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  1. 125: Lee PIN Courtney 133: Fix DEC RBY 141: Eierman DEC Lee 149: Sasso DEC O’Connor 157: Carr DEC Deakin 165: O’Toole DEC Marinelli 174: Kemerer DEC Massa 184: Brooks DEC Bolen 197: Sloan DEC Schultz HW: Steveson DEC Parris
  2. Dang, dang.. a true icon. You will be missed, Carlton . RIP Sir Haselrig!
  3. Spot on, Med Man. Everything chopped except the photo of Churella with an absolute pin of Hendricks. i was thinking that Dan Russell pinned Pat Smith, in Smith’s college debut.
  4. The Eavesdropping Know It All For me, I can relate to this, at the NCAA’s. You’re sitting, watching intensely, the tournament. You ask your friend, brother, son- sitting beside you, a question regarding one of the matches-or they ask you. One person sitting in front of you, has been listening-turns around and continually answers the question(s) before you or your compadre or yourself can answer....the private conversation. Very annoying.....
  5. It might as well be $1mill bet, since anyone with Cinnabon Syndrome won’t pay anyway. Winnings could go to Gamblers Anonymous Charity
  6. Chuck Jean. 69’ & 70’ ( sorry, Iwrite . I didn’t see your post right away. And I thoroughly agree with your Brinzer nomination)
  7. I got your back, Med Man ...you too Hokie- if you need it. I’ve always been sympathetic, which leads me to being an enabler. Terrific!
  8. Good picture of Yarygin. ” You didn’t lose, Hellickson- you just ran out of time!”
  9. Stalling causes yawning, which is also contagious.
  10. Good assessment, Vak. My thoughts are that 141 Lee will win a 1-2 pt decision. Also that Iowa /PSU will each win one of the 165/174 matches, and both results will be reversed at NCAA finals. PSU wins 3. I agree 100% on your description of Gable. He is good, but sure lost any respect I had of his character and sportsmanship.
  11. 255 posts, Med Man? C’mon...You’ve been around forever- Something is off base on this, “ like it “, or not.
  12. Excellent, Med Man! Your descriptions hit home for me, and it WAS like I know you! Terrific.
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