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  1. Gents when Tommy figured out talent wins even when it dont work reel hard and there arnt no future in being no developmental program he hit the road and started picking up some gents what was on the market run off or flunked out or otherwise on waivers hombres like Downey Lugo Teasedale Desanto and such now some gents say thats a stroke of genius and others say its like buying a used car you just bought yourself a whole lot of trouble Kale aint gonna buy a bus ticket for some gent what aint pissed his last drop and being one of Kales close personal friends I gotta agree hes a reel ***hole when it comes in between him and winning he took my old friend Andy Long on board and maybe he learnt his lessons or otherwise just wanted to win gents got him his first title some would argue a national titles worth rolling the dice and some of them same gents would argue thats what Tommys doing stacking his whole entire lineup with transfers. Now Tommys purse puppies and pickle sniffers is running there mouths about Teasedale saying hes the next coming of Jesus Christ killing everybody in the room and thats going to compel my team favorite Desanto to move up to 141 and them same gents is going to say thats all good and fine gets him another 10 pts at Nattys or maybe more. But friends the Voice of Wrestlings going to say theres a risk in them transfer gents and sometimes it take 7 or 8 second chances to make it to the next level and theres a risk of a slip or a trip or maybe even a big fall and maybe taking them transfer gents is necessary when you aint done your homework or want to take a shortcut or maybe when your heads on the block and your just plain desperate and I gotta say you take the risk then dont do the crime if you cant do the time be careful Tommy I sure hope for your sake you know what your doing.
  2. Gents time for Tommy to listen to Uncle Mudflap and move Marianelli up to 174 hombres some of you what aint schooled up on the worlds oldest and gratest sport aint gonna get is Marianellis hauling a ton of weight almost bit him in Big Ten quarters and then nailed him at Nattys reel ugly weight problem and it aint gonna get no better down to the Texas Rode House with the hands last nite they aint smart enough to know them steaks is reel cheep **** you coulda give them a horse steak they wouldnt know no different run into Wallaces ex old lady she was a bit spicy gents told her she was just miffed old Mudflap didnt come back for no sloppy seconds took offense at that you know gents hell hath no fury started a tussle we was asked to leave gents woman problems get em young when you can still mold them and guide them thats what I say. Now Tommy aint splitting no atoms neither is Terry so I got to lay it out for them gents go for the points Kimmers so burnt he aint gonna score no points you been in the Iowa program 4 years you might as well hang it up just ask Sam Stoll so give him his medical and a bus ticket wrestle Marianelli at 174 and TELL HIM NOW so he gets trained up then free Nelson Brands and wrestle him at 165 you get 8 pts outa Nelson and 18 outa Marianelli at Nattys thats 26 whole entire pts the way Tommy wants to run it its Marianelli at 165 gets you 8 and Kimmer gets you 8 maybe and thats a big maybe so thats a total of 16. Now the burout issue is a whole entire different topic but with Tommy I got to handle it one step at a time you gent my point gents you took me in when nobody else wanted me you guys are like a reel family to me.
  3. Friends just back from the dogfites in Council Bluffs over the weekend reel good time finished up a big tearoff job sure some of the hands was faint of heart in the heat we just drug them off into the shade and kept on working I dont pay no 20 bucks an hour to no weak sticks gents get the job done and get paid thats my motto been a reel big year what with the rain and your humble narrator been spending them shekels chasing tail and banging beaver got ahold of a big old gal last week a bit rough gents missing some teeth but desperate times require desperate measures I was thinking on it reel hard gents putting together Tommies lineup hombres reel big tussle but then I come up with it hears the good the bad and the ugly. 125 Take it from the Voice of Wrestling Lees taking that Oly redshirt so its Cashman NQ or better bet pull down Desanto if Im a betting man its crossed Tommys mind lets go Cashman and no pts at Nattys. 133 Desanto or Teasdale the money move is Desanto at 125 Teasdales well traveled and he aint about to change that think Billy Murphy gents this guy aint gonna make but it aint one of Tommies teams if you dont got some mystery gent what aint never gonna make Desanto gets 3rd and gets 14 pts at Nattys. 141 Murin or Rinteria Im taking RInteria sure Manning run him off when he dint make weight at Nattys but hombres Mannings a no bull**** guy not like Tommy Rinteria is reel tough and the weights right figure him a tough 5th and he gets you 12 pts at Nattys. 149 Lugo gents another guy what underhooks and pushes and hopes for the big move that formula wins you some matches but it aint gonna win at Nattys give this gent 6th and then get him 10 pts at Nattys. 157 Young on account of how hes reel close with Tommys young daughter finishes 5th gets you 12 pts at Nattys hes got a low ceiling gents typical Tommy guy underhook and push and try to get lucky. 165 Kimmer comes back all gimped up after Nelson Brands wrestles the first half and then finishes 8th he may be 30 but gents hes got the body of a 60 year old athuritis and bunged up knee needs to leave his shoes in the center of the mat and give this one to the young freshman Nelson Brands he gets you 8 pts at Nattys. 174 Marianelli moves up but his stuff dont work reel good to short for the weight another 8th and he gets you 8 pts at Nattys gents Marianelli was hauling way to much weight last year and that accounts for him wilting at Nattys still the algebra dont work moving up he cant horse with them big guys. 184 Wilkie man of many promises but dont deliver burnt gents reel crispy 2 pts at Nattys no place. 197 Warners in at 197 and hes got the eye of the tiger figured it out they never should have redshirted this gent hes got it figured out but finishes 3rd at a reel tough weight 14 pts at Nattys. HVW I aint gonna say I told you so but I told you so Cass shouldnt have burnt that shirt but gents Tommies old school shirts all the young freshman now hes got to throw him out there no reel experience but I like Cass he aint gonna never win no title but friends he gets 8th and gets him 10 pts at Nattys tough weight gents. Now gents the Voice of Wrestlings been reel generous on all this and giving you the reel dealio and it totals to 118 pts the way I cipher thats likely a touch high but figure Tommies got hisself north of 100 for the 1st time in a long time Tommy says 4th is the new 1st so hes gonna be reel happy its a dogfite Tommies purse puppies and pickle sniffers is gonna tell him its all blue skies but Kale aint gonna give that title away gents Tommy listen to your Uncle Mudflap and drop Desanto its your only chance otherwise your crying like a little bitch in the corner again talking about wait till next year.
  4. Hombres its been awhile since I checked in wanted to update you gents on whats going on The Voice of Wrestlings got a following so hears the facts the good the bad and the ugly. Trying to run down my old hand Wallace gents looking around checked in with his ex old lady now shes got a reel case on Wallace back due child support nothing gets them riled up than running out on them kids but Wallace warnt much on paying child support shes a painted lady gents wearing reel tight clothes and all a bit big in the hips if you know what i mean and you do know what I mean I was there to her shack asking questions brought in some Captain Morgan sat out on the deck bad mouthing Wallace and then it come to me gents get ahold of her and give her a cut of Mudflap magic she fit me like a flesh tuxedo friends so I sunk her with my pink torpedo left her there snoring on the couch any of you gents hear of Wallace drop me a line theres money in it give you $500 cash for good info as to his wearabouts. Was up to Ames there doing a tear off for ISU stopped by the wrestling run into my close personal friend KD told me he dint come to ISU to finish second got his eyes on Tommy says he was one move away last year from taking him and hes getting ready to serve him some home cooking up to Ames there aint no love lost there friends he dont just not like T&T he hates them with a passion says first hes gonna challenge him then hes gonna smash him and gents my moneys on KD. Now friends heading over to Council Bluffs doing some big EPDM jobs making money hand over fist you know me gents got more money than God and not tight fisted with it The Voice of Wrestlings aint scratching a poor mans ass any of you gents out that way want to get together for some fellowship at the dog fights you just let me know talk about the worlds oldest and gratest sport and share some libations and throw a little money around you guys are like a reel family to me.
  5. Hombres I got outed you gents got me had my accountant Bernie Berman up to Johnston at Bergan stand in with that talk with JB Bernie and I been tight way back got me outa a few scrapes with the Feds on taxes and certified payrolls and whatnot he bleeds black and gold knows wrestling nothing like the Voice of Wrestling but the Deep State and T&T and all was onto me gents give me some cover but you gents got me now we got the True Confessions outa the way we got Hawk Talk with Mudflap Tommies Purse Puppies and Pickle Sniffers going to jump my case but Caballeros the Voice of Wrestling gives you the hole entire story the good the bad and the ugly. Now gents the way I see it the word aint out about Spencer Lee and the Oly redshirt but even if he wrestles I dont see no more than 90 pts and its gonna take 115 at lease even in a down year the way I got it they get 70 and finish 3rd again but gents to Tommy 4th is the new 1st so hes gonna think hes a champ. Now what Tommy dont get is he needs 1st otherwise that seat whats hot is gonna sear his *** and hes gonna be gone now I aint naming names but one of my best sources whats close personal friends with a gent named Pacha says theys gonna go headhunting without a 1st and T&Ts gonna be swamping down maps down to East Timor State or Liberty University or Wheaton college or some such. Now them Purse Puppies try to discredit Uncle Mudflap but gents the proofs in the pudding Mudflap brakes all the big ones going way back before you guys was even thinking about the worlds oldest and gratest sport gents thanks for all the kudos and laudations you guys are like a reel family to me.
  6. Hombres thanks for all the kudos and laudations Mudflap takes it serious like reel serious I brake all the big ones dont listen to them guys on the radio nor Tommies Purse Puppies whats barking like a old ladies little micro dog about how grate he is I tell it like it is the good the bad the ugly got the big stories reel big ones not a satchel full of bull****. Not Tommies got two more longshots wouldnt be Tommy unless he had some guys what cant get eligible or is in a 1200 step program or like furry biscuits more than wrestling so now hes got Renteria and Teasedale two buys whats hanging around gonna come in and save the world and save Tommies job now gents Renteria aint finished nothing and he aint about to start but Tommies in love with him why not have five guys at 141 and nobody at 184 hes got Snapple and Turk and Murin now hes got Renteria what committed to Iowa then to Illinois then went out to Nebraska and Manning made him haul a ton of weight and then Renteria told Manning to blow it out his *** at Nattys and didnt make weight so Manning run him off now Tommy says hes the next coming and gonna throw him out there take it from Mudflap this gents a waist of time. Then you got Teasdales whats living with Lees old man up to CR gents hes another Superman but Kale run him off and Kales a guy what aint afraid to take a guy thats got some issues just think of the ballad of Andy Long still in the joint up there to Pennsylvania if Kale took Andy Long and run off Teasdale wll gents theres your benchmark you dont got to be as smart as me to say that dont pass the smell test. Then you got Lee whats gonna take his Oly redshirt and gents it aint looking reel good up to Iowa Tommies got some issues with that program but gents you see them Purse Puppies gonna try to shout me down but hombres Mudflap dont scare easy the Voice of Wrestling brakes all the big ones.
  7. Hombres each and every year Mudflap developes the next year prospectus and allows for changes and brakes the big stories and this year I got a whopper gents the Voice of Wrestling has the inside scoop dont listen to them radio guys or Gibby or Sparks nor Bryant they come to me for the inside stories gents Mudflap brakes all the big ones hes got the sources and the truth serum to get it outa them. Gents its wait till next year and next years coming just wait Iowa finishes out of the money again T&T will tell you 4th is the new 1st its the Iowa way T&T and basketball and football why go the extra mile and make the tough choices when you can collect the same paycheck and work half as hard heres the inside story of next year buckle up hombres. 125 Lee takes his Olympic redshirt year and guess what hombres there aint no 125 lber near nor far other than mayhap Stinkley cuts down again P2 used up his eligility get caught with your shorts down and pay the price figure no pts at Nattys here. 133 Disanto reminds me of one of my pups reel combative like dont like no authority hard nosed he gets you 12 at Nattys in a reel tough weight. 141 Murin/Snapple/Turk figure two wins two loses at Nattys and 5 pts. 149 Lugo another hard to watch year but hes got some ink on him also got some lifestyle issues getting in the way of reel good wrestling lets figure 7 pts reel generous like. 157 Young sure hes the favorite son on account of him and Tommys little daughter is an item gents but then you got Nelson Brands in process whats happening here mahap a bit of a family fude? FIgure hes worth 10 pts. 165 Now most of you gents what aint schooled up on the worlds oldest and gratest sport aint gonna get is Marianellis hauling a ton of weight thats why he fades in tourneys so you gotta move him up to 174 creating a reel logjam so throw Nelson Brands in here or move Young up but Tommy aint got a lot on his fastball so he forces him down and figure you got 10 pts. 174 Kimmer if he makes it back or not but he aint no world beater gents way up in weight he cant horse with them guys up here so figure he does his best and gets you 10 pts reel optimistic here hombres reel optimistic. 184 Now gents if a guy aint scored in 3 years at Nattys whats gonna make you think hes gonna change his ways Wilkie aint the most talented sure hes a gamer got some ink on him but his futures all behind him hombres send him to Wartburg and use his skolly money to the good figure 2pts at Nattys no matter what you throw out there. 197 Warner dont get down on the boy hes a AA as a young freshman hes gonna make it to the top of the podium but he aint no silver bullet figure another 10 pts being reel optimistic. HVW Cass now gents Uncle Mudflap told Tommy cut Stollhouse loose and burn the shirt on Cass but he dont listen and look where it got him Stollhouse was so burnt they called the fire dept there to Pittsburgh after his last and final match but gents cut Cass loose in a tough weight and you got 7 pts count them gents. Now hombres most of you gents what aint reel good at math are gonna have a tough time so I added them up for you you got 71 pts good for 4th but gents for T&T 4th is the new first and they keep them fatcat salaries and all and dont sweat it reel hard by the way gearing up for a big roofing season looking for some hands any of you gents looking for work drop me a line good road time 20 bucks an hour and all the hours you can handle but Mudflap dont pay no time and a half straight time fortune and glory of the world of roofing and reel accomodating local ladies I love them red lips gents whats better then roses on your piano gents its two lips on your organ thanks by the way for all your kind words and support my missions to improve NCAA wrestling removing one coach at a time Mccoy bit the dust whos next?
  8. Hombres three short years and my close personal friend Kevin Dresser got coach of the year well deserved kudos and laudations to the best coach out there turnaround expert program doctor my close personal friend KJ run that program right into the ground Dresser come over got rid of those clubhouse cancers run off all the bad apples now hes got hisself a team. Now friends there aint no love lost between Dresser and Tommy some of you friends what aint schooled up on the worlds oldest and gratest sport aint aware Dressers from Humboldt and Brands is from Sheldon them two towns aint the best of friends plus Dresser knows Tommy was dodging him when he was down to Va Tech Dresser almost got him down to Iowa City this year he says he challenged him now hes ready to smash him next year seems like Bartas got hisself the wrong coach dont it gents?
  9. Gents its well nigh onto a decade when I was down to St Louis and Iowa won a title when Star was down there and come back off a bum knee gents now Iowas battling for 3rd at the B1G meat and hoping for 4th its Tommy Brands 4th is the new 1st he come in talking about taking the battle to space aliens and all and now hes making his excuses and his purse puppies on the other bored talking smack the gratest coach of the worlds oldest and gratest sport Dan Gable never made no excuses he just got it done and its clear Tommy either dont care or he dont have the ability time to make the move Barta Popolizios ready to go plug and play put you back in the national discussion. Now heres the excuses gents they wrestled to the seeds they need a new workout facility all the good wrestlers aint in Iowa theys in Penn If Stollhouse and Kimmer warnt hurt we would have stood a chance We knew all along 2020 was gonna be our year wait till next year. Kales cheating and thats how he wins If you tie the can to Tommy who you gonna get whats better?
  10. Gents the Voice of Wrestling packs a punch gave Kerry Mccoy the Minkel Award for Worst Coach and he won and now hes out last year it was Goldman and Davis year before it was the immortal Minkel got the Golden Parrot to win you gotta not be able to mat coach nor strategize nor recruit nor pretty much give a damn set the bar the wrong way it takes reel genius to be the worst any ***hole can finish 4th just ask T&T theys reel good at that but to finish last you gotta be the worst certainly Mccoy getting three wins with his hole entire team finished up his hole entire body of work as the worst tell me one of you guys think hed have a good team if he had a 100 skollies and Ill call you a liar. The Voice of Wrestling holds some sway with them ADs gents and its showing you guys what aint schooled up in the worlds oldest and gratest sport dont get it Mudflaps hobnobbing with the big boys dont listen to them radio guys gents they call me when they want the inside scoop. Now Tommy you better start listening to your Uncle Mudflap you been coasting and it may be your time get the Minkel Award and your gone baby gone.
  11. Hombres the Voice of Wrestling each and every year composes the Battle for the B1G Bottom gents any ***hole can finish in the top 4 just ask T&T theys reel good at that but it takes reel talent to finish last a perfect year wear everything goes wrong gents quit dont make weight get injured use the cement mixer one to many times or my favorite just put there heads down on the mat and quit it aint for the faint of heart gents but each and every year the Minkel Award goes to the coach what has the perfect season last in the Big Ten finish 14th. Now hears the contenders for the Minkel Award cut and pasted these teams learnt my computer skills in the joint hombres downloading porn on state money some of you gents talking about my grammer and giving me all the kudos and laudations thanks for your kind words gents you guys are like a reel family to me back to business gents: 11. Northwestern 2-7-0 .222 5-10-0 .333 12. Indiana 1-8-0 .111 6-12-0 .333 13. Illinois 1-8-0 .111 2-9-0 .182 14. Maryland 0-9-0 .000 2-12-0 .14 Now gents not much point to debating the worst coach hear its Kerry Mccoy sleepwalks his way thru the meats leading coach on the hot seat each and every year he gets a whole entire new team any of gents whats spending your time saying 9.9 aint enough tell me he could have a team with 100 skollies and Ill call you a liar sets the bar reel low wins the Minkel award hands down he aint a wrestling coach he needs a job there to the fed gov holding down a chair marking off the days gents give him a shout out to B1Gs and acknowledge his work. Now Heffernan down to Illinois is another low energy guy like our beloved President likes to remark walking around swinging that big belly did you see how that team dropped once Perry abandoned ship hombres Heffernan cant recruit dont have an eye for no talent dont mat coach has no vision aint a motivator seems like T&T took a lot outa his playbook just saying hombres might be time for him to hit the road them gents down to Illinois aint afraid of no turnstiles let someone what wants to coach take that job. Indiana now my close personal friend Angel picked up the wreckage of Goldman and hes got the eye of the tiger reel good gent seeing that program on the rise **** he aint got no budget so dont get reel excited but hes good enough to stay outa the basement aint no Minkel award nominee not just yet. Storniolo up to Northwestern is another of my close personal friends gents he sports the mullet the worlds oldest and gratest hairstyle sure he dont pay a lotta close attention to coaching and when he does he aint much but hes got a couple of superstars what scores enough points Riveria and Deekin and theys gonna be good enough otherwise its a club team but he aint getting paid to be reel good and he aint hes just good enough to keep his job. Caballeros taking the stabbin cabin with the hands up to Minny but me and my new gal pals staying there to the Westin downtown looking to party hearty remember a joint me and the immortal J used to party at called the Library right there downtown any of you gents aint afraid of sporting gals want to hoist a few and talk about the worlds oldest and gratest sport drop me a line.
  12. Hombres just pulled in the stabbin cabin from the long haul down to Stillwater took the hands and some accomodating ladies and a keggerator now its a crime seen in there hope nobody takes a black lite to it gents like on teevee or such reel long haul letting her air out gents afore B1Gs and Nattys wore my Hawkeye war colors took some reel **** from them Cowboy fans in that bandbox they call a arena them Cowboy fans is lowlifes gents pond scum theys reel trash gents not like your humble narrator what comes from better stock and it shows but I give as good as I get us 2nd amendment types dont take no **** off nobody. Now Tommys doing what he does best that teams reel crispy just plain burnt out works them to hard all summer and fall and they look reel good but them Kimmer tares his knee up and poor Lee gets hisself a dose and is down for the count and Stollhouse hes just a 5 year guy what just wants to head back to Minny and get hisself a gym teacher job and hit the tavern and talk about how tough he was back in the day hes gonna mail it in gents the hole entire teams just burnt out gents and it shows figure 4th place gents you want a reel team to root for look somewhere else. Now caballeros Tommy needs to listen to his Uncle Mudflap what told him cut Stollhouse loose and wrestle Cass and let Perry work with them midweights cut Morningstar loose and get Dake or some such to coach the HWC but Tommys a hammerhead dont listen to nobody and it shows he aint splitting the atom there in that office Tommy time to move on get that job as a teevee preacher or coaching there to Liberty University or some such and let a reel coach take your job gents Im for Popolizio gonna buttonhole Barta and put a bug in his ear hombres if now now when we cant suffer no more you guys took me in when nobody else wanted me your like a reel family to me.
  13. Hombres if its better to burn out than to fade then Stollhouse is in tall cotton hes a crispy critter out there all bunged up Jensen turned him out and Jensen aint a reel heavy he aint **** got ridden for 4 minutes and wasnt close to getting a takedown watch him burn gents the Voice of Wrestling told you gents run Stollhouse off and wrestle Cass and Tommy would do better if he listened to his Uncle Mudflap but hes dead set on another 4th place finish. Gents Desantio hes a reel pickup heart of a tiger reel tough aint gonna take no **** of no one seems like he could be one of my pups got some fite in him and liked the way he was mocking my close personal friend Manning good for wrestling hombres mayhap I was traveling up there to Penn 20 years ago and got reel close with his Ma reel proud of the kid. Otherwise gents its a Iowa team reel defensive like tie you up and try to push you around and wear you out and score a takedown late thats trouble friends but when you aim for 4th then thems the brakes.
  14. One thing about Tommy gents is he aint afraid to run he aint gonna throw Lee and Young out there on account hes afraid theys gonna get beat just ask him gents its a coaches decision he said he did the right thing now the gratest coach of the worlds oldest and gratest sport never did protect a seed nor keep a guy on the sidelines no he coached them up and they went out there and took on all comers but Tommys no Gable and that aint no lie. Gents the Voice of Wrestling was there in full war colors and listening to my fellow Hawkaholics they was disgruntled drove all that way and watched a miserable series of matches and such but most of thems drinking Tommies Kool Aid and content to finish 4th so leave that to them that wants it sure 4th is 4th but thats what you got hombres you want the thrills and chills of being in the team race choose another team hombres.
  15. Gents drownt my sorrows out to the club car after the meat now Tommys Purse Puppies over on that other bored saying theys all got the flu if pigs **** dollar bills them gents would be millionares but hombres that team aint strong and dont got no fite in them goes way back to that strenth and conditioning coach they hired on for $40k a year theys all muscled up but it aint wrestling strong and they flat gassed out each and every one of them guys needed a gas mask. Amigos down on the mat afterwards buttonholed the gratest coach of the worlds oldest and gratest sport Dan Gable and some of his old hands from way back he dint say nothing just shook his head and said he sure taught Dresser rite to bad his teaching dint stick on Tommy Dresser flat outcoached him in each and every dimension strategy scouting mat coaching preparation I told you gents Dresser knew how to coach tell me on of you guys think he warnt the best coach out there and Ill call you a liar. Hombres thanks for the kudos and laudations expecially you MSU158 and all your getting to my head with all that praise you guys took me in when nobody wanted me your like a reel family to me.
  16. Hombres the Voice of Wrestling aint gonna lie I brake all the big ones broke the Kimmer ACL story the Downey story the Turk story and it goes on and on I got the sources and the truth serum to get it out of them dont ask them radio guys gents they call me if they want the inside story. Now Tommys on the hot seat gents them big givers aint gonna take finishing 3rd and crying in the corner like a little bitch talking about wait till next year forever its do or die eye of the tiger Tommy dont get your dobber down dig in and listen to your Uncle Mudflap Gable could take your guys and win the title whip Kales *** in the process but hombres Tommy aint Gable we all know that but Tommy listen to your Uncle Mudflap. Now first free Nelson Brands sure hes a young freshman but gents his futures all right ahead of him and hed make a tough 157 lber hes the right size and then sit Young on the bench. Then 2nd you got Bowman cutting down make sure he aint cutting to much and if so get him down early so his strenth aint sapped and he got enough time to get used to the cut and earn that fat paycheck and coach him up Bowman you got to move them feet and your offense is your best defense hes got some fite in him and hes gonna be strong enough for 174 and you dont lose much. Then you got to make a call at HVW Mudflap likes Cass get a youth movement sit Stoll on account of that gunshot wound and get someone whats mean and knows how to wrestle and get him out there now sooner so he can wrestle his way into HVW in the show instead of waiting until its to late. Tommy you got to learn to peak that team dont overwork them gents you lined up that cupcake schedule what so anybody could win throw some of them backups out there and dont burn your guys out like you like to do use my old friend Perry as a consultant hes your only guy what knows how to scout and mat coach and watch them tapes and all them things you and Terry aint so hot at swallow your pride and get it done hombre take it from the Voice of Wrestling you got to role the dice. Now gents Im looking for you to give some thoughts dont be shy you guys are like a reel family to me.
  17. Hombres big news out with some Hawks in the know after that Princeton debacle up to the Mikes Club Car hoisting a few I got the sources and the truth serum to get it out of them turns out theres movement down to Okie State the word is the big givers what calls all the shots is making some inquiries out there in the wrestling world its Perry and Storniolio and Popolizio but theys call Perry and told him keep it reel cool dont tell nobody but if we was to extend you an offer put some shekels in your pocket would you come home to OSU and the word is theres a certain interest Perrys a family man gents he needs the coins hes waiting at Iowa until they make a move on Tommy thats what Gable brung him over for but he aint the kind what lets grass grow under his feet dont even unpack his boxes gents and his daddy wrestled down there and there aint no love lost with him and Smitty sure going to be an interesting TGiving dinner down there to Stillwater gents. Friends reel nice end there to the Club Car warm beer and hot womens a good combo shooting a game of 8 ball with this big old gal all sleeved out nice look if theres one thing Mudflap can do its shoot some stick if you know what I mean and you do know what I mean winner takes all she wins we go home to tailer house down there to Bon Aire I win we head out to the crew cab for some fellowship give me some reel incentives banked the 8 ball off the side into the corner pocket and headed out to the F350 made it almost threw Sweet Home Alabama gents sure she was a bit disgruntled told her thems the brakes baby its a dog eat dog world every man for hisself. Gents some of you whats schooled up in the worlds oldest and gratest sport knows the Voice of Wrestlings reel tite with Phillips and Storniolio and I confirm theres been some phone calls there Caballeros dont listen to them radio guys they get the inside scoop from Mudflap I brake all the big ones broke the Turk story broke the Downey story called Davis and Goldman and the story goes on and on I aint one to brake my arm patting myself on the back but I got the sources and the truth serum to get them to cough up the info.
  18. Gents I aint naming names but its the Tommy Brands and Kimmer story Tommy redshirts all them young freshman aside from Lee he wisely took my counsel there hombres and brung him out of shirt last year but hombres you burn that shirt you dont got it in the bank and if a guy say Kimmer burns his shirt like he did in 2015 then it aint in the bank say if he tears his ACL so then you gotta throw him out there all hobbled up and watch him suffer and get his head beat in when hes wounded that aint coaching thats just plain dumb. Now Tommys purse puppies over there on the other bored are going to have a meltdown and talk about how the Voice of Wrestlings a ***hole but they dont know wrestling they dont know **** there aint no such thing as a developmental program in the top 5 no more these young freshmen is ready to go more or less and to get them guys you got to throw them a full skollie or something like it so and if a guy takes 5 full skollie years he costs a lot more than 4 or 3 if hes wounded and all bunged up even that aside gents guys like Warners ready to go last year and Cass is every bit as good as Stollhouse come nattys this year you burn that shirt and he wrecks a knee you burnt two years but paid for 5. Now Tommy listen to your Uncle Mudflap and get with the program and coach them young freshman dont shirt them all earn that fat paycheck and get first quality recruits and coach them up instead of using some old school ideas from years ago talent beats hard work gents there aint no developmental programs in the top 5 no more. Now aside from Terry and Star and Tommys 4 friends over on that other bored you guys took me in when nobody else wanted me you guys are like a reel family to me.
  19. Amigos you know Mudflaps a man of peace and equitable and kind and all that but gents Midlands is all screwed up the best and final tourney of the worlds oldest and gratest sport is a dead tourney walking getting my tix on Reno and the Scuffle and Midlands call my close personal friend Storniolio and he says theys having it out to that Sears Center out in the middle of nowhere again instead of in rustic Welsh Ryan arena hombres Welsh Ryans spit polished up but theys throwing it out in that ****hole out to bum**** Egypt and the prices is sky high the price aint what bothers me gents since our beloved President got me them tax cuts I got more sheckels than God but Caballeros most of you gents dont got the scratch to afford them prices. Caballeros you know Mudflap had some fun there last year in them luxury sweets open bar and all that but hombres it aint the same as Welsh Ryan Timmy Cy and his brohole screwed it all up and Storniolo dont care I got a call into Phillips there to Northwestern what runs the program but hes out you gents know Mudflaps a consultant to all them B1G bigshots give him some guidance on this one hombres Midlands a dying tourney shed a tear mark my words time for Timmy Cy to go give Phillips a call gents 847-491-3205 let him know your thoughts and get someone what knows how to run a tourney and get them big teams and sell it not put it out in the middle of nowhere and charge a fortune for tix and not get the best and finest grapplers.
  20. Hombres I just drew my first sober breath of the day sat down to the lobby here to the Hyatt in Happy Valley hoisting a cold one figured Id give my friends there to themat the inside scoop. Anyhow went to the game worst game I ever did see met up with some Hawks and some PSU wrestling fans in the know and headed over to a sporting spot called the end zone sure they got free beer in the patio gents you get up there head out for a good time reel nice ladies cold beer and all poured some Captain and Cokes down them PSU fans and got the inside scoop. Friends turns out a couple of things word has it Nevills about cured up so HVY is shored up and Berge is looking reel good Kales gonna throw him in there to 149 Kale still dont got ****m at133 and Teasdale dont disappoint at 125 looks like a reel solid lineup pretty much a lock for the title one of the PSU gents whats tite with the program said Kale dont consider Tommy a competitor says PSU outclasses them in each and every stage mat coaching recruiting scouting and development says Tommy Ryan over to OSU is just barely adequate and everybody else is just **** figures hes reel unhappy they aint annointed him with the words dynasty and best coach ever. Caballeros you know Mudflaps a man of peace and slow to anger and all but I wanted to stick that BS right up there *** but hombres seems to me the records supports them gents even so sickens me as a longtime Hawk any of you gents got any thoughts here you let me know except Kale couldnt carry Gables jock strap by the way Dan happy 70th keep on going and being a truthteller your a national treasure and you gents out there cant say enough kind words even those gents on the other bored MSU 158 and all thanks for the kudos and laudations your like a reel family to me.
  21. Gents come back from down South done my damage made the whole entire year now I can set back and get on board with the worlds oldest and gratest sport hombres this year Im going to Reno and Midlands and the Scuffle as the Voice of Wrestling and the gratest journalist of the worlds oldest and gratest sport Im representing all you sporting gents taking a deep dive with some fellowship and libations with my best sources to get the lowdown remember hombres I got the sources and the truth serum to get it out of them I brake all the big ones broke the Downey story last year and the Turk story this summer dont listen to them radio or internet guys gents they call me to get the inside story except for JB hes got the sources and truth serum to rival the Voice of Wrestling. Gents its time for my annual Preseason Coaches on the Hot Seat column and these gents better listen to me them that dont is exploring whole entire new careers selling cars and insurance and timeshares like Minkle hes selling reel estate and Barry Davis is collecting his pension and Goldman is working on retirement planning and Zalesky is coaching up there to OSU them that listens to the Voice of Wrestling gets there raises and such hears the coaches on the hot seat. Maryland Cary Mccoy sure there gonna have to hit him with a defibrialtor to wake him up to hand him his pink slip gent get this guy a pillow or get him a Nodoze one way or the next sure he brings in 30 new recruits each and every year and if he was lively enough hed complain he dont have enough skollies but thats to ambitious for this gent he considers getting out to the fridge for another frosty one to be a major effort hombres look for Cary to end his career after finishing 14th in the B1G again. Hofstra Poppadappolis sure he cant mat coach and he aint much on technique nor conditioning and he cant recruit and hes run this program to the ground but that dont mean he dont take a drink hes a mouthy one gent reel attitude and not much personality but what hes got is all bad so gents look for this fella to be selling you siding or asst manager down to the Quick Trip or a job he can handle but his is his 5th and final year coaching wrestling. Oklahoma State John Smitty gents I known all them Smith boys and they sure dont impress me except for John Smith hes a expert at holding onto a job but thats about it word has it the big givers what calls the shots down there is sick of finishing 6th time for the Hall of Fame Smitty you got yourself a career in sales or such your futures all ahead of you. Iowa Tommy Brands like his kissing cousin Smitty Brands is wearing out the welcome mat with the big givers Tommy your starting to listen to me not splitting them skollies amongst 10 country boys getting some diversity in the recruits turnt down the christian smack but gent your drinking your own Kool Aid if you think finishing 3rd and saying wait to next year while your crying like a little ***** in the corner is gonna satiate them big givers what calls the shots you better win this year or head to Liberty University or start a career what can satisfy you like a television preacher listen to your uncle Mudflap afore its to late Tommy dont listen to all them on that other bored thats kissing your **** thems just Terry and Pablow and some of them what hangs around sniffing jocks maybe 5 gents the rest of the fans want to see some action get with the program. UNI Mark Schwab he dont got a wrestling team he dont got **** he learnt from Tommy talk big but gents he aint much better than Penrith and he warnt much Ill be honest with you hombres hes the next golf pro at the Waterloo golf club Schwab take my advice quit running your mouth and get that program turned around this year I aint gonna say I told you so but I told you so hombre. Caballeros you know aside from chasing tail and sampling libations and the fortune and glory of the world of roofing my mission in life is to improve the sport and the best and finest way to help is to unload some of these coaches what dont care or otherwise dont know nothing about coaching thats why Mudflaps the Voice of Wrestling and the consultant to the leading athletic directors and high rollers what Mudflap forgot about wrestling is more than most of these gents know if you know what I mean and you do know what I mean.
  22. Caballeros Mudflaps a humble man and he aint gonna brake his arm patting hisself on the back but gents I popped the Turk news months ago and now you gents is all talking about it one thing you got to remember I got the sources and the truth serum to get it out of them I brake all the big ones broke the Downey story dont listen to them radio guys they call me to get the inside scoop the reel storys in the details gents on account of where and how the crime happened take a good long look at them details and tell me that dont sound reel odd like reel strange gents its a free country now but Ill leave that to them that likes it I like my ladies gents we all know that big or small young or old dont leave me around your daughter nor your old lady amigos otherwise shes gonna be ruint for anybody else. Friends FEMAs loading me up with big money sent me down to Pensacola to help shingle and whatnot even bigger tornadoe tore it all up trailer parks and golf courses and beaches hombres reel busy tornadoe season Trouble is my Business hombres bought two F350 crew cabs off the mob fee more money than I can spend you know Mudflap dont scratch a pore mans *** thats for sure was down here pronto they do something I aint seen before hombres chicken fites throw them cocks in a cage razors on there legs and then they fite it out now thats living a Captain and Coke in one hand and a sporting lady on your arm watching them chickens dual it out to the death it aint the worlds oldest and gratest sport but its reel fun. Friends these gents down here dont know how to work one of the hands I hired local saw him playing video games there to the gas station told him ten bucks an hour cash money gent all the hours you can handle gents he claimed he threw out his carrying some shingles we just laid him down in the shade finished up the job around dark gents told him heres twenty bucks on account of how you only worked 2 hours and he started squawking about work comp and Davis Bacon hombres told the guy this aint about Davis Bacon wages around here governed by Smith and Wesson take your money and keep your trap shut some of these guys just out to milk the system unlike yours truly making a honest buck.
  23. Hombres you know the Voice of Wrestling best as the first and foremost authority on the worlds oldest and gratest sport but one thing most of you gents aint fully aware of is Mudflaps work on behalf of Uncle Sam FEMA called and mobilized me and all my best hands headed to the Carolinas on account of hurricane Florence the biggest d****ed tornado I ever saw gonna hit the coast reel hard wipe out all them vacation homes and gut them golf coarses and coarse wipe out all them trailer parks and tear the roofs off all them houses its like a flood that drove Moses outa Egypt in them old times in the Good Book like Tommy likes and I used to tote around and quote when I was desperate like trying to get outa the joint coarse them was just stories and this ones the real dealio tornado gonna ruin them states and put a whole lotta cash in the Voice of Wrestlings pocket Troubles is my Business gents like a undertaker like. So caballeros this is Tommys best time of the year beating them guys heads in making them run them stairs carrying a log on there back and whatnot if nationals was next week Iowa would win running away mayhap but gents its six months from now and his teams gonna be reel burnt out but you can take a donkey to the river but you can't make him drink one of these days them big givers gonna see enough and get a guy what can recruit and peak his time and mat coach and all like Popolizio in and Tommy can coach at Liberty University or be a preacher which may be his calling why not everybody needs to chase there dream maybe one of these days Tommys gonna get smart and listen to Uncle Mudflap but thats a stretch gents we all know that he aint exactly building no rocket ships. Amigos any of my old friends up to the Carolinas looking for work you get all the hours you can handle and some reel site seeing and libations and chasing ladies around and the like like a pirate crew gents having fun and braking all them rules providing gentlemanly company to all the distressed southern gals and fighting there husbands outside the bar and billing Uncle Sam 4 times what the works worth and carrying on and getting rich like all them big shots our beloved president sure knows how to put money in a mans pocket hombres thanks for all the kudos and laudations you guys are like a reel family to me.
  24. Amigos been out tossing down a few with some Hawks in the know and stopping around the room and pouring some truth serum down some gullets of some of whom what knows and thinks they knows and I got the reel dealio but first any of you gents any of you whats seen my old best hand Wallace around drop me a line we got some catching up to do if you know what I mean and you do know what I mean. I been lobbying Tommy to get divorced from Stollhouse throw Cass out there and save the heartburn but gents Stollhouse is hanging around and it appears hes gonna throw him out there the 1st of the year whats Iowa wrestling without some implausible half baked story about some gent what aint eligible or might be or is gonna get his **** together with the help of Jesus or whatnot we got another Downey story gents Turks wrapped up in this mystery hes a longshot gents a bit off target if you can read in between the lines some of you gents whats got a few brain cells left is gonna figure that hint out you dont gotta be Inspector Clueso to get that one. Otherwise friends its typical Tommy overworking them guys so they could win a title first of the year ands burnt out come tourney time normal stuff hombres Im gonna be onto it big time this year getting my own blog so you guys can tune in and get the full and complete and uncensored story of the life and times of the Voice of Wrestling Im rolling in dough had my biggest year gonna take the stabbin cabin and go all around the country watching the worlds oldest and gratest sport and being a regular sporting gent man of the world.
  25. Amigos sorry I been off the radar my old best hand Wallace flipped on me to them Deep State gents so I been cleaning out my files and hard drives and burning all my phones on account of how them gents can tell you what your gonna do before you even know your gonna do it any of you gents see Wallace or got some tips on his whereabouts let me know Im wanting to go calling on him if you know what I mean and you do know what I mean theres reel money in it drop me a line. Caballeros the words out now Mudflap brakes all the big ones you gents all recollect I broke the Downey story I brake all the big ones Zadick and St John had themselves a touch of a disagreement came to a big scrum so Dresser got involved Dresser your to old to mess with them you ones sure you was good back in the day but that day was when that talking snake and that big boat with all them animals and the storm and that big fish what swallowed Moses and that talking bush what was burning your just to old. Turns out that was the last straw gents you got it from the Voice of Wrestling the good the bad and the ugly Mudflap tells it like it is hombres the games coming up come on over to the stabbin cabin we got the PBR flag flying high and some tunes jamming talk about the worlds oldest and gratest sport and go sailing with Captain Morgan its a late start see you at the scrimmage afore then come on up and have some fun but leave your old lady at home unless you aim to give me a test drive if you know what I mean and you do know what I mean.
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