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  1. There's no "warning" for mat control. First violation is a team point.
  2. The hang-up with Jeremy Bloom is that in professional skiing, there is technically no "salary." The money he made was from endorsements/sponsorship. I believe he tried to argue that the endorsement/sponsor $$$ was effectively serving as a salary, because there was no other mechanism to get paid -- unlike in baseball or other team sports.
  3. Gremmel certainly can wrestle against Iowa. Erroneous reports out there by people who claim to know the rules.
  4. 1. There probably aren't. Now, they are "Sheldon-South O'Brien" wrestling fans. 2. An Orab whose family (and he) went to Iowa State. I actually went to a couple of different celebrations they had in town for T&T. Gable was at one of them (probably after 1990 NCAAs). My old man brought me over to Gable and told me, "Now THIS is the guy you really need to meet. Oh, and HE went to Iowa State, too." (Not having had much exposure to the world of wrestling prior to that moment, I am ashamed to admit that this piece of information was new to me at the time.)
  5. I had a sketchy meal in Humboldt once. So put me on the list. :) #Orabs
  6. That seems to be in opposition to the NCAA rulebook. The only time that a "true placement" match can change team scores is if true placement matches are held at all possible weight classes. So, if you're only doing true matches at a couple of weights (for NCAA qualification purposes), then those matches should not affect team scoring.
  7. FS North PLUS (alternate channel).
  8. It's on all of the channels below, or check out the Fox Sports Go app.
  9. [music: funk/swing fusion] [narrator] "The Streets of Milwaukee...a Quinn Martin production" "Starring Karl Malden...also starring Michael Douglas" "Special guest star, Chris Bono" ..."Tonight's Episode: 'Gross Negligence'"
  10. It's all tentative until Friday night.
  11. Football and men's basketball are the only sports that operate in the black. Every other sport operates in the red.
  12. It would seem to make the most sense for them to end up in the new merged conference. 16th team provides for an 8-8 divisional/scheduling split and a perfect postseason bracket.
  13. Right. There is that. Withdrawn.
  14. MAC has 9. SIU-Edwardsville joined this year.
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