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  1. There is a limit on how many can participate in fall camp (before classes start). That limit is 110 (was 105 until couple of years ago), which will generally be the 85 scholarship + up to 25 "preferred" walk-ons. The rest of the roster can't "officially" join until the first day of class.
  2. There is a scholarship limit, but there is no roster limit. If you want 150 guys on the football roster, you can have 150. Of course, that also means having 3+ game pants, 3+ game jerseys, 3+ helmets, and full practice gear for 50+ guys who will never see one second of game action.
  3. So, fewer players than NFL teams? Even the NFL runs with 65 (53 active + 12 practice squad). Capping college rosters at 100 (75 total scholarships; 20 per year) would do a world of good. The equipment cost savings alone would be huge.
  4. The ACC will prop up ND, due to their partnership in the other sports. BYU has already lost 5 games. They're probably hosed unless they can play some teams twice, or join up with other schools that have lost a bunch of games.
  5. If the NCAA actually enforced its own attendance requirements for FBS football, most of the MAC would already have been punted to FCS in the last 10-15 years. But, schools are allowed to cook the books and run through a bunch of loopholes to appear to make the minimum average -- when in reality, they are nowhere close.
  6. Central Michigan would be a good example. They're going to lose out on over $2 million by not having games against Nebraska and Northwestern this fall. That, on top of the fact that they just cut 2 men's sports and somehow got a waiver just to remain in Division 1.
  7. Not just football. All fall sports (MXC, WXC, WFH, FB, MSOC, WSOC, WVB) are included. And that's only "if the Conference is able to participate in fall sports...based on medical advice", which means there's another larger domino still out there.
  8. "I've been in wrestling for darn near two-thirds of my life. It's been a great experience for me. I'm just looking to do something different....I am ready to pursue other interests outside of wrestling." Frankly, I think he also figured out that the right non-coaching gig would be more financially beneficial.
  9. I believe the question was about Hand's choice to start the 3rd (top instead of neutral), not the TB choice. Hand was down 1-0 after 2 (with 0:50 RT) and chose top to start the 3rd. Lesnar got out early to make it 2-0 before Hand got 1:00 RT. Then two stalling points against Lesnar made it 2-2 and they went to OT.
  10. I assume they wrestled more than once. Is there any other information to use as a starting point? Year? Date? Result?
  11. SV2 and TB2 were introduced in 2003-04.
  12. Overtime was just one sudden victory period, followed by one :30 tiebreaker period. Top/bottom choice was determined by either first offensive points or coin-flip. Ride the guy out, you win. Give up the escape, you lose. The SV period was reduced to 1:00 starting in the 2000-01 season. In 2000, it was still 2:00.
  13. 2018 (Sat. 5 pm CT) and 2019 (Sat. 8 pm CT) are both 3-hour blocks, so those will likely have all 10 matches.
  14. Does cortisone keep the shoulder in its socket?
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