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  1. How dare the NCAA want someone to wrestle at least once during the regular season? What a travesty.
  2. There's been a match minimum for awhile, just at a different step in the process.
  3. Apparently Flo has decreed that Martinoni got the pre-allocated spot.
  4. Stanford had 4 competition dates during the season, with 8 total duals (plus extra matches available), so it'll be tougher to prove that Woods' opportunities were reduced due to COVID.
  5. Vague tweeting is vague. NCAA: "Due to COVID-19 related issues and concerns, most teams had limited opportunities to compete, and encountered interruptions during the season. Providing a waiver option will offer the ability for wrestlers that would otherwise be considered for at-large a path to still be considered if their competition opportunities were eliminated or reduced because of COVID-19." https://ncaaorg.s3.amazonaws.com/championships/sports/wrestling/d1/men/Feb2021D1MWR_MeetingReport.pdf
  6. Yes, I know that. That's option B in my post. My question is if they can loop back after the fact and give him the conference's 2nd allocated spot, which would effectively knock Martinoni out of NCAAs.
  7. The only question I have left about the Woods situation is retroactive application. As of now, the 141 qualifiers are Willits (1st) and Martinoni (3rd) because Woods isn't currently eligible. [NCAA: "If the second place finisher in a weight class does not have 4 matches, but the third place finisher does have 4 matches, the third place finisher can be awarded the pre-allocated spot, as the second place finisher is not eligible."] If Woods gets his fourth match prior to the March 7 deadline, does he: (a) retroactively take the 2nd pre-allocated spot, bumping Martinoni, or (b) qualify for the final coaches' ranking, at-large pool, etc., and have to take his chances there?
  8. I'd feel better if they had a tournament admin building the "2 Man Place 2" brackets right now in Track. SoCon didn't, but luckily they showed their lone true 2nd match on the ESPN+ feed at the conclusion of the finals bouts.
  9. And now Munoz/Wills at 174. So many true 2nd bouts.
  10. Three true 2nd matches on the docket so far? 149 - Lamer/Crooks 157 - Willits/Van der Merwen 165 - Griffith/Olguin
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