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  1. The Eavesdropping Know It All
    For me, I can relate to this, at the NCAA’s.

    You’re sitting, watching intensely,  the tournament.  You ask your friend, brother, son- sitting beside you, a question regarding one of the matches-or they ask you. 

       One person sitting in front of you, has been listening-turns around and continually answers the question(s) before you or your compadre or yourself can answer....the private conversation.
        Very annoying.....

  2. 13 hours ago, VakAttack said:

    125:  Lee appeared to feel he had something to prove, maybe because medley held him to his only non-bonus win of the season?  I did not see much of the other match, though it looked like Schroder controlled.  Lee by whatever he chooses.

    133:  RBY stalled.  He also got the only TD.  Desanto needs a plan when he gets in, he froze up any time RBY went to grab the knee.  Rivera-Gross was AWESOME.  I think they're the two best guys at the weight.  If Desanto can't be there, that would be a great NCAA final.  Rivera DEC RBY.

    141:  Surprisingly lackluster by both guys, though both were facing game opponents.  I picked Pletcher to reverse the result from last time, with Lee winning the NCAA title in two weeks, so I'll stick with that.  Pletcher DEC Lee.

    149:  Sasso just doing Sasso things out there.  Lugo looked great and controlled.  This match will again come down to whether Lugo can chase down a TD, because Sasso has an advantage on the mat.  Can Sasso dodge all those bullets again?  I say no.  Lugo DEC  Sasso.

    157:  A little surprised that Deakin "only" won by 6.  Coleman, meanwhile, had a nice win over Robb, though it was decided by one exchange, basically.  Deakin demolished Coleman earlier this year.  I think only Deakin DEC Coleman here.

    165:  Joseph has just completely figured White out.  Felt weird to see White get hit for stalling after RBY never got hit once, but it had no practical effect, Joseph just controlled the match.  Marinelli obviously was fortunate to not have to deal with Evan Wick, who is tough even though Marinelli has beaten him something like 456 times in a row.  He house Oster, as he should have.  Marinelli gets back to his winning ways over Joseph.  Marinelli DEC Joseph.

    174:  Kemerer wrestled two different matches.  He demolished Skatzka for the first half, then got stuck underneath for the remaining half.  It was a bizarre sequence where the ref called Skatzka for stalling, when it should have been Kemerer.  Nice heart by Kem to get the late reversal (and back points) to retake the major.  Hall looked good, not great in his match, though he had a really impressive TD off a situation that almost always ends up in a stalemate.  Give me Kemerer again tomorrow, I honestly just think he's better.  Maybe Hall is a bit burned out.  Kemerer DEC Hall.

    184:  Brooks-Venz was fun.  Have we ever gotten an explanation why Venz didn't get backpoints after he put Brooks on his back?  Regardless, that cradle Brooks locked up was NASTY, and then his technique was fantastic when Venz broke the grip, ad Brooks settled in for the fall.  Lot of guys give up the position there.  Caffey is a magician out there, defending every shot Assad threw at him.  Assad tried a couple of different finishes than what he did at the dual, and Caffey defended them perfectly.  Brooks appears to have really stepped up his game the second half.  Brooks DEC Caffey.

    197:  Moore looked dominant.  Szhultz did not.  Hearing Penn State fans scream for a second stalling call on Schultz was a bit much considering the RBY of it all, but also....Schultz was stalling.  Moore DEC Schultz.

    HWT:  Parris looked good, but not great.  Impressively defended Hilger's attacks and found ways to score.  Cass just has nothing for Gable, and it appears he knows it.  He swipes at legs because he knows he'll get countered. So Gable has him beat physically and mentally.  Gable may be an *******, but he's a damned good *******.  I've changed my mind on this one.  Gable DEC Parris.

       Good assessment, Vak. My thoughts are that 141 Lee will win a 1-2 pt decision.  Also that Iowa /PSU will each win one of the 165/174 matches, and both results will be reversed at NCAA finals. PSU wins 3.
       I agree 100% on your description of Gable. He is good, but sure lost any respect I had of his character and sportsmanship.  

  3. On 2/28/2020 at 10:09 PM, MedicineMan said:

    Agree-cudos to jross. 
    The "joined date" would not be very accurate because when they overhauled the format last time a lot of people had to change their monikers, me included, because my old email from 15 years ago was no longer valid. Plus a lot of us got kicked off in the olden days, me included (perhaps by JB even) So I’m on my third stint.

    255 posts, Med Man?  C’mon...You’ve been around forever-
    Something is off base on this, “ like it “, or not.

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