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  1. You can win 8 in one tournament. David Carr won 7 this year.
  2. 1995 and 1996: it was "match terminations", which were only 1 point. 1997: the 1.5 tech fall came back, but they still had the 1 point (non-NF) version. 2001: placement scores went from 16-12-9-7-5-3-2-1 to 16-12-10-9-7-6-4-3 2016: 1 point tech fall eliminated I think the bye point elimination for R64 happened in 2013, because I was in Des Moines for that one and couldn't figure out why my totals weren't matching until someone said they were treating it as a 32+1 bracket instead of a 64.
  3. I'll watch it my way, you watch it your way.
  4. Or, just click on the MATCAST link and watch all 8 mats on one feed.
  5. If you're not into organizing multiple windows, multiple devices, and multiple displays, the MATCAST option will be all 8 mats. "The ‘MATCAST’ option will be available through the Medal Round via ESPN3 and the ESPN App. The presentation will show multi-boxes of all the mats so fans never miss a single point. This year, ESPN is adding a dedicated announce team to further bolster the “MATCAST’ coverage." MATCAST: Shane Sparks (play-by-play), Anthony Robles (analyst)
  6. And the story from 2 years ago is that they had to go track down the WVU guy who had no idea that he had to wrestle a true 8th match. Both of those instances are caused by incompetence on the part of the conference's sport administrator.
  7. It's incredibly inconsistent and frustrating. Poor communication from the top.
  8. If Devine beats Runyon, your final would be 23-9.
  9. Source of the money -- salary vs. endorsement. Bloom's case was that the money in skiing is made through endorsements. Skiing doesn't have a "salary." That's why guys were allowed to play minor league baseball before coming back to play college football.
  10. Tuition, fees, and books fall under "qualified expenses" and aren't considered taxable income. However, I believe that the room and board portion of a scholarship (and now the stipend, too) is already considered taxable income.
  11. California Baptist and Utah Valley would make more sense in the Pac-12, and Little Rock in the Big 12. That would keep the Big 12 at 12 teams, and the Pac-12 would be up to 7. And if there was some way to resurrect Fresno, they could be an 8th Pac-12 team.
  12. For those who know the stories, there was zero surprise that he left Iowa State...hence, not gobsmacked.
  13. That one doesn't even move the "gobsmacked" needle.
  14. Mirikitani was miles better doing freestyle/Greco than he was at Big 12s.
  15. Tried to boil it down as much as possible. Pages 41-47 are the high points for this discussion, if you want to get knee-deep in NCAA-ese. https://ncaaorg.s3.amazonaws.com/compliance/d1/D1GOV_COVID-19QAGuide.pdf
  16. 2020-21 seniors don't count against the 2021-22 limit. Everybody else does. It's only a one-year exemption, and only for 2020-21 seniors. Exception 1: If a 2020-21 senior transfers, he counts against the new school's 9.9. Exception 2: If a 2020-21 senior gets a higher aid amount in 2021-22, everything above what was received in 2020-21 counts against the 9.9.
  17. No points in the first period -- double stall warning. Reach for the floor/carpet off the edge -- stalling. Grab/pull the edge of the mat -- stalling. Lose a challenge -- 1 point for opponent. Cut down on the frivolous lung timeout "challenges."
  18. Stalled out in 3:47. Warning, 1, 1, 2, DQ.
  19. And every time they do, it's a new URL. https://www.ncaa.com/_flysystem/public-s3/files/DI Brackets_20210315.pdf
  20. The NCAA usually posts updated PDFs between sessions. If you want it faster than that, Track is your answer.
  21. #23 Heald (ARMY). Everyone else bumped up a spot.
  22. There's been another change, this time at 285. The most current version is on TrackWrestling:
  23. Two different setups at play there. Big 12 is a 4-mat event. ESPN+ had 4 individual mat feeds, plus a 5th feed that was a quad of all 4 mats. The old ESPN3 quad was a "build your own," where you could pick up to 4 of the 8 individual mat feeds (no separate multiview option). That feature went away a few years ago when ESPN changed/upgraded its platform.
  24. 2012. OU hasn't won since 2002. ISU's last was 2009. None of the affiliate members have won.
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