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  1. Big Bruce competed and won a bronze, in Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games- age 35!
  2. Brett Bourne, Navy Hwt from the early 90’s, was a high school freshman 105 lber.
  3. I will verify your claim, Med Man. You are correct. I was there. From what I remember ( it was a LONG time ago), that Reimnitz was overzealous in his calls.
  4. You are correct, BigTenFanboy. I was referring to the current pattern we have witnessed, mentioned by krippler.
  5. In order for the”3-peat curse” to be true to form, the wrestler who upsets the defending 2x champ, would be a sophomore.
  6. Yes, Bono is doing a marvelous job at SDSU. Great recruits, tough schedule, terrific work ethic. Those like athletic director Matt Larsen, Coach Roger Kish- could sure take note, 190 miles due north @ NDSU.
  7. Guy in the chair behind Hall, is either sleeping, or texting one of the Ohio St fans outside, giving them an update...Great chop, Med Man.
  8. Ooo, that’s a goodie! Good for a laugh! Thx, Med Man
  9. Looks like a Tehran High School yearbook photo.
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