler of all-time, won in his World debut in 1978, beating the top contenders comfortably, but only 3-4 yrs later he was winning by one or 2 pts, often coming from behind , due to his lack of attacks seen in earlier years. There are/were others but my question is why change a winning formula. Granted, with video tape much more accessible today, people are making adjustments to stymie the attackers (much like the Arizona State kid in the finals with S Lee-play the edge and play down-block the whole time). But I see a more fragile reason, they're afraid to lose. Some people after success, with such high expectations from the media, fans, coaches and peers, and maybe even themselves get into a shell and just simply wrestle not to lose. To me, this is Sadulaev today. Go back and look at his earlier years. During John Smith's run, I don't think he let off the gas nearly as much as people were making adjustments to his low single, but John was way more than just a low single guy, he could win with other attacks. JB wins off his constant attacking; his only 2 losses to Sidakov came after he went on defense with under 10-20 sec left, but this a different scenario; this is trying to hold a lead vs wrestling the entire match waiting for the other guy to make a mistake while controlling the center of the mat. Still, the wrestling today is way better than the ball-grab and standing single-leg starts that almost ruined wrestling. I refuse to even watch wrestling from that era.
  2. IMO Snyder has lost a step on his attacks; he seems slower and thus more tentative to shoot. It also looks like he is thicker, maybe due to heavy lifting. To beat Sadulaev, I think he needs to go Yazdani on him; that is learn to force an undertook and use his power to drive Sadulaev out. If he worked that strategy for a year, he could get pretty good at it. Much of success in wrestling is just controlling situations, like ties, better than your opponent. Iran works constantly on their undertook series, and it easy to see the positive results. What he has to offer right now against Sadulaev isn't going to win in the future unless he develops a new attack. Also, constantly digging for underhooks will prevent him from going on the shot clock which happened to him twice. Sadulaev NEVER shot. Something new is needed.
  3. Of the 8 wrestlers posted to wrestler place matches beginning at noon today, every single one person had Soviet (Russia and all Republics prior to break up) names. Makes for a tougher tournament. Many imply this is a weak tourney, but with all the imports, including some former World champs, think again.
  4. Uguev is beatable, barely beat Gilman in Tokyo and had an even closer match in the semis when it looked like Gilman was out. (hits inside trip with less than 10 sec to pull it out). When you when a World title it can't help but increase one's confidence. Gilman IS the bad draw now.
  5. A couple things- 1. Iran is clearly the best in the world at gaining the undertook control and driving the opponent out-of-bounds; we've seen videos of them drilling it. Is it good for wrestling when the intent is not to take someone down but simply run them out? When the step-out rule was initiated originally, it specifically stated this would not be allowed for scoring(intentional push-out). Did I miss the ruling change? Right now, when an Iranian gets the underhook, it's Sumo time. I will say that Yaz does a nice knee pick when the guy does any squaring up, usually on the edge. 2. How do you defend the undertook? We saw Cunningham in the corner pleading for David to punch his elbow in tight to the collarbone on David's ties to the head to block the underhook. I've occasionally seen a wrestler firemans the undertook arm AS the opponent is digging, not after he's got it (timing is huge here). I think Gilman's semis opponent did a similar attempt for the first points scored in their match, as Gilman was driving the guy out. Controlling the underhooking arm before they gain control would help as well. Thoughts on either point?
  6. Gilman is the improved US wrestler of the past year, by far. The Uguev match from Tokyo was a clear indicator.
  7. Dake has the best gut since Mark Shultz and Fix's leg-in to bar trapped-arm gut is fluid.
  8. I don't know; he didn't look small teching Wick
  9. Is there any question about why we didn't qualify 65kg for Tokyo; today's match or borefest between J.O. and Retherford is proof. Oliver runs the whole time and Zain can't seem to close the deal, make adjustments, whatever it takes to win. Look at Jordan's right hand the last minute and a half- fingers are spread to invite Zain to interlock fingers (after Zain was warned earlier), like setting a trap. The guy is savvy; check out how he beat Yanni at OT, but it didn't work for the last qualifier in Asia. He scored the only takedown in the match to qualify, but stepped out of bounds and put on the clock twice to lose 3-2 (if I recall correctly). And he'll never change the same tactics; saw same back-up style as an OSU freshman. I've always felt Zain was our best hope, but now it's Yanni imo.
  10. I was fortunate to have Muhammed Ghorbani, former World Champion from Iran as my assistant for 6 years, and he told me that wrestling was the Nat'l sport in Iran. When I saw the Iranian team greet Muhammed at the World Cup in Toledo, 1975, he was was greeted like a hero from each member of the Iranian team. Many stories and fond memories of my time with M Ghorbani.
  11. Flo, are you listening, just go back to the previous format-much easier to navigate. Now, it seems like there are too many missing parts to what most enjoyed.
  12. It simple, he ran a 100yd dash at the start of a mile run. Maybe the best wrestler in the weight class in the first 2 min. He didn't thrown anything, but his wad.
  13. The host country of World or Olympic competition is ALWAYS the beneficiary of subjective scoring where subjectivity plays into scoring. Helen's Japanese opponent had to be scored against via technical means for a chance to win. It simply didn't happen for her. And it doesn't matter what sport; remember boxing travesty in 88 with Roy Jones losing to the Korean (who'd been knocked down twice).
  14. Josh Lambrecht (sp) also multi AA, remembered most as the victim of the stunning pin to Rohn, right before Cale goes for #4.
  15. Massive weight cuts have always occurred-K Chertow was 26 lbs over 2 days before his competition in Seoul, and it showed on the mat (one and done). Mark Shultz did cut 12 lbs in an hour in Pensacola (Remember Foxcatcher), although he did it outside the arena in the sun (not in the hallway as in the movie) with Dave pushing him hard. Akins used to do 2 IV's after weighins (when it was still legal), huge weight cutter. Agree that some guys can't do it while others thrive, obviously making a big difference in their appearance on the mat. Gene Mills said he weighed over 140 in the finals with Gonzales in the 118 NCAA finals (weigh-ins were the night before); imagine the suffering to make 114.5 (52 kg). Waiting till the last second is the ideal way to do it; Terry Brands was a master of this thinking. He'd be 10 over with less than 2 hours before weighins, but his routine was solid, getting on the air dyne and pushing as hard as he could for one hour in plastics, hood, gloves, etc and he's on weight when done. The beauty here of course is that you immediately rehydrate and you're back up to 135-36 where you were when you started the cut, keeping your size. Obviously it takes a well-conditioned athlete to pull this off, and of course you have to be hydrated to begin with. Cutting water weight at the very end is the way to do it. I just can't believe that J.O. cuts water weight in the evening; it would take much longer for rehydration to be fully assimilated after a long delay between getting down to weight and then sitting on it till weighins. Science shows after 90 min the body (if no fluids are injested) will attempt equilibrium of body fluids by going to other areas of the body for lack of fluid balance, including muscles (which will often lead to cramping).
  16. This is correct, USA Wrestling has done this same out-of-kilter mat assignments for years; they are the worst; somebody needs to identify this problem.I believe it's been the same guy for years who doesn't care what's best for audience.
  17. Lot of inconsistent officiating last night, if the officials of the first and last matches switched matches, RBY would have won 2-0, while Spencer would have won by DQ. RBY did nothing different than what I saw the whole tournament, yet got dinged 2x in 30 secs, while Courtney ran the whole match. Years ago the rule stated if a wrestler backed out of the 10 ft circle before any contact was made it was automatic stalling; Courtney did it every time except when he got caught 2x shooting before the whistle start. Recall how many times guys were playing the edge with leads. A year ago I was not in favor of the step out rule, but I'm now leaning the other way. Besides keeping the wrestling in the center of the mat, it would do 2 additional things, one make the matches go by faster (eliminating the plethora of restarts), and two it gives a guy a chance to score with short time on the clock (ala Sidakov in the Russian Nat'ls last week). Also change the rule about dropping down to a single leg while in top position even in standing position (Ferrari). Yes he was within the rules to go to standing single without a count, but it still stalling (correctly called once); there is absolutely no effort to attempt a fall when one repeatedly goes for single leg. I'm in favor of any single leg control while in the top position being deemed stalling.
  18. I don't believe Spencer has any regrets for having wrestled this past weekend. Some on here are making a big deal about nothing.
  19. I applaud ESPN for making available every single match of the tournament; a far cry better coverage than the old days of Wide World of Sports. Also imagine that you are watching the finals and it is cut away in the middle of a match to go to another event. For what they are doing for wrestling-never diss ESPN for their wrestling coverage. Anybody remember the 'Heidi game'; we don't need a repeat.
  20. I didn't see any point in the quarters match that indicated an injury. Anyone know the nature of the med forfeit?
  21. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMlRGOUFxfq/?igshid=1to0yrgfp3ec6
  22. Who was it that never placed in the NCAAs, but took silver in Olympics (OSU grad)
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