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  1. powershouse

    Will Kerry McCoy ever be on the hot seat?

    Are Pritzlaf or Howe ready for a head coach position?
  2. powershouse

    Bo Nickal

    When I saw the toss the original poster noted my first thought was that it would be fun to see Nickal bump up yet another weight class to wrestle Steveson!
  3. powershouse

    Desanto's In-Match Antics

    When I was in HS there was a fellow named Elliot Artis at Peekskill, NY. He was a Hwt state champ and also a top ranked sprinter. Incredible athlete. During his matches he would turn to their bench and ask, “Should I pin him now?” After the third or fourth time his teammates would say yes and he would stick them.
  4. powershouse

    Is Jason Nolf overrated?

    Nolf is married to a star on the PSU soccer team. The managers of the Future Nittany Lion Development Program clearly consider him a stud.
  5. powershouse

    To be fair........... Does PSU's Hall stall?

    That two-hands hanging on the neck Muay Thai tie up seems to be the rage this year in Happy Valley.
  6. powershouse

    RTC's - Wild, Wild West

    The big thing that I see with RTCs is the ability to get around NCAA limitations on contact with high school students. With an RTC high school students who meet the RTC requirements (in other words have the potential to wrestle D1) are welcome in the room for regular training. As pinnum noted above it is the dichotomy of two different sets of regulations creating a gray area that moneyed programs are exploiting.
  7. powershouse

    RTC's - Wild, Wild West

    The thing that surprised me about RTCs was that high school kids were welcome. They have to meet certain standards such as placement at state or national tourneys, but those standards pretty much describe who has skills to progress to D1. So at the end of the day RTCs become more about recruiting and less about Senior level training.
  8. powershouse

    Nebraska at Penn State

    The PSU guys up and down the lineup are using that tie up these days.
  9. powershouse

    Suriano vs DeSanto Friday night

    I’ll be looking for two things - whether Suriano can escape from bottom position and whether he can maintain the match pace in third period.
  10. powershouse

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    Is it true that Coach Smith was firing six shooters earlier in match when Gfeller scored?
  11. powershouse

    Best Wrestling Forum

    If his only post had been the one with the Barney Rubble look alike kicking shins in an Iowa City McDonalds, JTTS would have been a legend. With his body of work he is the [emoji238].
  12. powershouse

    Steveson’s Behavior

    Some context is in order here. Ref had bizarre calls in the 184 & 197 matches with hair-trigger stall calls in one match and non-calls in the other. Bench warnings also. Correnti, the Rutgers 197 eked out a 1 point win then proceeded to leave the team area, running over to the stands and taunting spectators. He was eventually corralled by the Rutgers staff and sent to the locker room. The ref ignored that whole scene. Gable’s behavior was boorish but it was on the mat against an opponent who stepped out there to compete and had the opportunity to respond. Correnti’s behavior, running up to the stands and making lewd gestures at fans was classless.
  13. powershouse

    Rutgers @ Minnesota 3:15pm on B1G Network

    That “sitting up on top, daring the bottom guy to do something” is exactly what David Taylor used to do. Nobody could stand to watch him either.
  14. powershouse

    Southern Scuffle Quarterfinal matchups

    Some great matchups there! When do they start?
  15. Big fan of your YouTube channel! I’ve spent a bit of time down that rabbit hole!