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  1. My understanding is that J Robinson “invented” this while he was at Iowa. The point was to allow the fans a chance to socialize and to get more concession revenue.
  2. Have to believe there is some Jayson Ness footage out there.
  3. Steveson is the cream of the crop on his feet. He will have trouble from Parris and maybe Cass on the mat. It will be interesting to see the strategies employed to take advantage of these strengths and weaknesses. I’ve still got Steveson to win in March.
  4. Steveson’s TD skills are a level above his competitors. His mat skills are on a par with the other top heavies or less. Cassiopi for example scores more points in top position and registers more pins than Steveson. If Cass or Paris can keep things in the first period they may be able to win out against Steveson on the mat.
  5. It won’t work against top level guys though.
  6. I miss Barry. He had the sharpest ears in the B1G and heard everything the crowd said.
  7. Maybe it will show up on Wrestling In 60 on Monday.
  8. He has developed a great setup to leg attack that he didn’t have last season. See what he did to Gross in the Wisconsin dual. Can’t deny that the coaching and training partners at Iowa are making him a better wrestler. I expect that the pressure he brings from neutral will translate well to freestyle.
  9. My impression was that the Gopher staff wanted Lee to work on his mat wrestling so they put him in the down position. Later on at the CKLV they wanted him to get a title and kept him in neutral.
  10. Klerkvliet might have learned more from Cox than from Snyder. Maybe he’ll transfer back [emoji6]
  11. The difference is that these guys are working out with the Cornell (insert name of any school with an RTC here) team and staff in the Cornell room. Nominally they are training for international competition as part of the RTC but they aren’t working on just takedowns, guts and laces - I’m sure they are working on their folk style riding and escaping.
  12. The sketchy part is that the gray shirts are not affiliated with the school but are training at the school and with the team and coaches but they enter through the “RTC Door”.
  13. Then there was the time a bunch of Iowa wrestlers tore up an Iowa City McDonalds and the Barney Rubble look alike kept kicking the manager in the shins....none of them missed a match.
  14. J Rob stuck around too long. He shouldn’t have asked for or been given that last extension. Program hit bottom when J Rob’s team lost to Indiana- at home! I think Eggum/Becker/Brandvold make a heck of a staff and they seem to be moving in the right direction but still have a long way to go. Coyle is the best AD MN has had since Joel Maturi. Maturi May have been more supportive of non revenue sports (although I have seen Coyle at wrestling, soccer and gymnastics events) but Coyle is proving to be much better at managing revenue sports.
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