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  1. Both at wrong, started by smart-mouthed disrespectful jawing. The leniency practiced today in schools is the cause of so much disrespect. This official lacked self-control; I assume he will quit officiating because few are siding with him. and he isn't gonna take crap off a snotty kid. He looked too old to change his ways, and honestly, I might have done the same thing too. We are just too soft today on all kids, not just wrestlers (they're probably one the most respectful). Admittedly, I'm a baby-boomer, from the age of discipline.
  2. Intellect may help some, but clearly, shear athleticism trumps it all. Charlie Heard was the toughest wrestler in the world for 2 min ; he teched K Darkus 10-0, Silver medalist to S. Beloglazov in 86, in the first pd at Pensacola Trials in 88 (when TDs were worth 1 pt); was beating Barry Davis 6-0 till he gassed (same tournament); was beating Sergia Beloglazov 4-0 at Tiblisi till he gassed. Charlie is not a Mensa member.
  3. Are there avenues available to actually protest a match, especially when the top brass are the ones making the matside review decisions?
  4. An explanation was given in the Flo post meet comments, that they went back 45-50 seconds to where the sequence began and continued for so long.
  5. Women's wrestling has been around longer than MMA. MMA has grown in leaps and bounds technically; there is no reason to ever compare women to men in wrestling; it's true in all sports, but especially physical sports.
  6. Cox made absolutely 0 shots the whole match.
  7. Quotes are out of order, but they are correct. But I must add is that the guy you hated most to wrestle was the long, lean, strong (sinewy strength), but also extremely flexible. Try doing a firemans on a python. Satiev is built like that; he could do things no one else did, or counter when there was no known counter for a certain situation.
  8. Tennessee- Jordan Leen- 3x AA (7,1, 3) Phillip Simpson- 3x AA at 3 wt classes (5, 7, 2) Nick Marable-2x AA (7, 3)
  9. Dziedzic picked up his counter to Schalles's leg wrap counter to the single (while standing) from Muhammed Ghorbani (my asst coach and 71 World champ from Iran) that week (& he used it successfully in the 76 Trials against Wade). Clinicians were Shozo Sasahara, Dan Gable, Bobby Douglas, and Yuri Shakmuradov; Stan tried to get Yuri to show more than he did, but he only showed low % fancy stuff you never saw used.
  10. Fond memories of those first years-1975 at Princeton- Between sessions in the practice room was the best wrestling and exchange of ideas, techniques, etc. Greats of the past would show up and wrestle. Dan Gable would take on all comers as they lined up 40+ for the chance to go takedowns with him; he did that again at the 1975 World Coaches clinic in Mn, when Wade Shalles showed up in line. He hit a firemans on Dan, but Dan simply used the momentum of the shot to roll him thru, and Dan comes up holding 2 & 2, which is how freestyle would have scored it. Only time I've ever seen anyone do that technique. Anyway, I miss the early years of practice room exchange of ideas; learned a lot; I remember seeing Sergei Beloglazov playing with some of our best. Ask Chertow how it went.
  11. Wouldn't it make the 32 seed have a pigtail with the 33 seed? That is correct, with winner wrestling #1 next?
  12. Does this mean that all #2 seeds have a pigtail match with #33?
  13. I know there are others, like Gimp, who is one ahead of me; my first was at Princeton 1975. And I know that Dan Gable must be approaching upper 50's in NCAA appearances. Who are others approaching these numbers, and how many will this be for you?
  14. Nate Carr; Kenny Monday beat him in the Big 8's and he'd win at the NCAAs.
  15. Wins 3-1; anyone who was there, care to comment.
  16. John Dupont was delusional; in the movie where he celebrates Mark's gold medal in his trophy room, you see him taking guys down where no defense is ever attempted. He simply believed he was a good/great wrestler. He started the Veterans World Championships in Venezuela in 1992. No one knew about it and he won, unopposed. (J Corso and Cozart were there) The next year in Toronto, at the 2nd World Veterans Tournament, his opponent, was some Eastern European who had clearly been paid off to lose, but Dupont was so pitiful he fell behind (the guy was wrestling Dupont like he was a 3 yr old kid, very gently). Finally, the guy started just falling down at the mere touch of Dupont's ties, but in the process, Dupont had his wrist broken; it was a comical farce (I actually videoed it but can't find the footage). To further validate his state of delusion, Rob Koll told me a couple years ago at the Scuffle, when he was training at Foxcatcher, an NCAA former champion walked into the room to work out, and Dupont leans over to Koll and says "I can beat that guy".
  17. Please watch again, and tell me you don't see it
  18. Rivera was allowed to back up the ENTIRE match with only one pt; Lee simply chased him and paid the price.
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