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  1. More than being down 0-2, Gadsden was able to muscle him off the legs and looked much stronger. Snyder seemed like a guy trying moves he wasn’t confident with.
  2. That td to leglace [emoji44] Yeah it was out of bounds but the speed that it happened!
  3. I never realized that JB’s forehead was an anti-sprawl device.
  4. Trust me folks, you’ll turn some heads when you roll up to the stabbin cabin like a king in yer Wrassle Castle! You might not want to shine a black light round that interior if you know what I’m saying and I know that you do! https://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/d/chesapeake-1974-ford-econoline-camper/7151307775.html
  5. Ryan “Extra Crispy” Warner, Mike Powell and...
  6. I understand that there won’t be any weigh ins for this event. Who is going to show up HUGE?
  7. Is it true that Joe Exotic is Kentucky Mudlap’s brother/cousin?
  8. You just watch, they will find a rationale to have their cash-cow basketball games by the second round of that tournaments.
  9. The latest ploy seems to be to take away De Santos dump by literally hiding the left arm behind your back. Is this a form of stalling? How does the Iowa brain trust counter this strategy?
  10. My understanding is that J Robinson “invented” this while he was at Iowa. The point was to allow the fans a chance to socialize and to get more concession revenue.
  11. Have to believe there is some Jayson Ness footage out there.
  12. Steveson is the cream of the crop on his feet. He will have trouble from Parris and maybe Cass on the mat. It will be interesting to see the strategies employed to take advantage of these strengths and weaknesses. I’ve still got Steveson to win in March.
  13. Steveson’s TD skills are a level above his competitors. His mat skills are on a par with the other top heavies or less. Cassiopi for example scores more points in top position and registers more pins than Steveson. If Cass or Paris can keep things in the first period they may be able to win out against Steveson on the mat.
  14. It won’t work against top level guys though.
  15. I miss Barry. He had the sharpest ears in the B1G and heard everything the crowd said.
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