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  1. If Snyder and Gable wrestled a five match series Gable wins all five and Snyder is mentally broken for the last one, maybe two. I'd like to see a Snyder v Zilmer series though. I would expect a five match series to go to the fifth match with no telling who would win.
  2. Daughter played D1 soccer. After a playoff loss when some of the players had been out late the night before and not at their peak for the game the captains talked with the team and implemented a "dry season" rule. It was all about commitment and focus. I had to shake my head when the mens hockey team showed up to cheer at one of their games and each of the guys had their own 12 pack. They were in the middle of a series of under performing seasons which led to the coach being replaced. I like Pop's approach.
  3. Can anyone tell me what was on the sticks they were closing cuts with? Superglue? Some sort of cauterizing agent? Seems to be a new development at wrestling matches.
  4. Hard to vote against Clarke, what a tourney for him. How about Wood though? He broke through the top tier of heavies and damn near made it to the finals. Amazing that his head didn’t pop right off in that final scramble with Schultz.
  5. Heavyweight U and an RTC with strong GR program - that would make sense. Gopher fans are holding out for a Kerkvliet homecoming though.
  6. If he has a finals opponent he will be flipping. If he is just claiming an MFF he walks out in his socks and drops his shoes on the mat.
  7. Watching the match last night I thought Parris had improved. He got to Steveson’s legs but couldn’t finish. Kept it close for first half of the match. Maybe the KJ influence helping him.
  8. Tony Nelson was a 2X NCAA Champion and 3X Finalist for Minnesota but he never seemed to get the respect that would typically accrue to someone with those credentials. There seemed to be a widespread opinion the he was a “staller” because his preferred strategy in the top position was to cover the hips and work for a tilt or half. Face it folks, Tony Nelson was a man ahead of his time! Attend any D1 wrestling match these days and you will see that the large majority of wrestlers use a Nelson Ride in the top position.
  9. Poor Cassioppi, he did all that work off season and Gable still increased the gap.
  10. Match started at 157 with a forfeit by Northwestern against Brayton Lee. Deakin-g Duck?
  11. Not discounting Cassar’s wins at all. PSU scouted Gable thoroughly and came up with a sound strategy. Cassar wrestled like a seasoned veteran while Gable got frustrated.
  12. He has trimmed his beard and the look is much improved over last year! If I’m a coach I want my trainer leading by example and wearing a mask. In a sport where so many small training and lifestyle choices can make a difference and small differences are often the difference between victory and defeat, it seem worthwhile for him to do. He doesn’t have to yell to wrestlers or refs or get max O2 into his lungs.
  13. Mental maturity also played a large part. He grew from a cocky kid to a hardworking, focused and disciplined “professional”. Professional in the sense that he committed to his craft in a business-like fashion.
  14. Tony Cassioppi clearly worked very hard this past off season and came back stronger, leaner and faster. Gable still increased the gap between them. I put him right there with Ali and Lawrence Taylor who’s skills and talents allow them to dominate their sport.
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