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  1. Excellent, Med Man! Your descriptions hit home for me, and it WAS like I know you! Terrific.
  2. I’d put Nick Lee on top of the list at this point. He’s been a hammer, wrestling with Retherford-ish intensity.
  3. Scrambling for control-contorting under, over, around, through, has progressed tremendously over the past decade. Wrestling for a takedown is different than it used to be. I am surprised there aren’t more injuries.
  4. Big Bruce competed and won a bronze, in Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games- age 35!
  5. Brett Bourne, Navy Hwt from the early 90’s, was a high school freshman 105 lber.
  6. I will verify your claim, Med Man. You are correct. I was there. From what I remember ( it was a LONG time ago), that Reimnitz was overzealous in his calls.
  7. You are correct, BigTenFanboy. I was referring to the current pattern we have witnessed, mentioned by krippler.
  8. In order for the”3-peat curse” to be true to form, the wrestler who upsets the defending 2x champ, would be a sophomore.
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