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  1. So....that is Dake's new freestyle weight right? Or does he bump up to wrestle Dlagnev just to be more of the man?
  2. Does anybody have any extra they are stuck with? I have 2 certain buyers and could have as many as 4. shoot me an email. nschy@hersheys.com
  3. I thought he was supposed to be the guy at 157 with Dake moving up? Anyone know his deal?
  4. ...seems a bit misguided. While I think their mat skills are comparable...trying to beat Kyle Dake in a game of riding wars....sure does level the playing field. Ref calls aside....If Taylor would open up on his feet and forget about the ankle pick for a minute....he might get a couple takedowns.
  5. Looking for two. Drop me a note. nschy@hersheys.com
  6. Whenever invited to the OTC....the dining hall was free. I believe it would be free for residents as well.
  7. I'm kinda one of them (not on this particular post...but in general). I always kinda silo'd him into that "i'll take a ball grab" grouping. I can't believe he beat that guy from Georgia. The more I watched that guy....he was incredible. I rewatched Varner's match....and Varner is a moose to score on....and picked his spots wisely (a tactic employed by the best). Gotta give the man his props.....earned every piece of his Olympic Title. #Varneronconan
  8. Is this something like when Teague Moore was Max Meltzer's personal coach for a year? Techinically worked for Alan Meltzer's Insurance company?
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