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  1. I talked with head mat official and the scoring was explained to me. There was no confusion on the part of the mat official or myself as far as how I reported it. I also talked with Mr. Alan and he declined comment. The slam was called on Waters of Missouri. That is the way it was called. I was there and got an explanation. I'm not quite sure why there is all this speculating as to what happened. I reported the facts as to what was called.
  2. My report was 100% accurate. That is the main reason I brought this up. I take pride in what I do and want to be accurate in my reporting. I heard things loud and clear.
  3. After reading comments regarding the scoring at 125 I thought I would come on and help clarify how it was scored. I talked with the head official a couple of times before I reported. He told me that the slam was called on Waters and Gillman was given a point. That made the score 4-2 (Waters). Then Gillman was called for unsportsman like and Waters was given a point which made it 5-2 (Waters). Gillman scored a reversal in the final seconds to make the final 5-4. Again, wanted to clarify that the call was a slam on Waters and not Gillman. That was the way it was called. I also talked to Mike Allen to help clarify, but he had no comment. My report on BTN was accurate. Hope this helps. Had a great time at Carver Hawkeye as always. What a great event!! Thanks for watching the broadcast. Talk to you at Big 10's!! Shane Sparks
  4. Cheesehead Championship Matches Are Posted. http://badgerstatewrestling.com/index.php?option=com_event&mtype=tournament&Itemid=8&sdate=2014
  5. Cheesehead videos are posted from all semi final, third and fifth place matches. All championship videos will be posted next Monday night follwoing tv broadcast. http://badgerstatewrestling.com/index.php?option=com_event&mtype=tournament&Itemid=8&sdate=2014
  6. Had a chance to do a casual interview with Jason Tsirtsis following last nights match with Minnesota. http://badgerstatewrestling.com/index.php?option=com_php&Itemid=49&tid=494
  7. Was able to talk with Donny Pritzlaff last night about his time at Michigan and his new opportunity at Rutgers. http://badgerstatewrestling.com/index.p ... 49&tid=381 Shane Sparks BadgerStateWrestling.com
  8. Caught up with Teague Moore and talked about the upcoming Tour ACW this October in Pittsburgh. Thanks Teague! Moore/Shane Sparks Interview Link http://badgerstatewrestling.com/index.p ... 49&tid=320
  9. Had the chance to catch up with Ohio State's Logan Stieber at Askren Wrestling Academy in Hartland, Wisconsin. Thanks Logan!! Hope you enjoy it. http://badgerstatewrestling.com/index.p ... 49&tid=317 Shane Sparks
  10. Had the opportunity to catch up with David Taylor this past weekend. Thanks David! David Taylor Interview Link http://badgerstatewrestling.com/index.p ... 49&tid=305
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