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  1. SSparks

    Shane Sparks "Slam" Report

    I talked with head mat official and the scoring was explained to me. There was no confusion on the part of the mat official or myself as far as how I reported it. I also talked with Mr. Alan and he declined comment. The slam was called on Waters of Missouri. That is the way it was called. I was there and got an explanation. I'm not quite sure why there is all this speculating as to what happened. I reported the facts as to what was called.
  2. SSparks

    Shane Sparks "Slam" Report

    My report was 100% accurate. That is the main reason I brought this up. I take pride in what I do and want to be accurate in my reporting. I heard things loud and clear.
  3. After reading comments regarding the scoring at 125 I thought I would come on and help clarify how it was scored. I talked with the head official a couple of times before I reported. He told me that the slam was called on Waters and Gillman was given a point. That made the score 4-2 (Waters). Then Gillman was called for unsportsman like and Waters was given a point which made it 5-2 (Waters). Gillman scored a reversal in the final seconds to make the final 5-4. Again, wanted to clarify that the call was a slam on Waters and not Gillman. That was the way it was called. I also talked to Mike Allen to help clarify, but he had no comment. My report on BTN was accurate. Hope this helps. Had a great time at Carver Hawkeye as always. What a great event!! Thanks for watching the broadcast. Talk to you at Big 10's!! Shane Sparks
  4. Cheesehead Championship Matches Are Posted. http://badgerstatewrestling.com/index.php?option=com_event&mtype=tournament&Itemid=8&sdate=2014
  5. Cheesehead videos are posted from all semi final, third and fifth place matches. All championship videos will be posted next Monday night follwoing tv broadcast. http://badgerstatewrestling.com/index.php?option=com_event&mtype=tournament&Itemid=8&sdate=2014
  6. SSparks

    Jason Tsirtsis Interview

    Had a chance to do a casual interview with Jason Tsirtsis following last nights match with Minnesota. http://badgerstatewrestling.com/index.php?option=com_php&Itemid=49&tid=494
  7. Was able to talk with Donny Pritzlaff last night about his time at Michigan and his new opportunity at Rutgers. http://badgerstatewrestling.com/index.p ... 49&tid=381 Shane Sparks BadgerStateWrestling.com
  8. Caught up with Teague Moore and talked about the upcoming Tour ACW this October in Pittsburgh. Thanks Teague! Moore/Shane Sparks Interview Link http://badgerstatewrestling.com/index.p ... 49&tid=320
  9. SSparks

    Logan Stieber Interview

    Had the chance to catch up with Ohio State's Logan Stieber at Askren Wrestling Academy in Hartland, Wisconsin. Thanks Logan!! Hope you enjoy it. http://badgerstatewrestling.com/index.p ... 49&tid=317 Shane Sparks
  10. SSparks

    David Taylor Interview

    Had the opportunity to catch up with David Taylor this past weekend. Thanks David! David Taylor Interview Link http://badgerstatewrestling.com/index.p ... 49&tid=305