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  1. The nadir of the MN program was the loss at home to Indiana while J Rob was still coach. Tonight was a total ass kicking but Iowa frankly brought a squad full of asskickers. They didn’t just get the first takedowns they got all of the takedowns. They also were the guys getting the short time points at the end of the periods. MN fans can take solace in sound performances from freshman against seniors who will contend for individual titles this year. Salazar also looked good. In my opinion the coaching staff is top tier and are making good recruiting decisions and adapting to the transfer economy. MN is a long way from the Iowa/PSU level but trending in right direction.
  2. He got two for a takedown then he got two for exposure.
  3. DT even said that four years ago he would have found a way to lose. Mental breakthrough for him. The 20? pound advantage helped keep JB at bay.
  4. "The result was that by mixing part-time prospective student-athletes, redshirted student-athletes, club teams, open tournaments and coaching staff members who were themselves competing in national and international meets, the university gained substantial recruiting and competitive advantages over a period of several years." Now they call that an RTC.
  5. I think the RTC cup had a 2kg allowance and no weigh in on the second day. Go back and look at Garrett’s day 1 performance vs day 2.
  6. McKenna beat Garret pretty handily. Hashon wrestling someone his own size, not like at the RTC Cup.
  7. Wow. What fun is it to watch heavies like these?!
  8. Cardenas with the “moral victory” not giving up the tech.
  9. Cardenas not ready to wrestle grown men.
  10. So was Mekhi Lewis being so flat in the first match a weight cut issuse?
  11. Yianni has the Dake “winner” gene.
  12. Vito looks like a boy among men. Child assassin.
  13. Moore showing all of the par terre skills that Nate Jackson is missing.
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