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  1. Big fan of your YouTube channel! I’ve spent a bit of time down that rabbit hole!
  2. powershouse

    HWT Update

    Stevenson. Fixt.
  3. powershouse

    HWT Update

    One of the things that has impressed me about Stevenson is the 18 year olds ability to snap down man strength opponents, I wasn’t expecting that. I also expected him to have more trouble from bottom position which is often a tough transition for incoming freshman. I guess that daily goes with Tony Nelson teach a guy a thing or two about bottom position. While he doesn’t look as imposing as some of the other top heavies I am going to go out on a limb and say Stevenson is as strong as anyone else he will face this season. That said, I do expect that he will be challenged on bottom when he faces the Stoll mass.
  4. powershouse

    HWT Update

    Time to rethink the projections for HWT. Stoll is back. Dhesi is coming back. Gable has been dominating. Cassar s also crushing it. Can Gable and Cassar handle Stoll’s mass? Can Dhesi match Gable and Cassar for skills and athleticism? Is Cassar a match for Gable? Shaping up to be a fun weight class!
  5. powershouse

    Tommy Brands Challenge of a Lifetime

    Blasphemy. In these days and times we all need dialed in BS detectors. Can’t think of a better way to train than wheating and chaffing KMF posts.
  6. powershouse

    Could he do it?

    The Bubba strategy!
  7. As I understand the new NCAA transfer rules any athlete who requests to transfer must be released within 48 hours and their name is published on what is essentially a transfer wire. There are no eligibility penalties or requirements to sit out. I’m expecting that a lot of guys who are big talents, but stuck behind bigger talents, may take advantage of this process to find opportunities where they can be starters.
  8. powershouse

    RTC's Continued...

    Aren't they canabilizing each other? Fighting over the same pot of alum $$$? I know that as a casual contributor I've been confused over were my money would do the most good. Seems that there are a number of RTCs that don't have viable Olympic or World level athletes which leads me to believe they are extensions of college team recruiting.
  9. powershouse

    Akgul and Snyder training video

    Akgul's strength advantage is clear the way he pops free of Snyder's grip when he appears to lock up the single leg. Amazing movement from both guys.
  10. powershouse

    Minnesota - 18/19

    Didn’t break 5 seconds.
  11. powershouse

    Minnesota - 18/19

    Saw a tweet this morning saying Gable had the fastest 40yd sprint time of the freshman.
  12. powershouse

    Sam Stoll- gunshot wound to the knee

    Partying with KMF? Probably not, roofers use nail guns.
  13. powershouse

    Junior WTTs

    Carr is lightening fast!!!
  14. powershouse

    Askren Wisconsin RTC head coach

    Seems like a much better fit for Askren than head coach position at the Berkeley of the Midwest.
  15. powershouse

    DeSanto and S. Perry in Iowa City

    With PDIII gone Iowa needs another designated drama member on the team.