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  1. If you have rights to a huge event like that you owe it to the wrestling community to get it right. If the rumors are true the BIG 10 channel also wanted to cover the event and flo blocked that broadcast. Will OSU keep their agreement with flo? If I was Coach Smith I'd be pretty unhappy with this dual on all sorts of fronts.
  2. well that might have just put a dagger in all but the PSU faithful........ Jimmy G
  3. 2-6 should be a crap shoot. The key to this tournament will be if PSU some how has one of their big guns fall early and not score many points. If they wrestle reasonably well no one has the individual point scores to beat them. That being said if they stumble it could be a 6 team race. PSU, IA, tOSU, MIZZOU, OKST, CORN, NCST. Bonus points are huge this year!!
  4. I was having some issues with buffering, they worked out eventually. then all of the sudden I lost everything. Is this an issue on my end or are others having the same problem?
  5. I did not think that he had 5 but I did think that there was a TD at the end BEFORE the JB 2. Most exciting match in a LONG time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. If the NWCA trophy at the end of the national tournament will be such a great deal then why hasn't it been that way for the national duals? Let's not kid ourselves. Being NWCA national tournament champions will be about as big of a deal as NWCA national dual champions... Good but not great. Most people can't even name the last three duals champions, where as I bet most of us can name the last three NCAA tournament Championship teams. This is going to make a difference guys, a huge difference. And hurrying into it is a huge mistake. Sure the duals will grow... But in their heyday when Nebraska held the event, it was good but not great. The individual tournament will suffer, like it or not. How about a three year probationary trial? We get the people there and the structure correct and then we change? The NCAA mandates that all teams invited show up, the change is made gradually. Honestly if the money is there for espn now and you can show that it will be an even better show they will be here in three years. From the outside it looks as though the NWCA was angered at the fact that many people neglected the invite that they were given in recent years and are jamming this down everyone's neck. I am sure it's not that shady but it sure seems like an agenda is being forced on all of us. They damn well better hope it works or they will go down as some of the biggest villains in sport. If it doesn't work as proposed......we are done .
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