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  1. Kennedy Blades looked to get kicked in the head and ko’ed while they where separating after the whistle. Came back with a td and pin but watching her wobble around after the match I don’t think she’ll remember it tomorrow.
  2. How many times do you think Cox was “reminded” of weigh in times? [emoji23]
  3. So Lee signed with Ironside for a clothing line then puts out a t-shirt with Barstool Sports? If I’m Ironside I’m not happy.
  4. After days of watching GR it is weird to see folks getting to underhooks so readily.
  5. Anyone else missing the cube/block/mascot tossing? I’ve seen some corner men smack the button with flair but it just isn’t the same. Can wrestlers decline the buzzer the way they could throw the mascot back?
  6. Dustin Schlater. One knee away from being a four timer.
  7. I’d be curious to see team ages in the post-WWII, GI Bill era.
  8. As frustrating as the mat assignments were for viewing, I would have missed the Kennedy Blades train if it had just been MFS. All aboard! [emoji577]
  9. Dake v Wick, Nolf v Carr, Yianni v JO All at the same time!
  10. Does anyone know what the COVID weigh in protocols are? Temperature checks? Appointments for individual time slots? Did he miss his time slot or the overall weigh in window?
  11. There is no question that Ryan is a top notch coach. He changed the course and elevated teams and expectations at Ohio State and at Hofstra before that. He is still able to land big time recruits - Sasso, Karchla, Echemedia, etc. That said, the wheels seem to have come off the RTC. Ryan would have every right to be bitter about Snyder’s defection after all that he did to accommodate Snyder’s international aspirations. Now I see that Singletary has entered the portal. If I’m the AD and see the challenges facing the wrestling program and the looming dynasty next door, I want an experienced Coach who has a proven track record. That’s Ryan. I’d call him in and make sure he was still focused and the competitive fires are still burning and if that checked out I’d tell him to go do what he does best and not worry about looking over his shoulder.
  12. Would we be better off with a single roof for all 10 matches? Kind of like in baseball where each umpire has his own strike zone, but through the course of the game you learn where that is and what the rules are for that particular day. With a single ref, folks would learn what he calls stalling and what he doesn’t call stalling. That wouldn’t help the first guy though [emoji6]
  13. Clock, riding time and SV/TB instead of OT.
  14. He would have been justified to go full Mongolian there.
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