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  1. I can remember laughing at a “Stroh’s Gives Me The Schlitz!” Bumper sticker after their merger.
  2. powershouse

    DT out for this year’s worlds

    What the heck did Downey have around his ankles in that match?
  3. powershouse

    Beat The Streets Conversation

    Especially seeing what happened to Taylor earlier. I expect that JB had planned to play around some more to make it entertaining but after seeing Taylor go down decided to be much more conservative.
  4. powershouse

    Valencia post match interview.

    Well spoken young man. When I think of how often the posts on this forum, sent from the comfort of momma’s basement, with a cold beer and a bowl of chips alongside, make no sense at all - then I watch a young man still in his singlet and with the adrenaline pumping give a cogent interview, I can’t help but be impressed!
  5. powershouse

    Myles Martin - best ever 1 time champ?

    I can imagine Myles and Gable in a dark barroom, sipping their beers and shaking their heads to coulda, shoulda, woulda’s.
  6. powershouse

    Nickal coasted to the finish

    Did anyone else notice that Nickal had a cradle locked up with 20-30 seconds left? Then he seemed to just look around the arena and soak it all in for a bit rather than try to force Moore over for the pin. Seemed like a very human moment.
  7. powershouse

    Coach John Smith

    You’re talking about the guy who as a coach perfected the lung time out, dive out of bounds and drop to the legs ride. Not too proud to win any way he can.
  8. powershouse

    NCAA Session 6 - Championship Finals Thread

    Coaches shouldn’t be allowed to toss a brick for suspected hands to face.
  9. powershouse

    ESPN3 Split Screen Option

    DeSanta Won by dq after other guy got five stalls.
  10. powershouse

    Let the coaches wear track suits

    My wife was fascinated by him at B1G tourney
  11. powershouse

    Who wins this year's Worst Bodybuilder award?

    I’m a big Duece fan. There’s always a chance he’ll lock up for a big toss. Go big or go home!
  12. powershouse

    Big10 Predictions

    125 Russell 133 Micic 141 McKenna 149 Ashnault 157 Nolf 165 Marinelli 174 Hall 185 Martin 197 Nickal HWT Steveson
  13. powershouse

    Who is the heel of your team and why?

    From the “my how times have changed” department, Oklahoma State seems to be heel-less! Aside from noted Black Hat Johnny Hendricks, they have had an infamous tradition of lung time outers and dive out of bounders who hang on the edge, but this years squad seems pretty respectable.
  14. powershouse

    Big Ten Pre Seeds

    Shakur Rasheed seems out of place as the #2 seed at 184 without much to back it up. Does anyone think that weight will be tweaked from the pre seeds? If you move Rasheed where do you put him?
  15. powershouse

    Best pinning move?

    Personally I think Jayson Ness’s half Nelson’s were more effective pinning moves than Dylan Ness’s elevators.